LG Monaco & Snapdragon, Windows Mobile 7

We're still expecting LG to ramp up its Windows Mobile fare in a massive way, and this phone could do so with a running start. The LG "Monaco" — yet another in that long line (see here, here and here) of AT&T leaks from Engadget — is pretty close to that list of supposed Windows Mobile 7 required specs. Here's what's listed:

  • Quad-band EDGE, tri-band 3G.
  • Windows MObile 7.
  • 3.2-inch 480x800 touchscreen (that's a little under the 3.5-inch requirement).
  • 1,500 mAh battery (may change).
  • Qualcomm QSD8650 snapdragon processor.
  • WiFi.
  • 5MP camera with autofocus.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR.
  • AGPS
  • MicroSD.
  • And as an accessory, a Pico-projector.

Don't think that September availability date's gonna happen, but this is still a sure sign that good things are ahead from LG.

Phil Nickinson

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