Lumia 1320 full country listing for Lumia Cyan mass rollout

Earlier this morning we reported on receiving tips – especially from India – that the Lumia Cyan update is deploying for the Nokia Lumia 1320. As it turns out, this is another mass rollout and as usual, we have compiled this list of regions, countries, and carriers for your convenience.

If you see yours listed below, head to Settings > Phone Update and force check the process to get started. However, if you do not see your country or carrier listed, it means yours is still under testing, so sit tight!

Remember, you can always check our OS update tracker to see the status of your update:

WPCentral Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan Tracker

Note that 'CV' stands for Country Variant.

  • Africa – Algeria CV; Egypt CV; Ghana CV; Kenya CV; Libya CV; Morocco CV; Nigeria CV; South Africa CV, Vodacom; Tanzania CV; Tunisia CV; Uganda CV; Zambia CV
  • Asia Pacific – Hong Kong CV; India CV; Indonesia Erajaya, Parastar, Trikomsel; Malaysia CV; Philippine CV, Globe Telecom; Singapore CV; Taiwan CHT; Thailand CV; Vietnam CV
  • Europe – Albania CV; Austria CV; Bosnia and Herzegovina CV; Bulgaria CV; Croatia CV; Cyprus CV; Czech Republic CV; Denmark CV; Estonia CV; Finland CV; Germany CV, Vodafone; Greece CV, T-Mobile; Hungary CV; Iceland CV; Italy CV, TIM, Vodafone; Lithuania CV; Macedonia CV; Montenegro CV; Norway CV; Poland CV, T-Mobile; Romania CV; Serbia CV; Slovakia CV; Slovenia CV; Spain JazzTel, Vodfaone; Sweden CV; Switzerland CV
  • Latin America – Argentina Movistar; Brazil CV; Chile Movistar; Columbia Movistar; Costa Rica Movistar; Ecuador Movistar; El Salvador Movistar; Guatemala Movistar; Mexico Movistar, Telcel; Nicaragua Movistar; Peru Movistar; Uruguay Movistar; Venezuela Movistar
  • Middle East – Bahrain CV; Iraq CV; Jordan CV; Kuwait CV; Lebanon CV; Oman CV; Pakistan CV; Palestinian Territories CV; Qatar CV; Saudi Arabia CV; UAE CV; Yemen CV
  • North America – under testing
Daniel Rubino

