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Microsoft announces the super-affordable Lumia 435 and Lumia 532

A few hours after the mysterious Lumia 532 passed through Brazil's equivalent of the FCC, Microsoft has made the device official. The Redmond giant also launched the Lumia 435 in single- and dual-SIM versions, with the device becoming the most affordable Lumia handset yet with a price tag of 69 EUR ($80) before taxes.

Lumia 435

The Lumia 435 features a 4-inch WVGA screen, 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal storage, 2 MP camera at the back, VGA front shooter and 1,560 mAh battery. The device comes with the Lumia Denim update out of the box, and users will be able to access HERE's suite of services for free thanks to Microsoft's licensing deal with Nokia.

The device will be available in bright green, bright orange, white and black and will begin rolling out in select countries in Europe, APAC and IMEA in February

Lumia 532

The Lumia 532 is also aimed at the budget segment, but the device features beefier hardware in the form of a quad-core Snapdragon 200 CPU. Another feature that has seen an upgrade over the Lumia 435 is the camera, with the Lumia 532 featuring a 5 MP shooter at the back. The rest of the hardware is similar, and the Lumia 532 will be available in bright green, bright orange, white and black, with rollout set to commence in Europe, APAC and IMEA in February for a retail price of 79 EUR ($93) before taxes.

Like the Lumia 435, the Lumia 532 will also be offered in single- and dual-SIM variants.

What do you guys think of the latest Lumias?

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  • again low ends! :X
  • But a good phone for testing windows 10 for phones beta!
  • For that reason i recently bought a 535 for 79€
  • Do you mind telling me where you bought the phone? I'm seeing the phone for 129€ everywhere. Thanks in advance
  • More than likely a phone upgrade at that price
  • May be 2nd hand Posted via the Windows Central
  • Saturn, Germany.
  • Great point Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • When do we get new high end phones? Surely Microsoft have one or two in the pipeline.
  • After every WP fan has moved on, I guess
  • Looks like Microsoft is leaving high end smartphones to it so called partners to do such as: HTC, Samsung and LG.   I don't see Microsoft having a new high end Lumia high end smartphone release till the holiday season because no leak photos and it is already mid January!  And in the U.S.; this new Lumia will be restricted in terms of buying opportunity again .... 70% chance it will go to Verizon and 50% it gets it with an exclusivity tie up again for a 12 month time frame.  LOL! Totally useless for WP faithfuls!  It just restricts them to the carrier and is like a slave type sales tactic!  
  • Fixed focus .... Really???
  • Dat price point though.
  • At least it has a 1GB RAM.
  • Step in the right direction finally, but their phones should have the camera button. Penny wise, pound foolish.
  • Indeed. 1GB should be the bare minimum these days.
  • Yes, 1GB RAM is a great improvement in this price segment.  I am also very pleased to see a FFC for the selfie crowd.  I think most people looking for this price tier would be very happy with the package here. MSRP is just $80 for the 435, which means we will probably see some lower prices once it hits the streets and various promotions, etc. take effect.  That's pretty crazy. Yeah, I'm itching something fierce for a Lumia 1030 myself... or a Lumia 935 with Glance Screen and MicroSD slot... So while some of us are focused on the high-end offerings, these low-end units are important too.  If we get a couple more Lumie 520 successes, (but now with 1GB ram), it can only be good for the platform.
  • I wonder if we'll even see this in Canada? Canadian carriers only release LTE handsets these days, even on the low end. Almost every carrier in Canada has the Lumia 635, as they search for inexpensive LTE devices to offer. The article doesn't list North America as a target market, so Microsoft probably realises that. A shame because it could do well on Cricket and other prepaid options in North/Central/South America, if it had frequency support for here. Does anyone know the frequency support for either of these?
  • 2G bands
    GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G bands HSDPA 900 / 2100 None of the dual sim Lumias or their single sim varients support the North American 3g frequencies, with the exception of the 730/735 models.
  • I was just reading that there's a rare quad-band 3G variant of the Lumia 535 that does, actually. I think its the RM-1092, but am still trying to confirm that.
  • I stand corrected. That unit is available here:
  • Thanks for the link Paul. Canadians looking to get that handset can also think about getting it here to avoid customs/duty:
  • No idea. It is odd that lte is so overblown... There is no lte in my hometown of athabasca yet. Most of Canada is rural and may never see lte for years. This phone would be great for rural no lte people!
  • Hey Swizzlerz! :-) MBS spectrum (AKA 700MHz) propagates extremely well over rural areas. As they're rolling out MBS rapidly, we should be in good shape soon even in rural areas. What was the point of Rogers sending over $3 billion on prime spectrum if they're not going to use it? I expect to see it, and lots of it. I'd be less particular if the major carriers offered DC-HSPA+. But since they only offer HSPA+, there's a bigger gap between 3G and LTE in Canada than there ought to be. 3G is decent even so, but since data service in Canada includes LTE at no extra charge (there're surcharges in some countries), spending a bit more on a device that can utilize it makes sense to me.
  •  What was the point of Rogers sending over $3 billion on prime spectrum if they're not going to use it?    -To prevent others who would use it. All mobile providers in Canada have put a hold on any new network builds until the CRTC ruling comes down on incumbents being required to share infrastructure.  
  • The 532 has glance screen according to the Lumia website.
  • Microsoft announces Lumia One the New flagship; One inch low res screen, 1ghz single core processor, 1mb of ram, 1 mega pixel purecheap camera. Coming soon to no carrier near you for $1
  • Can't stop laughing.
  • Lol
  • Hahahahha
  • 1Ghz and 1 mega pixel sounds quite high, compared to the rest of those specs :D
  • Seriously dude!!!
  • Sounds perfect for our employees in the field.
  • You are so Wrong!!
    It features poorview camera.
  • Think about this, Sony is planning on sell or partner it's mobile division due to losses mainly because they bet highly on the top end of the market. Would u like if the same happens to Microsoft?
  • No it's great MS is coming out with some new low end phones. This is exactly what they need to build up the market share and build up the app store. BUT they can't forget about the dedicated Windows phone/Mobile fan's that are on the edge of switching due to no true flagships. They have to work both sides of the business.
  • In other words, they need to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time...
  • Busted Knuckle gets it.
  • who says they don't have flagships. the phones have a release schedule, they can't put out all the phones on a single time and then take a break for a year. so far they released the flagship,mid-range and low end for the x30 series. all that remains is the phablet,budget phablet and the 1030, which you can look forward to in order at mwc and build
  • Exactly.i have an iPhone 6 now because these guys keep making these toy phones
  • I'm sorry but you are just collateral damage. For each WP user lost to the iSheepers, MS gathers up to 5 (or more) new low-end users.
  • Think about one another company that also bet only on the top end of the market. But they are doing ok, I woud say ;-) three hints for you to guess. 1) whatever they sell, many people buy even if they are very costly; 2) they have a fruit's name as their company name; 3) their logo resembles the same fruit but bitten at one end.
  • But.... But but butt! That fruit keeps the doctor away!
  • Even if Microsoft released a high end device which is much much better than iPhone, do you really think people would opt for a windows? It's more about the ecosystem than the hardware. high end phones sell good only on platforms that are popular and for a platform to gain momentum it needs numbers which make the developer give a damn about it. Microsoft cannot demand big bucks until windows gains on popularity.
    I have been with windows since the 520 came out and upgraded to a 730 recently. As much as I love windows it's hard to ignore the fact that it barely exists (compared to ios or Android).
  • ACtually Sony's losses on mobile are entirely from their low end. They are restructuring to concentrate on high end only.
  • sony doesn't have a strong presence in the low end just one phone if i'm not mistaken. they also have a louse mid-range portofolio and the weird 6 month cycle for the strategy. and all the phones lack marketing and a coherent strategy for market availability.they are doing bad on all levels of the smartphone business
  • That's the thing they didn't value low end, concentrated only on high end which didn't pan out well
  • No it's because they have to much stock of their lower and midrange phones in warehouses that didn't sell. They had to readjust the value of their unsold phones through a 1.7B impairment cost. Nothing to do with their high end phones
  • I guess its because of the overwhelming share of Lumia 520,the legendary low end wp device
  • They're only making more crap they'll have to sustain... we don't need ten low ends... the 630, 635, 530, etc are so frighteningly redundant that it appears they want WP to fail. Now we have two more that will essentially be copies of the 535. It is necessary to imp the successes made by the Lumia 520... but it only takes one phone to do that. One low end Lumia to continue the successful legacy of the Lumia 520, and one high end Lumia for the powermongers. HTC, Samsung, YEZZ and all the other OEMs are more than capable of convoluting the market... so it makes no sense for the first party to do so.
