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Live long and prosper with the Star Trek App for Windows Phone 8

I’m having a hard time recalling any other apps in the Windows Phone Store that are aimed squarely at all the Trekkies out there. But you do have one now, Star Trek App for Windows Phone 8 is a promotional app for the upcoming film: Star Trek: Into Darkness.  Let’s check it out.

The Star Trek App is available on iOS and Android, but we typically don’t get many promotional apps like this on Windows Phone.  Take it as a good sign that things are changing for the little OS that could. So what do you get with this Star Trek App? Some nifty features to help get you pumped for the film that comes out in about two weeks.

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest Star Trek Into Darkness news
  • Exclusive articles found only in the app
  • Sweepstakes to win prizes like an official uniform
  • Exclusive offers from partners
  • Trivia and polls
  • And more

Star Trek App SC

One thing they don’t mention in the app description is that you’ll have the ability to purchase tickets through Fandango to a pre-screening of Star Trek: Into Darkness on May 15. Two days before it’s supposed to hit theaters on the 17th.

Live long and prosper. Anyone stoked for the movie?

You can download the Star Trek App for Windows Phone 8 right here, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. Mini update: Reader jhoff80 informed us that it's also available for Windows 8/RT. Grab that version here (opens in new tab).  

QR: Star Trek App

Via: Microsoft News Center (opens in new tab)

  • Sweet
  • Second that!
  • My friend is a star trek fan and we are planning to go see it, but he has a WP7 lol
  • There is a star track in there :) first paragraph
  • Confession: I'm not a Trekkie. Fixed and sowwie
  • Haha I am no trekkie either.
  • It's about time. I keep feeling like I'm being Khaned by Paramount. All is forgiven! Live long and prosper!
  • Ha ha ha ha ha!! Khaaaaan!
  • *insert Shatner rage face.
  • So excited for the new movie!!!! :D!!!!!!!! Glad this app is here!
  • +Warp Factor 9.9
  • lol :-)
  • Engage :)
  • Serve us a shot lad!
  • Cool! I'm glad WP is getting a little more attention. Checking the app out now. I'm excited for this new movie.
  • Shame it crashes out quite frequently, on Lumia 520...
  • @Jimmy, we're actively working on new updates to address stability and enhancements.  Feel free to message us on Twitter @startrekapp with any issues for us to address or shout-outs on your thoughts on the app.  We hope you enjoy.
  • I tweeted, but figure if you all are reading here too I'd repeat it here... Please make the live tile match the color of the phone's current theme!  Otherwise, thanks for bringing it to WP8.
  • Hell yes!!
  • Superfan of super star trek thanks for this super app
  • Star Track app? lol..still trying to figure out how to track stars with this app.. JK.
    It's a great app for star trek followers like me!!
  • Won't work too well. When I want to join and select the check, the app will close and then I'm not registered yet. Can't join because it does that al the time...
  • @DenniSundaY, we apologize for the inconvenience. Follow and DM us on Twitter @startrekapp with your device info and we'll see what we can do to help. We're actively updating the app with stability and performance enhancements.
  • Thank you for the support! I found out that logging in with Facebook works just fine so I used that to join the community :)
  • Good sign that Windows Phone is gaining acceptance. Plus, the more nerd culture apps the better, for me at least.
  • +1 :-D
  • Star Track? (*_*)
  • ( i )
  • its not star trek unless its during Picard's time.  JJ is rubish
  • He'll be the one to save it. As a diehard fan, I realize that the mass majority of the public must find these movies appealing. I think he did that with the first and I look forward to what he'll do with this new one.
  • It's quite Ferengi of you to think profit==saving it, but assisting in the bastardization of the franchise is not saving it so much as it's just dumbing it down for the mainstream. What I got out of the first film was: glorified fanfic. I was surprised Spock and Kirk weren't made to have a passionate love scene on the bridge while Bones said, "Damn it, Jim, I'm a sexual being, not a eunuch!" before he joins in and, then, a red shirt guy dies randomly just because.
  • yyeah i'm hoping this will open up a new tv series.  thats my only hope for this film.
  • You do realise that it was Star Trek way before Picard, right? Like, for 23 years.
  • Picard is a diplomat. Couldn't hold a candle to Kirk or Sisko.
  • Sisko was the man!
  • Sisko was indeed the man, but both he and picard were incredibly smart captains in their own way. I loved both series. Kirk was one of a kind.. And perhaps archer and janeway are in the middle
  • Let's not go crazy here... they all have their strengths. Except Janeway. Picard is the best captain by far, though.
  • janeway is second to picard.
  • Janeway is rubbish.
  • Any trek without Spock is %%&&#%*7@a.
    Sorry, my translator is broken and I can't seem to find an appropriate translation for Klingon "rubbish"
  • **ALL*** Star Trek is GOOD. I don't give a flying frack what anyone else says. Even >>bad<< Trek is still Trek. And yes, that includes Enterprise the TV series and Nemesis the movie!
  • I still accuse our QA team weekly with "Kobayashi Maru!"
  • You gotta do what you gotta do to win!
  • Consider me stoked for the movie.
  • Yay :-)
  • Thank you Jebus!!!! I was getting sh¡t tired of seeing posts for the ios and android versions on Facebook with nothing for WP. Thanks Paramount!!!
  • There's the LCARS app in the Windows 8 store.
  • Yay!!
  • What a piece of baktag! This app is not available in the Klingon language? This vexes me. *NERD RAGE*
    ...just kidding. Looks like fun! :P
  • Lol. Best joke of the week, for me so far. Maybe the fact that the film is only two weeks away has put me in a good mood. No... your comment would've been hilarious regardless how I was feeling.
  • For what it's worth, it's also available for Windows 8 / Windows RT:
    Star Trek App
  • Thanks! I'll add it above. 
  • It's not very touch-friendly on my Lumia 920. The "are you one of the 1701" form was teeny tiny. Also took me a couple tries to successfully buy tickets to the fan sneak preview... I got there eventually though ;)
  • Trekkies rule! Long live star trek
  • Try the TOS Communicator.  It is truly aimes ONLY at Star Trek fans.
  • Stoked? Hell yeah!!
    I'm in the process of tuning the dilethium crystals in my metaphasic transducer, just so I can interdimensional teleport into theatre with my sons on day1.
  • Nice  ;) ..
  • "Captain, your logic is impeccable. We are in grave danger."
    "NOMAD, Execute your prime directive."
  • Does anyone know the company or person that wrote this application ?