LG GW910 clears FCC, headed for AT&T

We have to admit, we're getting a little confused here...

Seems as if the LG GW910 aka 'Panther', first spotted in May, just cleared the FCC and is headed for AT&T.

That makes two LG, sliding keyboard devices headed for the carrier featuring Windows Phone 7, the other being the C900. Hey, the more the merrier, right? Guess that's what AT&T meant by being the "premier carrier" for WP7.

Why? How do they differ in terms of specs? We have no idea but are itching to find out...

Edit: Here were the reported specs back in May. Not clear if anything has changed.

[via Electronista]

Daniel Rubino

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  • So... is THAT the phone being depicted here?
  • Yeah, the GW910 was first spotted back in May, so it's not a new device at all. It, along with the Samsung phone, were sent to over 3,000 developers in July. The surprising news is that they are releasing it here in the US. The full specs are here.
  • Mal- yeah, especially with what appears to be a front facing camera... (in that thread it is mentioned that this would appear to be a euro release because of that). Hmm- are front facing cameras going to start becoming a standard here in the states?
  • Not sure. At least on AT&T, they seem to have a "wifi only" policy on cams so far, so that might be the case with WP7 as well. Sprint seems to be all about front-cams on their 4G phones and so far, Sprint has been quiet on WP7 devices (though they are expected to carry them).
  • At first glance, the C900 seems to have the nicer slideout keyboard (keys separated, raised) between the two models. However the GW910 keyboard might allow for a thinner device overall.
  • I'm just gonna say it...It looks f***ing ugly
  • it aint the greatest looking phone but its not the worst. I would prefer a slab myself but if its thin enough I can live with it. I want a phone that does what I need it to do and will fit in my shirt pocket and not fall out when I bend over. Everything else is negotiable including and especially looks.
  • For ever one person who doesn't like the look, there's another one who does. And if they have 3 or 5k of these made why not try and sell them if they expect people will like to have one? Nothing wrong with this idea imo. MS will have future dev phones anyways (running newer hardware), no reason to hold on to these once WP7 RTMs.
  • I like the looks of that keyboard, but the front of the device, not so much. But yeah, that is just personal taste. Still, there are some really sleek looking WP7 devices in the wild including one I've seen shots of by Samsung, so it'll be interesting to see how the style of this one fairs. Of course, if they can be first to market then they'll pick up a bunch of those who just can't wait. But I don't understand why Microsoft would give AT&T premier status when they still are the sole providers of the iPhone. Are they really hoping to steal iPhone customers on AT&T? I think that's a bad bet if so. And Verizon is so fully Android right now that I don't know if they'd be any better. Sprint and T-Mobile should get the love. Just help them learn to better promote their devices! :-)
  • To date, LG does not provide any industry standard driver or interface into hardware like an accelerometer. I wonder if it will change with WP7? I doubt it. Which makes, IMHO, such hardware features just about useless.