Lumia 2520 tablet shows up on T-Mobile business guide site

The Lumia 2520 tablet may be nearly a year old, but there is new evidence that T-Mobile plans to offer the Windows RT 8.1 device to its business customers. Today, the tablet was spotted as part on one of the wireless carrier's business-themed websites.

Last month, now retired Internet gadget leaker "evleaks" posted what appears to be an internal T-Mobile brochure showing off the Nokia 2520. Now its website "The Source for Business" shows the Lumia 2520 as an option alongside devices from Samsung. Google and Apple. However, the carrier has still not officially confirmed it will be selling the tablet.

As it stands, all signs point to the "Un-carrier" joining with Verizon and AT&T in selling the Lumia 2520. If this does happen, it will be the first Windows-based tablet from T-Mobile. What do you think about T-Mobile selling the Lumia 2520 and, if true, did the carrier wait too long in selling the tablet?

Source: T-Mobile via Tmonews

John Callaham