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In light of the split, Lloyds and TSB release mobile banking apps for Windows Phone

There has been a steady stream of banking apps released for Windows Phone. Since Lloyds and TSB have broken up, it only makes sense that we see two new apps launch on the platform. If you're a customer with either brand, you'll now be able to login and connect to your accounts, taking full advantage of mobile banking in a Windows Phone experience.

We'll be grouping both the Lloyds and TSB apps together in this article as both are pretty much identical, save for the branding. Whether you require to check your account balance, view a history of transactions, transfer money between accounts, make payments or apply for products, you'll be able to achieve all this and more while on the go. It's really neat.

As with other mobile banking apps, you'll also have an ATM and branch locator, just in case you'd rather pop into your local for a chat. You can download both Lloyds and TSB (right QR code) banking apps from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Rich Edmonds is a word conjurer at Windows Central, covering everything related to Windows, gaming, and hardware. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a device chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Sweet my gf will love this now that's what im talking about just need hsbc and were golden !
  • Well its good news, but it's also not that good. You can only access your account through the mobile wrapper because its not a native app. Same as the Halifax and Bank of Scotland ones. They are all under the Lloyds TSB Group (Lloyds and TSB are still one company)
  • Quite a poor effort. The HBOS apps are really clunky to use and the UI is terrible. On the plus side they're exactly the same on Android and iOS!
  • Awesome :)
  • I wish HSBC would pull their finger out.
  • No chance of that happening anytime soon - HSBC have no clue about customer service and dont know what customer satisfaction is.
  • Rich and Me as well :) 
  • Wooo! So happy this has arrived!
  • Just waiting on Barclays now...
  • Barclays have confirmed via there Yourbank site that a WP version of the banking app will be available early 2014. Also the Pingit app will be available too. Rather have a native app than a mobile one, but anything would be better than nothing!
  • Me too. This has made my day. I've been WP since launch day in Oct 2010 and there's been some ups an downs but recently the platform seems to be really getting mainstream acceptance. My only hope for the future is that MS don't mess up this Nokia purchase.
  • The ONLY reason I keep hold of my Galaxy S3 is for the Barclays app. Its a fantastic app to be fair! Hope they do the same on WP
  • Barclays is coming very soon and very pleased about the TSB app!
  • OMG, please Santander, please give us an app.!!!!!!!
  • Hear hear
  • Santander have already confirmed they're releasing a WP app. Nationwide are still refusing to budge despite their competitors doing so, and in spite of over 5,000 "agree" votes on the topic on their suggestions page. I've messaged them a few times and have only ever got a standard reply.
  • I tipped them about ulster bank coming to.
  • Never even knew Lloyds tsb had split, good going wp central you inform me of everything WP and more
  • Any day now Capital One...
  • Do you know this for fact? Come on Alec Baldwin, get off your ass and code a WP8 app, would you? What's in your smartphone?
  • I don't know, but they did say an app was in the works according to Facebook
  • Lets hope after waiting so long for this to come out it gets developed to work with 8.1 would hate to have to perspone updating while I wait for this to be compatible. great job though keep it up lloyds!
  • Contacted Nationwide regarding a WP app and got some standard email response. I wish they'd get on an app. I'm tired of not being able to bank from my phone. Makes me want to move banks.