LG possibly prepping new Windows phone

We're expecting a bevy of Windows Mobile-powered phones to come from LG in the next few years – like, 50 or so – and it looks like one has made an appearance at the WI-Fi Alliance.

Cellpassion [via PhoneArena] says the GW610 will be a Windows phone and sport a 2.0-megapixel camera. Other than that, no details. But we're certainly looking for more from LG soon.

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  • 50? tis alot!
  • Didn't we already know this? From the MWC speech?
  • Yep. Which is why it's linked in the first sentence. :) But now we've got a new model number to speculate over.
  • I hope Microsoft has some partners working on 802.11n hardware.
  • Sorry if that sounded rude, I didn't mean it in such a way... As for 802.11n, I was under the impression it consumed way more energy, thus destroying battery life if ever attempted in a mobile device like this? Anyone have a yay or nay for me?
  • It is clearly documented in several places that many of the big hitters will be delivering new windows mobile phones. I believe windows mobile 6.5 will be a huge success and the anticipation for windows mobile 7 is already mounting. This is an exciting time because the integration of technology between hardware and software is playing beautiful music and it is only getting better.