  • Agreed.... If Nokia was releasing these low end phones , then we should conclude that Nokia is not Microsoft Now things got changed ...... Microsoft is Nokia now ......
    Logic is Microsoft should make Windowsphone Nexus devices for all price points starting from 4XX lineup to 15XX lineup . And all remaining OEMs will follow that trend of phones
  • microsoft can't depend on 3rd party oems. i think they learned their lesson by now after 4 years that they  aren't interested in doing windows phones unless they are paid or have profitable licensing agreements for their android phones signed. this isn't the pc business either, they don't have a strong or willing competition as lumias acount for almost 95 percent of the market. they bought a phone division for billions, they should exploit it at maximum and put all that talent and knowledge to god use. and just because you can't see the benefit in so many phones doesn't mean other people don't. in almost 3 quarters of the qorld a 20-30 dollar difference in price point is's also crucial for microsoft to get these people aboard as they are starting to use internet services if they hope to have a fighting chance against googles ecosystem and also if they want to maintain the pc monopoly as the windows oses combine
  • I cant believe people voted this down. People already are hesitant to try Windows Phone and if they actually decide to go look at it, they are overwhelmed with numbers with hardly any meaning behind them. Imagine the awesome flagship they could have produced if they would have just concentrated on one entry level, one midrange, and one flagship phone for the rebranding?
  • I think these low end phones will encourage people to try windows phones. I bought a 630 to try windows phone because I was able to get one on payg upgrade for £79. If only expensive windows phones were available I probably wouldn't have given it a try. I liked the phone that much that I have just upgraded again to a 735 whilst there is an offer on for a the free fitbit. First impressions are very good and I think this will be the best phone I have ever owned. If more people are encouraged to try windows phone with these cheap devices they will probably upgrade to higher spec models. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumia X20/5 series had minimum of 720p video recorders starting from Lumia 520
    Lumia X30/5 series have minimum of 480p video recorders stating from Lumia 530
    Do they end up with Low end phones which are capable of 144p video or lesser than that
  • They are aiming the bottom most dear friend. Something like just a phone without any camera. So something like 0p. I guess they will achieve this dream with x50 series :-/
  • 1p. "Record in beautiful 1x1 pixels! Create color montages, color montages, and color montages!!!"
  • Lol!
  • Looks like Microsoft doesn't care for the people who like high end phones
  • I think it is awesome they have pushed the prices so low. I'm thinking they must have some kind of requirement to build a certain volume to keep getting lower prices, who knows?! They will probably announce a high-end device after we see what Windows 10 for phone looks like. Maybe not the 21st but I am guessing they will announce partners that will be building those high end devices on that day.
  • Hope for a high end though :/
  • High End usually are announced on a big events.
  • Agreed.
  • Yeah , I know . But I am dying for a successor of my 1020 !
  • Yeah, most Lumia 1020 users are! But just like he said... Gotta wait a little more
  • We are the victims :P
  • Try being a 920 owner.
  • I was, now I'm a happy 930 user since August 2014. And probably I will be a happy new high end phone user around August 2015. Seems to be a good plan to me :)
  • Try being a 925 owner also
  • ... on AT&T. /sigh
  • Hey, Is the 435 the first Lumia with a back camera less than 5MP.
  • Yes, it is.
  • Hell, it's the first Windows Phone device, version whatever, with less than 5 MP camera.
  • Hopefully we get a hint of something at the Win10 event next week...
  • This is what I'm guessing will happen. A hint.
  • High end = fewer sales = less market share = less revenue = less dev interest = less growth. I'm entirely with you but it's just basic business. WP needs to expand and consolidate that third position and the only way at the moment is affordability for the masses.
  • Bull. Microsoft needs to suck it up and release a couple high ends. Even if they turn out to not be profitable, they are absolutely needed for the Windows Phone ecosystem. Microsoft can find somewhere in the budget for something this important to the overall picture.
  • You don't have to like it but try and understand it.
  • I like others have a Surface RT, a Surface Pro, Office365 subscription and Xbox Music Pass. The economics of not producing a high end phone could lose customers like me. It's about the ecosystem, not one device!
  • @Poddie ^^^^ This ^^^^
    Everyone understands the economics of low end phones. Not everyone buys them.
  • They will, but they are building volume. I think they explained this. You will be happier when the Lumia they release has better featured than it would have if it were released a few months ago :) I'm glad I passed on the Icon because I'd be itching to ditch it as soon as whatever else comes out, comes out.
  • Probably 1020 successor.
  • Ya i saw their tweets just now. Good for ppl who wanto test the awesomeness of Lumia.
  • Good for people here in India. I am looking forward to it.
  • They are gonna cry for the camera..
  • Hope they don't have the touchscreen issues like my friend's 535. It did left bad first impression with lumia.
  • I am having 535... Touch screen is too bad.. I feel to throw the fone sometimes. It's practically disgusting to use in front of friends.. Cannot play any fos games nor even endless stupid runner games .. Multi touch total failure..
  • I guess there was an update supposed to fix it, right?
  • Yes update came.. No change after update . Touch screen issues still exist. It's got all the things except the main thing ie touch screen. It's annoying very annoying when ur touch screen gets messed up
  • But MS dispatched an update to fix the touchscreen issue. Didn't your friend downloaded that update??
  • I did update my fone with the update.. Nothing changed.. I will go to Nokia care tomorrow for replacement when new lot comes or from Nokia priority dealer
  • Nokia care is currently replacing the touchscreen for lumia 535
  • seriously??? Tomorrow only I m going to replace the touch screen?? Thnx buddy for the info
  • Two of my friends have 535. The touch initially was bad. But after the update touch sensitivity of both improved significantly. That being said their touch is not as good as higher end lumias but I can confirm that the patch definitely worked. Those having problem may try disabling screen magnifer.
  • Yup I switched off magnier still the touch I awful. Do one thing tell ur friends to install an app name " multitouch test" and see. Try to test with two finger and swipe it like u r playing a fps fame. 3 and 4 finger will also start appearing even if u have 2 fingers touched. Btw I m going to Nokia priority to tomorrow.
  • "Continuing the Lumia design legacy"  :D:D:D:D
  • Yes!.... Doesn't that look like a dual shot casing?
  • Pricing is key, and I think Microsoft has priced these devices well. I hope these devices help compete with the low end Android devices. The Lumia 435's 2megapixel camera is strange though. Not good enough for 2015.
  • Well - if you want a better camera get a different phone.. easy is that. do you want all phones to feature everything that is your definition of "standard in 2015"?
  • Very easy for you to bash someone who has an opinion. I'm saying that a 2 megapixel shooter isn't what people expect by today's modern standards. Everyone knows that low end android devices are absolute crap. But they end up buying it because the specifications are a lot better. The average Joe doesn't really know about the performance difference between an android phone and a windows phone. It's people like us, who own windows phone devices and read articles on a site like windows central that do. Again, 2 megapixel just isn't enough. You'll see it in phone reviews soon which end up bashing windows phone just because they have to.
  • Hey Malbend, I don't think *anyone* expect more than 2Mpx in a 69 Euro phone. Don't you think so?
  • If by anyone you mean those that hare mentally challenged then yes, but the average person expects more than a 2MP at ANY price point,
  • A lot of people do bro, trust me. :)
  • Heck, my co-work always wants to buy the most cheapest stuff and expects to get the world of specs out of them...
  • then you buy 532: 5MP (& 4-core)
    some don't need anything beyound web blog => 2MP is more than enough...VGA would do..
  • The Sony Ericsson W610 took amazing shots on a 2MP shooter, megapixel count doesn't matter much, the quality of the sensor does, on the same note I'm guessing this sensor is crap but then again its an 80 dollar phone, people who get these phones need something sturdy and reliable cause they can't aford something higher-end... Getting a device that can browse the internet and do navigation like a brease seems like a good deal over a cheap stuttering android. Regards Márcio
  • Or people are buying a second phone for work or vacation, and want something cheap and featureless...
