As we mingle around Mobile World Congress, we're trying to get a feel from the software vendors on Windows Phone 7 and their future plans in offering their services. One company everyone knows is LogMeIn, who make extremely popular (and useful) remote access apps for your PC, Mac and more recently smartphones.

LogMeIn Ignition is on the iOS and just launched on Android, but we were told that Windows Phone 7 is certainly fair game for their next iteration (like most companies, they need to focus their resources). Ignition runs on the device and allows you to remotely access and manipulate your PC/Mac from the phone, over 3G or WiFi--in fact it's one of the most popular apps on the iPad. Likewise LogMeIn Rescue is an app for the reverse: to backup, manage and manipulate your phone from your PC. The app worked flawlessly and quickly over Android and we're excited about something similar coming to Windows Phone.

While it would have been better to hear "in development" or "here's a demo", we'll take positive encouragement over a flat out "nope, no plans".