Logitech remains one of the biggest third-party PC accessory makers, and now the company wants to send the message that its products are ready for the launch of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system on July 29.

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In a blog post, Logitech says:

"All Logitech PC peripherals that are currently for sale today (mice, keyboards, combos, webcams and headsets) including Logitech G products, have been tested and work with Windows 10. Note that some functions, such as Windows 8 edge gestures are not enabled in Windows 10, so the products that were taking advantage of this feature will not have any functions associated with it in Windows 10. Our ConferenceCam product family and desktop collaboration products will also work with Windows 10."

Logitech does add that owners of its products, particularly its PC mice and keyboards, should always make sure they have the latest drivers installed on their PC.

Source: Logitech

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