  • the Microsoft name is to big in the front. they should keep it only on the back naming it only Lumia on the front..
  • Nahh.. It doesn't look half bad in real life.. I was against it as well until I bought a L535 as my secondary phone. Barely notice it.
  • @corey how is the touch screen of your L535???
  • Pretty good after the critical update.. It's not as fast as my L1520, but overall it's a solid device.
  • @COREY plz install multi touch test app in your 535 and let me know if it's working or not? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • It's not that the Microsoft branding is too big, it's just that the phone is really really tiny. :P
  • Only 4 microns
  • no.....then it would be a micro-phone...
  • I don't think it should say anything on the front. Keep it nice and clean.  If they have to have something on the front though, im glad they put it in the center. The ones with it on an edge just look wrong.
  • Really like the indented/engraved style Microsoft on the removable back.  That looks nice.
  • Just, I hope there's no touch issue!!
  • At least you get OS updates. If this was an Android phone it would be like you purchased for life. I mean look at the current security bug affecting 60% of Android phones: No fix, from Google. Why? Because manufacturers wouldn't update the phones anyway. Different world that Android one where user security doesn't matter and things don't get fixed.
  • Looks like Asha 503
  • Agree, I think Microsoft is trying to make asha-style entry priced Lumias. All the phones will run on Windows instead of Symbian. They desperately need low ends for market share, this sounds like a nice addition to the Lumia line.
  • I agree. As soon as i saw these phones, I thought they are intended to replace the Asha phones. I think these will do well in emerging markets. Also, what a great little phone to have as a work phone if you have a job where you don't want to risk damaging an expensive phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fine enough spec for the price... Well... I'll be buying Nokia 215 though when it's out jn my country
  • Why would you still buy a feature phone when there are awesome smartphone with these prices?
  • The durability of the feature phone
  • And its battery, feature phones usually last a lot more
  • Don't take me wrong... My Nokia Lumia 920 durability is as strong as a brick (stand tons of drops... Even fall into a bath tub once, no prob) but really, the battery is degrading lately... Having no worry that I have a backup phone for anything that may come up will be great. Nokia 215 have everything I need, Facebook messenger, Bluetooth 3.0, internet, and of course, the battery.
  • It's great to see that Microsoft making 1GB RAM phones and front camera compulsory. Imho these low-end Lumia's will soon rule the Smartphone market. Great strategy by MSFT.
  • That them saying "we made a mistake bringing all the devices with 512MB ram in 2014".
  • That was nokia, this is Ms
  • Isn't the same Elope, the head of Microsoft mobile ? -_-
  • No
  • Well he is.. Google/Bing it :P
  • Exactly, Microsoft is proving that they know how to make really good phones ;)
  • I like to reminisce about last year, when the commenters here bashed Android for "requiring" 1GB RAM.
  • I was just gonna post about that. Great low end benchmark. Gives me hope for the future.
  • -_- shit... We want Flagship !!!!
  • No, Microsoft needs to put out at least 30 different budget models. /s
  • Heyyyy!! what's the "/s" 4 ???
  • That's the sign for a "sarcastic" comment ofcse ;)
  • Actually you do. These will sell much quicker than a flagship. More users = more app support
  • Though you're right . App gap is another major problem
  • MS might think that this is flagship for WP.
  • LOL
  • The 630 and 530 don't make any sense anymore.
  • L530, L630, all these devices are Nokia's phones and still were build under Nokia age. L535, L435 and that new 532 shown us the true MS phones and what they intend. Want to see what can they do with a true MS flagship :D
  • what do you mean true MS phones? all the phones you mentioned started life under Nokia ownership. development of devices takes a long time, not 6 months. for now MS just slapped their logo on the phones, everything else about them is classic Nokia design. also these are the phones that Elop mentioned in the summer they were Nokia X line already in development that got repurposed for windows.. The only good thing about them is the price and the fact they fix some user complaints about the 530 like ram, front camera and sensors
  • Low end phones can easily be created in 6 months - especially when Nokia has hundreds of various polycarbonate shells lying around. You just take a reference board and place it in a shell (I simplyfy things but you get the point). Certainly possible to achieve in 6 months. There is nothing unusualy engineered specifically for those phones. It's just a reuse of existing elements. Most importantly - price and specs are Microsoft's decision.
  • you missed the part about elop declaring last summer that they have nokia x line phones in development that will be turned into lumias. these are those phones with nokia x/asha design and specs, just with a different logo and os. the only bad thing is that they overlap with the 530 that instantly became obsolete  but manages now to create confusion in the line-up.but these are consequences of the aquisition and all the products that were already in development. i expect more clarity in the future
  • When Microsoft stops warring with Google and offers the ability to download native Android apps, then they'll be on the field. Until then... they're marginal players with an enthusiastic fan base. Owning a Lumia [and I have 6] is always going to involve compromise. Owning an iPhone 6/128GB is no compromise. None.
  • True, I'm here with my 635 with 512mb ram and no front cam and no glance
  • And MS focuses on bigger ram.
  • But you got a quality product. ClearBlack display, Gorilla Glass, 4G LTE and the most important, Snapdragon 400 seem useless unless you actually lose them. Same happened to me when I switched from Lumia 720 to 525 (Yes, I'm a poor guy) just because of RAM. I still regret. Believe me bro, you got the bang for the buck. Cheer up.
  • 525 has 1Gb
  • doesnt matter, there are youtube videos that the 630/635 performs better than the 525
  • Guys, you aren't understanding my point. I downgraded from 720 to 525 because 525 had 1GB RAM and 720 had 512MB RAM. After switching, I realized that RAM has absolutely NO effect on performance. The processor has. 525 performs and looks worse than 720. Same is the case with the pair of 435 and 635. I would prefer buying the Lumia 635 over 435, 532 and even 535. Also 638 would be more preferable over 635 (For those who do not know, 638 is basically the Asian version of 635 with 1GB RAM). For me performance matters, not features. What's the point of having tons of features when your phone processor is not capable of handling them effectively?
  • 630 is so much better, can't even compare
  • 630 may be better than 435, but it can be compared with 532 and the 535 is better. 630 is also much more expensive.
  • WHAT?
  • I'm saying that L​umia 630 is comparable with the 532 and 535. I disagree with Beppe Gissi, he sad they aren't comparable.
  • 630 it's only better on processor (400) and 535 (200). 535 has Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor. And 630 not. 535 has Flash and 630 not. 535 has 1GB RAM and 630 not. 535 has Front Camera and 630 not. So?
  • Yes, my point. 535 is better.
  • I'm talking about 435 and 532, not 535. I would switch to 535 from my 630, but never to one of these new devices. They're just lower-class
  • I would rather select 532 than 630 and save some money.
  • So clearly 630 has a better CPU ! :-p
  • haha LOL
  • 535 is best all around budget phone on the market in my opinion
  • Depends on how much do you wanna spend :D But 535 it's a great choice!
  • I agree.
  • Yes, but this why Nokia needed Microsoft to stop that 512mb nonsense. These phones will make an impact that's for sure. With these price tags they are the new candy bars.
  • Lol true. My L720 seems lagging infront of these newbies now, with 512 Mb ram and older processor. :|
  • Still terrific design, display, battery, back camera, Glance and haptic feedback. Hehe. The FFC is better too.
  • The 530 is 100% irrelevant now, indeed, thanks to the 532.   The 630 however? 5 MP, not fixed focus camera, ClearBlack display, bigger display, bigger battery, SD400, therefore better gaming performance on games that work on 512 MB and of course, 720p video recording and a chipset (SD400) that allows smooth 1080p playback on the device. Streaming 720p videos from YouTube should also be a breeze.   I don't know how capable of 720p videos playback are SD200 devices. Even more so the dual-core SD200.
  • I agree as long as you're ok with a 4" screen. Not many people are though. Might be a big upgrade for Iphone users though :p
  • In Hong Kong, 530 is around US$105. 630 is ~$135. 636(1gb ram) is ~$150. 535 is ~$170. 636 is the best choice.
