LG Panther (GW910) specs get detailed

While we knew some of the details about the LG Panther (GW910), we didn't have all the little nitty-gritty bits.

Granted, this is not the sexiest phone we've ever seen, but functional? Heck yeah, it seems like it'll do quite well with our new OS. The other thing is this is not final and LG might be apt to change or modify things before launch. Of note is the 720p video recording, something which is becoming more and more the norm these days.

But currently, it's not so bad, though we're hoping to see what HTC can bring to the table. Come on guys, leak something already...

 [via TechArena]

Daniel Rubino

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  • I think the keys need to rotated 90 degrees to the right.
  • Was that an attempt at a jab at the app's screen orientation? If so, 90 degrees to the right would make the letters upside-down in relation... :-/
  • i wonder if the keyboard has the same offputting feel as the Expo. I've gotten used to the Expo's keyboard, but it's still one of my least favorite keyboards of all the devices I've used.
  • Boring. Lets get some HTC on this around this OS.
  • Agreed, poor 3D drivers, questionable build quality, nice design though, perfect to continue their WM legacy.
  • Another thing is this is not definitive, and LG may be such as to alter or modify things before launch. News not 720p video recording, which is still the norm in those days.
  • This is not the full specs, if you knew the minimum specs for windows phone 7 you would know that it requires a gyroscope sensor, proximity sensor, and an accelerometer. And why are all the windows phone 7 handsets that i know about using the snapdragon QSD8250? why cant they at least use the QSD8650 so the other 75% of americas cellular network can have the windows phone 7 (QSD8250 doesnt support CDMA networks and the QSD8650 does)