Lightstream is officially integrated with the Xbox Twitch app, allows stream overlays and more

Twitch Lightstream Integration Image
Twitch Lightstream Integration Image (Image credit: Twitch)

What you need to know

  • Lightstream is a popular service that allows custom overlays and more for streamers on services like Twitch.
  • A few months ago, Lightstream announced they were working on integrating with Twitch for Xbox consoles.
  • Today, Twitch announced that the integration is official, and anyone can use Lightstream with the Twich app for Xbox.
  • This means you can stream with custom overlays, effects, and more, without a PC or capture card.

We reported a few months ago that Lightstream was experimenting with integration in the Xbox Twitch app, allowing players to customize their Twitch streams without the need for expensive equipment like a powerful PC or capture card. Today, Twitch support announced that the integration was now official, and that anyone can now use Lightstream with the official Twitch app, which supports all current Xbox One consoles.

Lightstream allows you to set custom overlays, effects, and more without the need for a capture card or PC, and can do a lot to upgrade your streaming experience if you're not willing or don't desire to invest in a more expensive and permanent set-up. Some of Lightstream's features are locked behind a subscription service, but it's still a great option for anyone who wants to experiment with streaming from their Xbox, or upgrade their existing set-up.

In order to use Lightstream with Twitch, it's as easy as selecting Lightstream as the stream destination in the Xbox Twitch app, and then setting up everything through Lightstream. If you were looking for a great way to begin streaming directly from your Xbox, then this is a fantastic way to do so, especially since Twitch is and likely will remain the largest and most successful streaming platform to choose from.

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