  • 636 isn't available in most of the world. But yeah in Hong Kong it's very good choice.
  • Reminds me of Asha series but looks cute!
  • EMEA = Europe, Middle East, Africa. IMEA = ?
  • India, Middle East, Africa I guess. But so odd the leaks came from Brazil, but no announcement to America!
  • I pointed this out before in a comment. EMEA is a common acronym but I have never heard of IMEA. I assumed it was a mistake but never had a reply. Come on WC, what does IMEA mean?
  • India-middle east-Africa. But there's EMEIA (Europe-middle east-India-Africa)
  • Live and learn :) Tha,ks for the info.
  • Where's Adam? :/
  • Yes missing hunky Adam
  • Garden of Eden.
  • They kill Adam. :(
  • it seems they mixed the asha and lumia design !!! atleast for me :P
  • No. Few months ago they said that they are going to bring Nokia X design to ultra low end Lumia series devices. So this is the result we are seeing.
  • Microsoft is flooding the market Samsung-style , but Carriers are trying really hard NOT to sell them
  • This! Whenever you go to a shop salespeople always try to sell you a Samsung or anything else but a Lumia, they always say something bad about them like there are no apps, that's the typical excuse
  • Agreed
  • This has to finish! We'll make a revolution... YOU SHALL NOT SELL lagdroid
  • well most of the WC users here try our best to show friends, i've converted over 15 persons to Lumias and they getting others also.
  • Me too I've enrolled 8 persons :) and have a Facebook group Lumia Lovers Italia :)
  • Some of my friends are hesitant to use lumia phones, but since they tried my L1520, they wanted to swap their Sam Notes and iphones to mine phone.
  • Still waiting for the Instagram to move out of beta and the elusive Starbucks app....
  • Their design makes them look like bastard love-childs of Lumia and Asha devices XD Seriously though, I think Microsoft is going way overboard with their "go low-end or go home" strategy simply because the Lumia 520 became a commercial success. This will just confuse potential customers, which in turn make them look for something else. And lack of users is the last thing the Windows Phone platform needs right now, since it needs more users to convince developers to make WP versions of their apps.
  • Sony giving up on Mobile, because of High End phones. There's no way denied that high ends it's dominated area with Samsung and Apple. MS will focus on low-end and mid end phone (to survive) but will launch Flag-ships as well this year.
  • Microsoft doesn't need to sell smartphones to survive, you know they sell software and services to the whole world. They don't need someone to save them from bankruptcy and don't need to sell personal information of their users
  • I was talking about Microsoft Mobile. Sony also doesn't need Sony Mobile to survive. That's why they are shutting down and focusing on TV, Playstation and Sony Pictures for movies.
  • Low-end devices with 1 GB RAM WOOH !
  • Haha I am thinking the same thing!!
  • Ms is going wild. I wonder if the will release lumia 335 with no camera and 3.5 inch screen at price $40. I hope 1030 is coming around July when my contract expires. I still love 1020 but its processor is dated now.
  • Oh god no!
    Too many budget phones already.
    MS would just look pathetic and sad to me if they released a phone that junky. Bad enough as it is
  • Lumia 235 = back to ½ GB & 4 GB+uSD - no cam anywhere...?
  • Enough with the low-end already :( I buy my phones outright but I really feel for ppl who are coming to the end of their contracts n have no choice but to wait or move to Samsung or Apple. I think Microsoft are gonna lose alot of ppl to rival ecosystems because of a lack of flagship products!
  • 930 is there, it's not 6 months old. Don't forget that
  • If I buy the 930 can I get 4G LTE on AT&T's network?
  • what is it that you would do on your phone with 4G LTE over HSPA fast internet on mobile phone
  • I pay for 4GLTE capabilities; therefore, I want 4GLTE capabilities whether I need it or not. I won't feel satisfied. I don't like to be or feel limited when it comes to my mobile phones so that's why I only buy high-end. It's an issue I have that I just can't get passed. I do like the 930 though. I found the video Daniel made on the 930 and no 4G LTE so no 930 for me. I'll keep using the 1020. It is what it is.
  • I'm from Aussie so I'm not sure although I have a 930 n it supports 4G LTE
  • I have a 930 and yes its a great phone but the specs are already very old compared to the competition n the only reason I haven't moved is camera quality
  • I'm out of contract and I'm waiting for the 10*0. My 1020 is still good as new after more than a year. And why should I have to move to Samsung or Apple? Before that I rather buy a 830 :D
  • ENOUGH with the budget phones !!
  • Stupid !
    Why make 532 when there is 435?
    The camera isn't that thing that needs to make another phone for it
    Stupid ! They have the same specs Just the camera !
  • Dual core - quad core
  • And a better CPU + glance
  • Glance ? Are you sure ? Then its not made by Microsoft -_-
  • That's what I read, but why wouldn't it be made by MS ?
    Glance is under MS name now... check the store page
  • U didn't get the joke
    When ms started to make phones
    The 630/635 ,530 730 , 930, 535 didn't get glance
  • So ends the era of 512MB Windows Phones.
  • I really was surprised ! The 435 has 1gb ram
  • Maybe the begining of 4gb ram high end phones
  • It's time! 512Mb are awkward in 2015
  • So ends the era of 512MB any Phones.
  • Okay. So the lowest-end Lumia gets 1GB of RAM along with a front camera and 630 didn't. I wanna cry.
  • Want to cry with you buddy
  • +630
    not literally :P
  • It might look confusing but it's actually quite simple.  The 630 was in final stages of development/production/marketing at the time when Microsoft bought the Nokia phone business.  Microsoft had no choice but to continue to launch it.  The 630 represents Nokia's final interpretation of the low-to-mid range market.  Microsoft wants to execute things differently for the low budget segment so they are pushing out new products to carefully but effectively supersede the existing range at that price range.  And we can clearly see that one of the key differenciators is the bump in RAM to 1GB for all low-end devices as this was the chief complaint for the 53x/63x which sell in big numbers so have the largest WP userbase but can't run key apps.
  • Oh man there're still people wich use their brains!! :D
  • My 635 runs all the apps I need and use.  My guess is I'm not the only one that can say that.  BTW I think its a great device. While many folks here are high-end oriented, and that's fine, there are (many) millions in this big world who are not.
  • Is this some kind of joke?? WTF!!
  • Are these capacitive buttons ?
  • I had the exact same question.
  • After a closer look, seems they are capacitive buttons !
  • Yes, infact the resolution is 800x480 not 854x480 like L530 woch has on screen buttons
  • Looks like it. What the hell is MS smoking? Capactive buttons in the budget models, while the Lumia 735 (not a high end phone, but still a tad pricier than these two) is stuck with software ones.
  • 735 was made by Nokia which f*#k@d up with their latest devices. MS isn't smoking anything and we are unlikely to see on-screen buttons on Lumias anymore.
  • lumia 535 is best low budget phone on the market now, these will be around but i doubt will grab sales like the 535.
  • snapdragon 200 ha both dual core and quad core from the start ??? 
  • I miss Cyan coloured option
  • Ditto
  • Awkward Msft policies
    Selling a huge variety of same devices with different names Cant understand Why they are still selling all 520 525 530 535 and many more CVs ? Instead of that why not come up with one or max two phone from a line up 4** 5** 6** 7** ...
  • Two of those phones were Nokia phones, namely the 520 and 530. The other two are actually from MS and are superior in capability.
  • It's a tactic. You go into the store and see all these models, you get confused, you ask for help, and that is precisely the moment the salesrep will clear it up for you and will show what Android phone you should buy! :))
  • LOL! Exactly...
  • There are slight differences between similar phones. Your phone may have some feature that is useless to me but it is missing something else. So should MS give me an option or should I go buy a competing device? Please stop being confused, people, this is not rocket science.
  • These are the Nokia X devices which were later modified to run WP.
  • People, before complaining remember: these were EX-NOKIA X devices. That's why they're low end. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bleh...
  • These crap phones have denim and my 1520 doesn't????!!!
  • These crap phones are the ones that will push the ecosystem forward, getting more users to the platform, thus making the platform more appealing for developer support, and letting you make better use of your high end 1520.
  • Sub $100 phones sold in emerging markets, where few people actually buy apps, aren't going to entice Silicon Valley and NYC based developers.   It just won't.  