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  • 75 countries are concerned, that's a worldwide rollout. Now, if that could happen for every model...
    Any news on that fix Microsoft is working on for Developer Preview users?
  • North America – under testing
    huehuehue :D
  • I lol'd so hard when I saw that, an i still am.
  • Yeah.. nice going. Biggest user of Windows Phone and so are the last to get the update  
  • I thought a Lumia 1320 was a Lumia 1320? What's so different about it than the other countries?
  • Biggest? Well... No
  • US has less marketshare than most countries, but has a population much bigger than most. Therefore, yeah, outside of maybe India, the US has more Windows Phones in citizens hands than any other country.
  • USA is the country with the highest number of WP users, including yours truly. I don't give a flying f--k what everyone else in America is using.
  • Yup. Too bad we also seem to be the ones most likely to be figuratively held hostage by the carriers. And the debacle with the Preview for Developers needs to be fixed if Microsoft is going to set a good example about direct-to-consumer releases...
  • The biggest problem with the US is that apparently you can't get this phones without carriers I think. Meaning that while Microsoft/Nokia might have released Cyan it's the carriers that have to check cyan and then release it to the public. So it might not be MediocreSoft's fault.
  • Yes and no. Years ago everyone was shocked that iPhone actually attached itself to AT&T - up to that point, Apple was fiercely independent. Google has tried to provide the Samsung Nexus as a generic non-carrier Android phone. Just recently MS finally released a non-carrier unlocked version of the 1020. But yeah, most of the time we have to buy a carrier based phone and if we stray, then have to ante-up, pay the full cost of the phone off and get the unlock code. So even though my 1020 is in fact unlocked from AT&T and running happily on T-Mobile, for updates I am still at AT&T's mercy as the update still reads my phone as having the AT&T variant ROM.
  • Yeah, you have a phone that is locked to a carrier... The point was that the phone was supposed to be unlocked, not the SIM. You could always flash your phone, but then you would most likely void your warranty. But if it has been working well for a couple of months there probably isn't anything wrong with the hardware anyways. But then be careful about not dropping it to the floor.
  • North america biggest user of what?!?! Burgers???
  • When Cyan for 1520 was released, everyone was saying 920 would be the next. But something kept telling me back in my head that 1320 would come out as its the lower end of 1520. And to everyones surprise it did. :)
  • Well Cyan for 1520 ain't released for everybody yet! Still eagerly waiting here in Belgium for it to come out.
  • I have 1520 country variant and for me wasn't released :)))
  • It's all politics..920 will be one of last to release, since it was one of the first lumia phones.  They won't want to compromise the latest devices. - A 920 owner.
  • The 1320 is crappy. It's slow and just an upgraded Lumia 520. How do I know? I own one.
  • Crappy? I don't think so. Mine never lags. Never. Incredibly smooth with 8.1 Dev Preview, even without Cyan firmware. How can you compare it to a 520, when there is a massive difference between both? 1 GHz Snapdragon S4 + 512 MB RAM (520) vs 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 400 + 1 GB RAM (1320)
  • It's slow with using internet from your carrier, but when I but my sim card into my 920, my internet is light speed. I guess the Lumia 1320 is only 4G and not LTE.
  • My 1320 is lte so you obviosly have a defective product
  • 520. Pls pls pls 
  • 620, won't be the last again, please!
  • It won't 520 is :-(
  • Nope.. It can't be! They have to roll-out cyan update for 520 as soon as possible.. And Microsoft knows very well the position of 520 in the market!
  • Why does everybody say that? There is no official thing that points to the 520 being the last, in fact, the Lumia 520 is one of the first devices to get this update already, it's already being rolled out in France.
  • No , looking the order in which the update is being rolled out it should be the last.
  • There r some exceptions
  • 1020 might be last since it's nearing EOL..... T_T
  • 920?810? 820? There are alot.
  • I hope so
  • What about Lumia 820
  • Might be...
  • Nice, looking forward to the other models. :)
  • Keep waiting for my L520
  • No Syria :/
  • Or Jordan
  • Do u have developers preview btw? Baddeh Shouf iza fina nnazel cyan if we have dp
  • Yeah, i've Dev preview installed
    but my phone is hungarien version so i should get the update but can't get it because of the dev preview
    i've either to downgrade or wait for a fix (i'm gonna wait) so no, mafek tnzl Cyan lesa
  • I recommend downgrading. I did it while I was confused, thinking Cyan was already out in my country so I went back to WP8 and then decided I missed many things from 8.1 so I installed the DP and my phone feels much better than before. Just make sure to do a backup (Settings -> Backup) because then you even get the Start back like it was and all your apps will get installed again. So just roll back, if asked to restore don't. Just update to Cyan and then do a hard reset and then accept to restore from your backup. I believe that you will then get better performance on your phone on top of Cyan!
