A look at the T-Mobile Dash 3G manual

At this point, there's very little about the T-Mobile Dash 3G that we don't know. Let's recap:

We also expect it to run about $170 after contract. At this point, about the only thing we don't know is the actual launch date. Could be any day now.

We now also have a look at the owner's manual, courtesy of Cell Phone Signal. One interesting thing to note is that in the page we see here, T-Mobile's 3G frequency of 1700MHz is missing. We have to believe that's just a European printing thing — TMo's the only carrier in the U.S. using 1700MHz for 3G, anyway — and that a phone called the Dash 3G is, in fact, still packing 3G for us in the States.

Phil Nickinson

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