  • those phone has the name only npt features ... but your device will get everything cool mate 
  • Flash with FINnish ROM => Denim!
    ...or better yet...wait...patience = virtue!
  • my lumia 830 still waiting for that Lumia Camera 5 and this low ends got it out of box, damn. but it is good move for microsoft to put in 1GB RAM on their low end line up.
  • Ummm NO! These new phones wont have Lumia camera 5, they don't have the hardware for it.
  • Right
  • i thought that lumia camera is the latest lumia camera 5. :D
  • Great ads, keep this stuff coming
  • the nokia x android series are converted into these two lumias. :) 
  • This is confusing
  • Has there ever been a Lumia that didn't look the same as every other one
  • It works for Samsung, most of their phones look pretty much the same
  • Also apple, it is cool to have something original... You want a colorful device? Go lumias!
  • Lumia 520,625,630, 720,1320.. They all look different.. You should see Samsung devices frst..
  • I'm sorry if you decide they look the same because they come in colours, for there are at least 5 unique design lines even among the Lumias -
    1. 620, 530 etc
    2. 720, 1520
    3. 820, 625, 1320, 535
    4. 920, 1020, 800
    5. 930, 630, 830
    And if you look closely, the 520 has an entirely unique look.
    So that makes it 6 designs.
  • They finally break the Nokia tradition...
  • My old 625 feels miserable with all these new lumias
  • yeah these devices are better than 5,6,7  X20 series !!!  :'D
  • Same here with L720. Seems lagging infront of these newbies :'(
  • Is that Nokia X2 in Windows Phone version? :3
  • Yes, pretty much.  Nice trick to get people onto the smartphone ladder at a good price.
  • Well, look who's decided to start losing money now...
  • First off, there are enough low end MS phones out there already, Secondly, none are EVER released to be sold here in the USA. Thirdly, WE NEED NEW FLAGSHIP PHONES ( Are you listening at all Microsoft??)
  • Are you listening to the market? The Lumia 930 hasn't got an year of life damn! And not all people cab afford it (nor me) so, market share is gained with low end phones, if you're not Apple. When you have market share more people will buy high end phones.
  • See my comments above.  In summary, those low end phones you mention were all a product of the Nokia era and represent their strategy prior to being bought out by Microsoft.  Microsoft has its own strategy for the low-end market and we're seeing those start to appear now.  It includes dealing with the Nokia-X line and re-aligning the specs for the existing low-end devices.
  • wake me when MS comes back to the mid to upper segment of the market.. The ground level is officially saturated.
  • I want lumia phone better then lumia 1020. 50MP, floating live tiles and more powerful camera application. And more power for battery life. Unique design too.
  • You'll get it in due time. Not to worry.
  • Why you so confident...? Have any solid information about that?
  • Nope. Just a feeling. And hope... Lol
  • If I did I'm not allowed even to say that I know it
    so I don't know that there are MORE than just one flagship coming up
    You may (in this purely co-insidal imaginary post) buy several flagships this year
    It's your oblication! ;-)
  • L630s a cool little phone,can run some awesome games and apps. Goes to show the true power of wp........
  • So the 532 is actually better than the 630?FF camera and 1GB og RAM. ​
  • 630 Nokia's Phone  532 MS Phone. See ?
  • 630: SD 400 > SD 200 (532)....and there it may cry now...or laugh hysterically!
  • The 532 is still a slower phone. It can't film in 720p. It has trouble playing videos in 720p. It can't play 1080p videos of course. The GPU is slower in the 532 than in the 630. All things considered, the games that can be played on the 630 (because of the 512 RAM) will still play better and feel better due to the better GPU in the 630.   One thing we don't know if the 532 has a fixed point camera or not. Aaaand let's not forget the 630 has a ClearBlack display, while the 532 does not. So it looks worse.
  • I don't get it. Why all those low end devices? I mean 530/535 are not enOugh already?
  • No they aren't enough. 530 does not have front camera and has only 1GB of RAM and 4GB internal storage. 535 costs 100 pounds.
  • Lumia 435 = Really low end device for emerging markets. This is actually the lowest specced WP8.x device on the market right now. Dual core SD200. Ouch.   Lumia 532 = Rights all the wrongs with the Lumia 530. Better price point, hopefully (probably) not a fixed camera, front facing camera and 1 GB of ram and 8 GBs internal storage.
  • I specifically asked for a way to buy more Windows Phones so I could have a collection... My bad. =P
  • It shoudn't be named x35. That means 4G.
  • XX5 doesn't necessarily mean 4G. That was only true for a few devices like the 730.
  • I've always understood xx5 phones to be midlife revamps, at least I think that's how they started out, but yes you're right that in some cases it has also meant 4G variants... However, the good news I think we can take from this is that we're now on the edge of xx4x devices appearing... There's nowhere else to go in the xx3x range, except 1030 and 1530, but what with the new era of MS in charge, and W10 imminent, I'd guess they'd skip to xx40 to make things more logical for the whole new range...
  • The 635 and 735 should have named 630 LTE and 730 LTE respectively, imo...
    No difference at all compared to 630 and 730, why they released them with 5 numbers more is a mystery...
  • Came here after seeing their promo on YouTube. Aren't those the design of those Android powered Nokia devices (X, XL)? And here I thought things couldn't get cheaper from the 530. Nice going, MS!
  • Think these support the glance screen which is nice... Hope it's standard on all future releases...
  • Nokia X and asha moded into Lumia!
  • According to Microsoft's page, the Lumia 435 has double tap to wake, but no Glance.On the other hand, Lumia 532 has Glance, but no double tap to wake. That's weird..
  • Have to buy both then? ;-)
  • Can't stop laughing
  • Where is the high end flagship phone? Error 404 not found!
  • I bet you are going to see them when windows 10 ready for them high end phones require more focus on software in fact it deserves a new OS like windows 10
  • Those phones have 1gb ram!!
  • So these are the repurposed Nokia X phones then. They must have had most of the hardware manufactured when they killed off the X series.
  • YAY! Another enlightened user... =D
  • Ehhh, the flagships will come in time but its time for a new design language...
  • Still waiting for the 830 to be offered by T-mobile.
  • Good more low end phones these phones will gain more market share than the high end and mid range phones and it will create a market for high end LUMIA
  • Microsoft is doing well! Renew all the Lumias, with right feature choices... Not like 530 which lacks also automatic brightness...!! People wants a front camera and that's it! Cool, keep up the good work and now up with the specs -> 6,7,8,9,10
  • the 532 is a upgrade for the 530... more memory (ram and storage ), front camera, glance screen and capacitive buttons. and the 435 is a cheaper version of the 532.. with a worst main camera and dual core..
  • We need a flagship phone. Lumias 930, 1020 & 1520 are old. Nobody has the patience to wait till Oct 2015 for flagships. Microsoft please do something!!!
  • They could send out the PowerPuff Girls and put you out of your misery... Take it easy, Mojo Jojo O_o *(Dated reference for the impatient one...)
  • How about us those with the 925s nothing to upgrade to on T-Mobile us
  • im the victim for bad 535...
  • Wow... They can't even have their logo dead center at the images... Just shows how half-assed Microsoft is when it comes to their mobile division... They already have a Lumia 535... What's the purpose of the 532...
  • If you read the article, you would know what is the purpose of 532. It is priced at 79 euros which is much lesser than the 100 pounds you need to shell out to buy the 535. And besides, some people love small sized phones, like my colleague here who waited for a small version of 535.
  • I did... I wouldn't have a conclusion if I didn't... That's the problem with manufacturers and consumers, always about the "budget segment"... The Lumia 535 should be the base Lumia for the "budget segment"... Shell out additional cash for a device with better specs... Quality shouldn't be compromised just so they could cater to the "budget segement"... They've already compromised that with opening up to additional OEM's... Microsoft should set the quality with their own devices... Seriously... What's the purpose of the 435 if there's a 532? For the "budget segment"? Might as well release a 3.5" 353 without a camera and price it below 100.00 USD... Release a 2.4" device and price it below 20.00 USD...
