Lian Li shows off four prototype PC cases, including the massive V3000+

Lian Li V
Lian Li V (Image credit: Lian Li)

What you need to know

  • Lian Li showed off four PC case prototypes at its Lian Li 2021 Digital Expo.
  • The Q58, A4-H2O, V3000+, and O11D EVO cases were shown off at the expo.
  • These are just prototypes, so they don't have a release date at this time.

Lian Li showcased four prototype PC cases at the Lian Li 2021 Digital Expo. The Q58, A4-H2O, V3000+, and O11D EVO cases are all prototypes, so we won't see them for sale any time soon. They do, however, show us the direction that Lian Li wants to go with its PC cases. Lian Li is looking for feedback on the prototypes to help them be the best PC cases.

The Q58 is a 14.3L SSF case that has split hinged panels made of tempered glass and aluminum mesh. It also has a dual-tone front solid aluminum panel. It's a MINI-ITX case, with room for GPUs up to 320mm and radiators up to 280mm.

Source: Lian Li (Image credit: Source: Lian Li)

The A4-H2O SFF case is made in collaboration with DAN Cases from Germany. It's a smaller 10.4L case that's compatible with mini-ITX motherboards and SFX or SFX-L power supplies. Despite its smaller size, it can fit GPUs up to 315mm long and 2.7 slots thick. It can also fit any 240AIO with a CPU block clearance of 56mm. The case has mesh top, right, and left panels for airflow.

Source: Lian Li (Image credit: Source: Lian Li)

The V3000+ earns the "+" in its name. It's a full tower case with water cooling, modularity, and compatibility with high-performance components. It supports up to three 480mm radiators and a 360mm radiator. It can have up to 16 120mm fans, two systems, two PSUs, and a horizontal or vertical GPU up to 420mm in length. You can place up to 16 HDDs or 19 SSDs inside, which lets the case also house a storage server. On top of all of those specs, it also has RGB accents around the front.

Seeing the V3000+ in a photo by itself doesn't really do it justice. If you jump to the 11:35 mark of the Lian Li 2021 Digital Expo video, you'll see the presenter jump from the smaller A4-H2O to the V3000+.

The O11D EVO has aims to deliver the same features as the O11D XL but in a footprint the size of the O11 Dynamic. The case supports motherboards from E-ATX to MINI ITX and GPUs up to 445mm long. It also supports PSUs up to 200mm in length.

Source: Lian Li (Image credit: Source: Lian Li)

Lian Li also details cases that are available for purchase at its expo. You can head over to the company's website to see more case news from the event.

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