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A new image has leaked out tonight revealing for the first time Window Phone 8's new "live" lockscreen wallpaper feature. We have mentioned live lockscreen wallpapers before, specifically when the Windows Phone 8 SDK leaked over the summertime (and we told you about them even before then). The feature is not quite as “live” as Android where things are actually moving around, wasting your battery. Instead, this is truly useful.

The image above, received by the site Nokia Innovation, shows three examples of this Live locksreen wallpaper: Bing, ESPN and USA Today. The former will refresh the lockscreen every day with Bing’s latest background, ESPN can show you sports scores presumably of your favorite team and USA Today highlights news via tile images.

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Those are but three examples as any developer can add this feature to their application. What’s more, it can be based off of geo-location, time and pushed updates, giving quite a unique and super useful experience for Windows Phone users. It’s “glance and go” taken to the next level, in our opinion.

There’s a lot more to these lockscreen wallpapers and you’re sure to see more coming Monday morning when Microsoft shows off Windows Phone 8 to the world. We’ll of course be there covering it live.

Source: Nokia Innovation