  • Tell that to my freeloading brother, who is SO cheap he needs help changing to a low budget Android because he "can't afford" the Lumia 5xx... Screw that noise and get over yourself. =/
  • 2MP & a VGA Camera? What is this? 2006? You get what you pay for I guess ... But hey, 1GB of RAM !
  • 430 -> 532 gets you 5MP (+4core)
  • Did you know? They're are still places in the world with no running water, and some even in the US?! O_O
  • I always laugh seeing ad pics/videos with Instagram BETA, no Snapchat and well... you can't see it but outdated Twitter app too.
  • Reminds me of NokiaX series.. Looks good.. Speaker looks good in the pic... Does it have a microSD card slot?
  • Yes, both.
  • New about the new Lumia-1gb ram and front camera
  • This will definetly boost MS sales, High End phones will be launched with Win10 so we'll have to wait more time.
    My 1520 is still and feels brandnew though
  • Will this be available in India? I don't know what APAC or IMEA means...
  • The replacement for Nokia X series
  • Hopefully, more ppl like you will become the majority...enlightened, cool and collect.
  • Hmmmm.... I guess its necessary for low-ends to come out now and add-on 1 GB of RAM. This has me thinking a lot, could it be possible that the minimum System Requirements of Windows 10 mobile be a Snapdragon 200 or equivalent with at least 1 GB of RAM? The low RAM on Nolia's old Lumia 520, 525, 530, 620, 630, possibly had trouble running Windows 10 due to insufficient RAM?
  • Nolia lol!!
  • no
    it's the GAMES !!
  • I think it was officially confirmed that all Lumia X20 phones would get Windows 10. Last year's Mid-range is next year's low-end.
  • Who knows, I'm just excited to try out Windows 10 on my phone next Wednesday. I mean, there has to be a good reason why MS is launching budget-friendly phones this entire time. Sure, apps are one thing as no developer wants to waste time trying to optimize their software to run on 512 MB. And yes, it makes more sense that this year's mid-range will become next year's low-end.
  • That what Windows phone became a cheap phones for a cheap platform Microsoft ruined the Windows phone future in my opinion
  • So you wanted them to continue carrying Asha and X line of phones or can they just focus on having one platform?
  • I want them to give me a flag ship device to upgrade !!!!!! Why windows phone users always have too wait??
  • Because it's how things are done in life
  • Waiting is not problem but waiting for ever is a problem
  • Use some sense first.
    They have an upcoming new OS to make some noise with a flagship. Have patience. It's not that hard living with 930 and 1520, especially with Denim and Lumia Camera 5 which make them works like an entirely new phone.
  • You are right but i have a lumia 925 :/ and that iphone 6 and a number of Android flagships are tempting me and i want a better windows phone smaller than 1520 and thinner than 930 with sum higher speca
  • I have no problem with these budget phones.... So long as Microsoft releases a flagship device globally, later this year.
    This coming from a Lumia 1520.3 owner, my mom has the Lumia 1320 and my daughter the ATIV S.
  • You have a nice windows phone users familly take care of them ;)
  • :) I know + my co-worker just got a Lumia 925 on my recommendation. Now she's wanting a "bigger" phone.
  • Love to see" Such beautiful comments sometimes ":)
  • Awesome...... Next please ;)
  • Lumia 435 with 2mp camera only?! Wtf
  • It's meant to be mega-affordable, that involves cutting corners.
  • I'm very pleased to see both feature 1GB of RAM. :)
    So how does the 532 compare to the 535, exactly?
  • 532 is better than 530..
  • Yes, sorry, meant the newly released 535, not the disappointment that was the 530.
  • nokia x body..
  • 2 mp.. Very bad.
  • Pay less get less.. Pay more get more..
  • It's great they finally ditched 512MB phones. It was a bad idea for WP8 to begin with because having about 100MB of free RAM is not enough for some more complex apps and games. I blame this on Nokia, although I love my L520.
  • More and more budget devices.... hmm I wonder where does this leave their OEM partners? At least they have learnt from their mistake and as there was no teaser trailer this time around. Also spec for spec the 435 is a waaay better purchase than the 530 (bar the SOC and camera which are marginally better) lol.
  • Have no idea, what the difference between 525, 530, 535, 532, 435, 630 is. This is an extremely confusing line up
  • $80 and 1 GB ram!
  • 2mp ?? You must be kidding me
  • That new Nokia 215 has only 0.3MP, THAT is weird... O_O
  • Lol same FFC as my Lumia 1320.
  • I'm kind of pissed. It seems like even the more affordable smartphones are getting 1gb of ram, and my 630 only have 512. Is it worthy the change to a 730? Thanks
  • 730 is the best and affordable... Too good.. Its got NFC as well... With all ingredients u can ask for.
  • But still Lumia 730 has some rough edges.
  • I am using Lumia 730... Get a nice cover.. U will love the display and the color contrast..
  • Don't forget the cameras on 730 are great.
  • 730 is actually what we call value for money phone... Hehe Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Does the 730 have glance?
  • ... But the plastic is so smooth? =s
  • These are the Android low-end killers!
  • Can think of exchanging for Lumia 535... I hope touchscreen is good... Do 532 have flash??
  • Hopefully MS will make two ultra low end phones for African market: Lumia 330 with HVGA display and 4gb internal memory (rest same as 435) and Lumia 230 with the same specs but with 512MB RAM. And a Lumia 130 with no front camera too :P
  • Seriously?
  • Yeah, why not? I can't wait for MS to do something like Moto or even Zune Originals where you can design your own custom phone! =D
  • Rip Lumia 630
    512mb team :/
  • Seems like 512mb ram's stock is over have to wait till Snapdragon 200's stock end.
  • Nokia X reincarnated as Lumia 435/532.
  • Ta-Da! You're very smart, start sharing that more... ;)
  • They both have more RAM than Lumia 630 which range-wise confuses the heck out of me.
  • Keep going with this design pls... Lumia 830, lumia 930 designs are like sweetness... I dont prefer Lumia 535 round edges... The samsungish feel is yucky
  • If Microsoft announces a high end you won't buy it.
  • I want Instagram without BETA
  • I'm getting tired of these low budget phones, no flash, low processor and low resolution phones. Where's the high end phones.
  • This looks awesome on My 1520
  • Important announcements, nice specs for the prices. Challenge will be phasing out 530 and 535 alongside these. Good story on the strategy, with commentary from Harlow and analysts: On high end, see NPU's rumor that the "1020 follow up" model is already in testing in India.
  • I will buy this ✌
  • I have a 1520, but I really want one of these!
  • How many of these do you think you can get for the same price as the 1520? I'm bad at math but I think at least 3-5 or so...
  • I'm not liking this. That will delay our updates, becaise Microsoft will have more work to do.
    I still dont have Denim for my 520 cv Br... That's sad
  • Only TIM variant are holding Denim for 520 in Brazil.
  • MS is so so so s....
  • God damnit! I just got an 530. My friend got a 630. Why? Why Microsoft launches better phones at the same price after I got mine?
    I could have got an 435...or an 535 and my friend a 535 maybe.
  • 530 and 630 - Nokia Phone 435, 532 and 535 - MS Phone.
  • Guess that I love Nokia more than Microsoft. But I also like Microsoft in general. Their branding would put an awe face on some of my friends who would ask me "Since when does Microsoft makes phones?" Priceless
  • Does it do everything you want it to?
  •'s a great little device after my 1320 died (R.I.P.). As speed and fluidity is concerned, both are very close. And 1GB of ram makes a bit of difference. I'm proud of Microsoft for ditching the 512mb emblem from WPhones. Hoping that W10 will be properly fed by my 530's 512mb ram.
  • Is it really so bad that you have to swear?
  • Yawn.
  • The 435 looks like the old X line, with partially squared off edges
  • A winner! Someone with some sense... =D
  • I think 532 makes sense, for the price its a nice product
  • So they can put front camera on these but not on 520 and 635! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • Which means they learned their lesson, no? =/
  • Sure good for a lot of people but not me. Where are the high end phones?
  • Lumia need flagship product
  • Yes, they're so ashamed on CES 2015, nothing to show off.
  • They will launch at least 1330, probably another model too will be at least announced for later availability.
  • 100000 low end WP
  • So does this mean 530 is EOL? Or will they have 530, 532, 535? Seems a bit confusing unless these are region specific.
