Looking for Laika, a challenging Windows Phone arcade game scores as today's myAppFree Deal

Looking for Laika is a popular Windows Phone game from Game Troopers and is a space-aged adventure where you find that aliens have kidnapped your dog Laika. To rescue your faithful pet, you will have to navigate across a challenging maze of rotating planets and dodge an assortment of dangers.

The game can be frustratingly challenging with either of the two gaming modes and has color graphics that take a minimal approach. The Windows Phone game is normally priced at $1.99 and over the next twenty-four hours, with the help of myAppFree, you can pick up Looking for Laika free.

Gameplay with Looking for Laika has you navigating through a side-scrolling obstacle course filled with planets that you will have to use their rotation to hurl you to the next planet. Timing has to be just right or you will find your spaceman being hurled into deep space.

Looking for Laika

There are two game modes with Looking for Laika.

  • Story: This is a multi-level game with twenty-five worlds to conquer. You goal is to navigate through the maze of planets, avoiding dangers, collecting keys and ultimately reaching the exit portal.
  • Arcade: This is an endless runner style game where you jump from planet to planet and see how far you can travel. The maze of planets will change with every game, keeping things from growing monotonous.

The gaming mechanics are simple with you tapping the screen to have your spaceman jump from planet to planet. Should he need a boost of speed, he is fitted with a jetpack that will give him a short burst of speed. When needed, while in mid-jump tap and hold the screen to activate the jetpack.

Looking for Laika

While the mechanics of gameplay are consistent regardless of the gaming mode, there are a few differences in how each gaming mode plays out.

  • Story Mode: With the Story Mode you have three lives. Lose one life and you return to the last planet you were safely attached to. Lose all three lives and you restart the level from the beginning. You also will find hearts that can be collected for extra lives and diamonds to give your score a boost. The game is timed and the faster you collect the key and make it to the exit, the better your score.
  • Arcade Mode: Again, the Arcade Mode is an endless runner style game where you jump from planet to planet and see how far you can survive. Where in the Story Mode you can always jump back to a planet, with the Arcade Mode once you leave the planet it bursts like a balloon. You are only afforded one life in the Arcade Mode.

The key to success with Looking for Laika is timing. Along with hitting the target plant's orbit just right, you also have to time your jumps to avoid obstacles that are hanging around in space.

Looking for Laika by no means is a pushover of a Windows Phone game. It is a brutally difficult game that borders on the frustrating. Don't get me wrong, Looking for Laika is a painfully enjoyable Windows Phone game, just be warned that the urge to throw your Windows Phone across the room can get intense. And this makes the myAppFree Deal even more sweeter than just saving $1.99.

Over the next twenty-four hours, through the myAppFree partnership, you can pick up Looking for Laika free. If it ends up being a game that is no fun and drives you nuts, you aren't out a dime. However, my guess is that most will find Looking for Laika an appealing title regardless of its torturous difficulty.

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