  • I downgraded and now running cyan on my 1320 the only problem is that i didn't get the restore option... even tho i backed up everything before the dowgrade, i even check the time when it was backed but no, i had to start from zero :\
  • Do a hard reset. Then it will give you the option to restore right after it asks you to enter your microsoft account.
  • When update Lumia 920 in India sir pls.inform
  • It's Still Under Testing. Read The Complete Article Man. C'mon
  • You could have just said "NEXT YEAR". That would just make him read the article :D
  • "soon".
  • Seems Slower
  • Good. Already got cyan on my 1520 & 1320. Looking forward to the 720 & 520.
  • +720
  • You have 4 different Lumia?
  • Aha! I knew someone will ask that! I have a 1520 & 1320 . 720 belongs to my brother & my friend. My friends wife has a 520.
  • Why not ? i've 4 as well
  • What network is your 1520, or is it unlocked?
  • Unlocked. Unbranded. We purchase our phones outright in India.
  • Jealous. Branded and locked AT&T here. :/
  • No USA, totally bogus. hehehe
  • Where is Russia, dammit?!  All the models are still "Under testing".
  • Because Russia is isolated in the global community. With good reason.
  • What are you talking about? If you mean the sanctions from the US, then you should know the they are the economical one. It has noting to do with consumer market. And BTW, Share of WP in Russia is quite high.
  • They should put sanctions on consumers as well. All iPhone, Android and WP users. Maybe then Russia would start behaving when tons of its people get annoyed.
  • In Russia, phone updates you.
  • :DD
  • Hahahaha
  • I am really waiting for this update for my 1520 in the Philippines. Sadly lower models were updated first in my region.
  • Apir tayo dyan haha..#feels
  • Im one of the few who bought a cursed 1520, where the screen just moves by itself. I wish 8.1 would fix it, though others had already said 8.1 with cyan didnt fix the problem. I really wish 1520 and 1020 will be next.
  • Didn't you have warranty for the phone? Can't you just take it to a repair? Make sure to roll back if you had it on DP. I hope you didn't install DP on it.
  • Same here. Always checking haha
  • Looking forward to 1020
  • Same here :(
  • Same  
  • Indeeeeeed
  • Damn. Vodacom is on the ball here in South Africa. I knew I should have gone with Vodacom. MTN is rubbish. How much of testing are they doing?!
  • Lol that's why I opted for a country variant, I don't trust MTN when it comes to phone updates
  • 720 come soon
  • Really!!
  • I have install prievew devolvep version but sum function is not proper working so pls inform sir when official update Lumia cyan with windows 8.1 in India India India.......
  • Phones with the preview can't get Cyan at the moment. You must downgrade (but check if Cyan is available for your device first) to 8.0 or wait for MS to resume the updates for DP phones.
  • Could you please enlighten me, I am using a Lumia 1320 with dev preview on it and I live in Nigeria (west Africa) I just heard that the update for 1320 is out, but when I checked there was nothing there
  • Update is not available for devices with dev preview , the cyan update is only for devices with wp 8
  • For now...
  • It seems that the update goes out per modells. Now, Cyan for 635, 925, 1320, 1520 is available world wide (or at least almost). What I don't understand is that if we have to wait because of the carries than it seems strange that the technicians at completely different companies are working at the same schedule testing WP phones.
  • Carriers have to give approval, it's mostly still Microsoft that actualy releases the update.
  • As far as I understand, Microsoft would love to relase the update for everybody at the same time as Apple does, but it can't because it has to wait for the approval of the carries. If I were Microsoft I would push the button as soon as a carrier gives me green light. But now it doesn't seems like it, because I can't believe that every carrier finishes testing the same WP modell at the same time.
  • Surely you mean '625'? :)
  • Of course. :-) Anyway, I don't think anymore that carriers have a lot of thing to do with these updates.
  • 720, India, waiting! Not only this, but every one esle are waiting.
  • Me too!
  • Me too :(
  • When in 520?....plz release globally in all countries all models
  • No China, hahahah, Microsoft must be angry about anti-monopoly probe.
  • Lol
  • 1520 uae cv waiting
  • Everywhere except North America..... Amazing just goes to show you that it the American Carriers that is the issue and not Microsoft......
  • Everywhere except North America..... Amazing just goes to show you that it's the American Carriers that is the issue and not Microsoft......
  • I wouldn't say that.  Plenty of people on American carriers receive iOS and Android updates within hours of announcement.  Here we are a month later, and still no Windows 8.1. I'd imagine that, as the owner of an unlocked device, I'm probably even further down the list than people stuck with "official" devices.  My carrier may never "allow" me to receive the update.
  • I'll give you iOS. But Android? I see tons of complaints online from people with Android phones that never see any updates... maybe they're just loud. Byt apart from the Nexus it seems to be just as bad as WP there.
  • I think this time 820 will be the last.anyway nokia screwed its camera with black update.
  • Great... My friend topon this phone today only