  • Its awesome to hear...but Ms can I ask ..when are u planning to release denim for other phones
  • Yeah, when and why so slow since 1520 Finland already got it.
  • 435 has 1gb ram. A nice thing to see.
  • Is it me, our are all the Lumias starting to look alike. We need a little design variation.
  • Not true. iPhones look alike.
    Samsung phones look alike.
    Samsung and iPhones look alike. Compare the 920 to the 930. Not alike!
  • 1320 thru Cricket is still best bang for the buck in my book. The camera isn't great, but there are so many photo apps out there now that can make low end pics look great, not pro great(settle down 1020 users I still have camera envy) but good enough for me. I actually think these budget devices coming out with better specs shows some promise for future mid and upper end devices. 1/21 is close, so put away the flagship HOs until they have the chance to REALLY disappoint you!
  • Here comes nokia x series with windows..
  • Congratulations! You are a winning commenter...your prize is your own stellar cleverness, you will go far in life ;p
  • And you get the second prize for replying to his comment! ;) You'll go EVEN further in life!
  • Sounds about right. $15 and $25 this Christmas for the win! On a serious note, I take it that 1 GB RAM is the norm going forward? I can't go back to 480p though, not in this day and age.
  • You people need to relax, isn't it obvious they've been steadily trying to replace the Asha and X line of phones and that's ALL these handsets are really for? I mean what was their focus for those phones anyway? I see these completely replacing the feature phones and that other Nokia 215 being the one odd man out for the barest minimum connected device... It is SO obvious, I'm sure after they're done releasing these suitable replacements for all that, THEN can they have time and space to replace the top of the luxury line for all of us "rich folks" who want our luxury iPhone competitors. (*RME* Hard) o_O
  • Some people like feature phones. Especially in developing countries.
  • What's the point if MS keep holding flagship!
  • Because Windows 10 is not yet out in the market! Period.
  • I'll take it that the Lumia 530 is officially irelevant on all fronts.
  • Thank god. That monstrosity should never have been released. Far to many cut corners.
  • Good to hear new Lumias with Denim and at the same time feel that we are fools who paid high price(1520) for Lumias and still have to wait for Denim......Morons
  • Hoped for a mid end
  • Lumia 435 sounds like something you buy for your 7 year old kid. Cheap, 1 GB RAM for games, can afford to be mishandled, dropped, etc.
  • 1gb is the new low end mem benchmark? Nice! Guess that scuppers the 6xx series? Either way these are compelling low end devices - hopefully will bring more to the platform.
  • Omg 532 have glance.
  • When does the 335 drop? 
  • No Lumia 1030...
  • What in the hell aren't there enough great Lumias at that price point already?
  • So when will we actually see a lumia phone for the more tech enthusiastic
  • I am starting to think it might be possible in MWC.
  • Give me high end phone Microsoft !!!!
  • Windows Central news site sure is reliable. They said that those two new phones might be released in the near future, and they did. It is as if they planned this ahead.
  • Can't wait for the Lumia 105
  • Wow, this is among the first time Msoft actually released a low end in the right price range! Good job!
  • Lol , these devices are more powerful than Lumia 920 , 925, 928 , so ppl whinging low end should rethink
  • Surely not Snapdragon s4 is way more powerful than snapdragon 200 see any benchmarks
  • Cheaper price with cheaper quality!
  • Really sick of their 1000 low end models... Pretty much all the same.. MS is dying.. They just don't know how to make things right.. Windows, tablets, phones... Soon or later they will end in the deep ;)
  • New markets is their target. Not existing ones. Having said that then they already have high enough end phones. Windows phone is like ios. It doesn't need 3gbs of ram and a snapdragon 805 to work as good. As say an android device on those specs. It can compete with those top android phones with 2gbs of ram and a snapdragon 800. I compared my Lumia 920 with someone's nexus 5 , with the Lumia on cyan and 8.1, and the nexus on lollipop and guess what? My 920 out did the nexus in most categories despite having 1gb less ram and a cpu which was not only lower in spec, but is also a year older. (snapdragon s4, vs snapdragon 800 in the nexus 5) I also compared my 920 to a nexus 4. Same specs except I the 920 has a better camera. The nexus 4 is a lot slower even with lollipop. (and it slows down after a bit)
  • Fair point but where is the 1020 replacement people are begging for? And high end with SD card or Note 4 contender etc. I am a WP fan and have a Surface etc. But would like to see better high end phones.
  • MS isn't dying, at all. It dominates the PC OS market with Windows. MS and Sony together dominate the console market with the Xbox 360/One and PS3/4. It owns very popular services and products such as Office, Skype, and perhaps to a lesser extent, Bing. The Surface isn't doing the best, but it's not easy to compete against the iPad and cheap Android tablets, and I'd also say they made it just right. The many low end models are essentially part of a greater long-term plan. These cheap phones flooding in are appealing to first-time smartphone users, who will eventually upgrade their 4/5/630's and look at something higher-up. This builds up marketshare and awareness of what Lumia's and WP can do. On top of that, MS has got decent phones in the 'flagship' positions - and whilst they may not be the most up-to-date powerhouses offering marginally quicker speeds, to the average consumer who does not care about the strength of processors and just wants a nice phone, they are still the latest Lumia phones, with a premium design and running the OS very well - Windows Phone is efficient and does not need powerful hardware to run.
  • The OS itself may not need the processing grunt power, but the apps it runs sure do. Nothing like the native Xbox Music app 'Resuming....' for 3 or 4 seconds to illustrate how underpowered these are.
  • Fantastic
  • I'm sure the low end phones weren't supposed to have hardware keys?
  • Now we need flagships.
  • Go get a Lumia 930. If you don't regard that as a flagship then do you regard iphone as a 'flagship'?
  • iPhone sucks.
  • Well I'm glad you said that because if you agreed it was a flagship then I would have told you that the 930 has double its specs. How about a htc one m8?
  • I'll stick with Lumias for a while. It's not easy to find a windows phone HTC in my country.
  • Same here
  • That thing is over a year old.   Just because it was new to Windows Phone, doesn't mean it was new hardware.  It was kicking around since last CES.
  • 735 and 830 good mid-ranges. This 435 and 535 good low ends. And enough I think. Must be 10xx and 9xx following. And yeah ms right, market share gains with low-end.
  • Agreed
  • I really believe we could reach 10% of all smartphone sales this year, if not more actually!
  • 1Ram is always good
  • Crap, make some high end phones!!! You are going to lose your users
  • They need to figure out what they're doing with their naming schemes. The average consumer will have no idea were is going on
  • Totally agree here. This numbering schema is not user friendly and no one cares to track the difference between a 535 and a 532. There should be clear tiers of phone. They should certainly not be making phones this close in spec as two different devices either. At least not in my mind. But what do I know, I'm they guy typing this into a forum.
  • Waiting for a new flagship windows phone... Don't want to buy low end phone
  • I've been waiting for one of two things from Microsoft - a decent, reasonably priced mid-range phone or a low end model with 1GB of RAM, LTE and expandable storage. I'm rocking a Lumia 521 now, so the 532 will be a decent replacement for that (Assuming it actually does have LTE) until Microsoft can get its finger out and actually put out a mid-range phone with decent specs that isn't laughably overpriced. No news on when these will hit US side I'm assuming?
  • Makes the Samsung Z1 Tizen phone look like a piece of crap. Microsoft/ Old Nokia know how to make great low end devices. Too bad that doesn't really say much.
  • if only MSFT shipped OS updates at the speed it makes crappy phones...
  • You wouldn't have time to use your phone! c:
  • Just want to ask, is the touch problem on Lumia 535 have been fixed? I wanna to buy it :)
  • lot of choices for the low ends, but can we have lot of choices for the high end too? in the 920's era we got 925, 1020, and 1520. for now?
  • 520's cousins.
  • Anyone else think that WP needs a new make over? (hardware) it's getting so old now. I want something new and sexy! Something thin and huge..
  • From another manufacturer ? I guess
  • These devices might be low end but they have 1GB of RAM. Nokia was known to be good with low end phone that has quality. Microsoft is going in the right direction and guys common a high end device is coming do u really think Microsoft that created the SP3 wont be able to make a high end phone ?
