LG E906 running Mango shows up as Jil Sander Design

Pocketnow has managed to grab some pics of the LG E906 (referenced here) with as the title says, "Jil Sander Design House Branded". We're not sure what the deal with this phone is, but it's running Mango 7706 and looks to have (gasp) physical buttons on it, which means we're getting ready for a stampede of you folks demanding this thing. We don't blame ya, as it looks pretty great, even if it's just an Optimus 7 with a different back and slight changes.

Evidently, Jil Sander is a German design house. Yeah, we had no idea either nor do we know why they want in on an LG phone. But scrape that hideous logo off the front and we'd throw some money down on this device. It's nice to see LG bucking the trend a bit here with physical buttons, something we hope they stick with. Odd thing? The Windows Phone logo is the old, round one not the redesign. Tsk, tsk.

Daniel Rubino

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  • I wish this is only a joke or a fake.Otherwise it is really embarassing for LG.
  • Just ... Ugly :X And LG will whine again for their poor sales ...
  • This phone looks cheap and ugly and I would buy it in a heartbeat! I love my HD7, but I HATE HATE HATE capacitive buttons. Whoever decided that capacitive buttons were the way to go for most phones needs to be destroyed. I hate accidentally bumping buttons when I am doing something. This thing could come out and only be available in pink and purple tie-dye and I would buy it if it has actual, physical, clickable buttons that I won't always accidentally hit.
  • I hate capacitive button too. It's really annoying.
  • Really guys? I think it looks pretty great. Obviously that "Jil Sander Design" logo needs to go. But other than that, this is a pretty sharp looking phone. Also, maybe the button space on the bottom is a bit big... I like more screen on my phone than button. But overall, I think its a pretty killer design.
  • I'm with you, I don't think it looks bad at all and would pick one up.
  • I think it looks all right ;-)
  • It's an E900 Optimus 7 in a very slight disguise, which at least suggests to me that LG have got Mango ready to go for the E900.Seriously though, that is a lame effort - stick a designer label on it, change the covers and, bang, new phone? Technically, I love my LG - it's powerful and fast, but physically it's no looker. I honestly think that only having a Jil Sander edition will turn more people off than it does on - the only saving grace is it's likely to be cheap as chips.
  • Nah......design look outdate.
  • Jil Sander needs some industrial design lessons.
  • For those of you critical of this device, how many new Windows Phone 7 devices are on the horizon? Beggars can't be choosers.
  • I think the phone looks nice. But more importantly, who's Jil Sander?