LG officially launches the GM730

We got a look at the LG GM730 back at CES in January, and now the Korean manufacturer has officially launched the phone. Also known as the Eigen, the GM730 sports Windows Mobile 6.1, a 5 megapixel camera, 16 gigabytes of storage space, GPS and FM receivers and will showcase the LG Application Store. The GM730 will launch in Asian markets in July.

Press release (translated) via Unwired View

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  • We need to see how LG has overcome the double performance troubles coming from Windows Mobile 6.1 and also from their 3D UI.
  • I just bought it with the promotion 2,000 THB discount and with the external HDD 60 GB. It's very OK for me. I like it a lot. If anyone want to get more info, you can visit http://th.lge.com/ or http://www.coollgmobile.com
  • The design use full touch screen, very stylish and good design. It is suitable for the teenagers but it also perfect for a business man.LG GM730