LG E740 and E950 spotted on WP Bench

Windows Phone Daily has spotted two new LG devices on the WP Bench statistics page, the E740 and E950. It's worth noting that the LG Optimus 7 is the E900 (opens in new tab), so we could be in for a Mango version with the E950, much like the Omnia W (opens in new tab) and Focus S (opens in new tab). The E740 on the other hand, we have little to go on.

Chances are we could be looking at a device that is built on the previous leaked E700, but a slight upgrade in terms of hardware, or it could be a carrier-specific handset. Whatever the outcome is for either device, it's good to see LG possibly working on future Windows Phones. Let us not forget the Jil Sander E906 (opens in new tab), which was only recently launched.

Via: Windows Phone Daily (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Can we even trust WP Bench anymore?
  • Yup, we can. WP Bench was patched a version or two ago to prevent any spoofing.Even more, who the **** would spoof such lame names? From LG? Talk about snooze factor.
  • If you are interested in device names, this is the list of devices that mtiks found for my "Opera Link for WP7" app. (I especially like the **** device :P )7 Mozart T8698HD7 T9292OMNIA7SGH-i917LG-E900HD7IS12T7 Trophy7 MozartT8788HD2TITAN X310eVenue Pro7 Pro T7576LG-E900hRadar C110e7 Trophy T8686SGH-i917.T8697LG-C900Mozartmwp6985T9295SchubertT7575XDeviceEmulatorSGH-i917RTouch-IT TrophyLG-C900BTouch-IT HD7Mondrian800T9296E600UltimateRadarLumia 800GoldMWP6885LG-C900kLG-E906SparkLG-E740MSM7x30710GT-I8350
  • Oh, I just saw that it even contains the previously leaked Nokia 710 :)