The Little Amazing Show ad-campaign: Episode 2

Last week Nokia kicked off a new series of adverts that focused on life itself, rather than a mobile phone, and was shot in Berlin. Today we have episode two, which invites viewers on a trip around merry old London. With how impressive the Lumia 800 marketing campaigns have proved to be, these small clips are a breathe of fresh air.

Source: Nokia YouTube, via: MonWindowsPhone

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Is that right? The blurb says the video was shot in Berlin but it is titled London and "invites viewers on a trip around merry old London"
    Am I missing something?
  • The first one was in Berlin.
  • what so good about this? show windows phone 7.5 mango
  • not a fan, just show the device and its features!!!. Don't they understand noone enjoys these ads