Two weeks of parties for Dash 3G, Touch Pro 2

As much as we're not exactly enjoying what feels like the world's ... longest ... roll-out ... of HTC phones this summer – love the phones, hate the wait – we are happy to see carriers putting s little more muscle that usual behind Windows Mobile phones. Case in point: T-Mobile's throwing a little shindig from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale starting July 14 for the Dash 3G (which should actually be released on July 15) and Touch Pro 2 (which we're looking for on July 22). Here's the breakdown of events, and hit the links to register:

  • July 14 - San Francisco
  • July 15 - Chicago
  • July 16 - Los Angeles
  • July 21 - Arlington, Va.
  • July 22 - Houston
  • July 23 - Atlanta
  • July 28 - Fort Lauderdale

Oh, and the best part? If you go to one of the events, you'll get a free Dash 3G! Can't beat that. Better reserve your spot before they all fill up.

Via Boy Genius Report

Update: Yeah, apparently these aren't parties for the peasants. The registrations are actually being reviewed to see if you're allowd inside the velvet rope. But, hey, it's worth a shot.

Phil Nickinson

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