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  • Hm, "google maps with predefined searches built in" .....Sounds like Live Search to me! :)
    Nick - I know you love you some Google, but you really gotta give Live Search a serious try. Especially with a BlackJack II, works great with the GPS once you unlock it.
  • ok for you guys im doing it. one week with the blackjackII and live search only. (sigh) I even removed google maps so i dont get the urge
  • Thanks for taking the time to try out the Lightpole Geo-Browser. We're glad that you were able to load and run the software successfully. Of course, it would have been great if you had found the system to be perfect, but the fact that you provided some honest feedback is almost as good. Feedback from our users is of inestimable value to us, given our goal to be as good as we can possibly be.
    We understand your comments and your preference for a native Windows Mobile client. We do not disagree that there are many advantages to a native client, however it was our intent to give our customers the widest choice of available platforms with a consistent feature set and a common user interface. Java (J2ME to be more precise) allowed us to do that.
    You also commented on the limited amount of information in the detail page of the locations you happened to look at. This is controlled by our publishing partners. In the specific content channels you were looking at, the location and phone number is the primary content required for the publisher's purpose. There are other publishers who are using the system for a much different purpose. For example, if you look at the channel called Gables & Fables, you will find an entire book re-purposed for the mobile phone. This particular book is a historical perspective on famous San Francisco Victorian homes, and presented on the mobile phone using our system. This allowed Heyday Books to create a self-driven walking tour of one of the more beautiful areas of San Francisco with no specific knowledge of mobile devices, cellular networks, or carrier complexities.
    Again, thanks for taking the time to comment. We certainly hope that you will continue to follow our progress and watch as our vision unfolds in terms of new uses for the mobile phone as an Internet connected device.
    VP Marketing
    LightPole, Inc.