  • If the only difference between these two phones is the processor and the camera for a measly $13 then I think it was really stupid on Microsoft's part to release two different models. All that time and money on development and getting these two almost identical devices approved by each country's respective governing bodies and they make two phones which are so close in features that $13 separates their specs. I'm at the point where I don't expect a flagship from Microsoft anytime soon. Don't read that as I don't want one, I really do. But, I don't see them taking care of the market that has been the real push for Windows Phone since the beginning anytime soon and with them focusing so much on low end redundant phones such as these I think I'm right.
  • Enough with these numbers. It confuses everyone. Keep it simple. Have a few tiers of phone delineated by name and then have a few different variants for specific markets. The numbers hurt my head and I can't keep track of them any longer. They no longer give a clear message to the consumer. Branding is everything. We can easily read these as notes of success from both Apple and Samsung.
  • Yawn. Wake me up when they announce flagships.
  • On the brighter note, we could safely say that Microsoft made a point with this phone that older phones with dual core processors will get Windows 10 :-) Even though they mentioned that before, 435 can alleviate the slightest doubt that may be there at our back of the mind that whether 920/820 getting windows 10 :-)
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....waste of time & material
  • "Lumia 435 will begin rolling out in select countries in Europe, APAC and IMEA in February" - you might not want to live in any of the "select" countries it will launch in :). That is like a test, if 435 launches in your country you're f*cked. Properly :)
  • Or one could just buy the Lumia 535 and forget about all these other low-ends...
  • Welcome MS. Atleast people wont hasitate to try WP. I am sure everyone who will use it get used to of WP and sooner or later they will upgrade themselves to higher version. Need more people to join WP user group. Developers will be attracted to it and hence app gap will reduce and then more people will join....then more developers will be attracted and app gap will reduce on.............
  • I mean how low they can go.
  • I hope 1gb of ram will be a common Standard, just remember the Lumia 720 !!!
  • No need to say affordable, I think we all know Microsoft is the low end brand
  • i hope they dont get heated like my L630. if these devices are released 1 year ago they may be sold more.
  • I'm ok with lowend phones... but I wish they had a flash. I am looking forward to give my mom one of this phones,  she does like to take photos from time to time but does not care for the more high end features... and the lack of flash is a bit disappointing.
  • Microsoft stop fooling around and make better version of 1520,it has been over a year.
  • Those commercials are awful, especially the second one.
  • What are the differences between 532 and 535?
  • Duplicated comment
  • Screw you, Microsoft. Screw you.
  • Is there anything less exciting then windows phone these days?
  • Is so deep (even in the low end devices) I saw Adel rolling...I only hope it have a better screen, the 530's screen looks very bad :/
  • Nice Lumia phones! Unfortunately I need 4G LTE. Whoever thinks you need a snapdragon 800 chip for the "hey Cortana" feature, I can't see why any new phone released wouldn't be capable. Apparently you don't need a snapdragon 800 chip. Just like I knew.
  • Oh yeah! I need a phone to test the Windows Mobile 10 when it launched to Phone Insiders. I am registered as Phone Insider but I don't want to install it on my Lumia 930.
  • The more the merrier, we need all the lumias we can get.
  • Need flagship soon
  • Yea if it's not 4G LTE , it's not top dollar. Waiting for that type of new Lumia with NFC, until then my Lumia 635 on T-MO does the job just fine. My Stream 7 tablet has the RAM and the front camera so I'm well equipped.
  • How many low ends do we need... Holy...
  • That's great More Lumia Phones
  • I've never seen a company make so many different low-end devices and just completely ignore their biggest fans desire for a flagship.   Side note: I used a Lumia 520 the other day. It was as laggy and slow running the current version of Windows Phone as any Android device I've ever used.
  • My 1020 running the current version of Windows Phone is as laggy and slow as any Android device I've ever used.  It is almost not usable at this point, it just stutters, lags and freezes. 
  • Yup, I have an unlocked, carrier free 1020, and on 8.1, it's not exactly a speed demon.    I encounter 'Resuming' screens, stutters and lag on many occasions. The only upside is I have insurance coverage on this device via the Microsoft store, so I can technically shatter the screen by making it kiss concrete, then walk in and ask for a new 1520 and only paying a $100 deductable.
  • We welcome the New Lumia devices to the Entourage. I stand firm and content with my Lumia 635 the company and its devices.
    Looking forward to see new devices release.
  • Want 940
  • Wow!  More low end junk phones!  Sweet!  What the platform was really missing was a huge array of confusingly labeled low end glorified feature phones.
  • These phones are not that bad, but they are waaaay too low....
  • Looks like Samsung too is attacking this low end market today: Will be interesting to compare the devices.  For once WP might have 500,000 more apps :)
  • RAM whiners, rejoice!!!
  • Awesome, but these banking schemes need to change. I understand it, but 99% of consumers do not
  • Microsoft's Lumia line makes no sense. The 435/532 (and I think 535) have 1GB of RAM while the 635 only has 512MB. I know the 635 has a 400 over a 200, but that just makes no sense. And then your mid range phone (830) still runs the 400 instead of a 600
  • In all respect. Im owner of 1020 and that phone is monster in size, which i dont like. Its big in every way. I dont need such optics in phone. I need thin and not big phone. Also make it in aluminium case, with baterry minimum 2500 mAh, and some serious design and colors. Not yellow, blue, white pls. For example Sony Z3 compact is one of my favorite this year. Will see what MS will do in 2015, if nothing interesting or they will make some thin but big paddle, than its time to leave. Z3 or iphone 6 mini will be the choice for sure.
  • Another budget phone? Someone needs to tell Microsoft that they don't need a phone that slots into every minor price segment. The 435 is expected to cost about $65; for another $25 you can get the 532 which is better in every way. That's not a major jump in price, even for someone who's worried about budget. People who really don't have the money wouldn't be considering either. They'd stick with what they've got or just go with a dumbphone. More importantly, the way promotions and discounts work out that price difference will be negated entirely. Sure, the 435 might also see discounts, but who wants to deal with the compromises? And that's not to mention that we have a company single-handedly responsible for the major device fragmentation of their own platform. The saving grace here is that they've retained a standard resolution and the thing does come with 1GB of RAM.
  • I honestly don't think Microsoft is trying to compete anymore. All these$20 phones
  • This phone has Glance screen.
  • Where is the flagship?
  • Is mix radio preinstalled like its in the video for the 435 but not on the screen
  • Urgh, more found-in-the-bottom-of-Crackerjack-box-low-end crud.
  • These are great budget phns, and I'm sure ppl without a lot of money would really appreciate it, all around the world. I also understand as to why MS is doing this, and have no problem with that at all. Not many countries offer 2 years contract deal. Most countries you have to buy your phn outright, which you pay much lower monthly bill(thats what we did with T-Mobile, which only cost us $100 a month for "4 lines". Buying your phn is the only way to go to get a great deal on phn & service/plan, without ANY stupid contracts and those sky high plans, which has your phn cost built in it).  However, MS needs don't come out with some  flagship Windows phns too SOON, made by MS Lumia, ""AND"" by OPPO, Sony, LG, Samsung, Motorola/Lenovo, ASUS, HTC(upcoming new model),...........(whoever they can get on board to produce flagship Windows Phn too, NOT just android). If they want to compete with Android and, the Overrated CrApple garbage phns, and if MS waits too long to comeout with some flagship phns soon, some ppl might switch and leave windows phns. I personally LOVE my Lumia 1520 and I'm extremely happy with it(which was way ahead of itself when it came out), and would NEVER leave Windows. But its time this year to get a newer version of my phn(maybe 1530 along with McLaren 1030), with some killer hardware, that no one has/offers. So PLEASE MS, get the ball rolling, and have some killer flagship phns made by you and others. I personally would LOVE to see """"Oppo R5""" and """"N3"""(Oppo makes the tinnest and unbelivable phns), and """LG Flex 2""", in Windows, and would have a hard time deciding which one to go with. I'm patiently waiting. LOVE Windows and MS.   
  • These are great budget phns, and I'm sure ppl without a lot of money would really appreciate it, all around the world. I also understand as to why MS is doing this, and have no problem with that at all. Not many countries offer 2 years contract deal. Most countries you have to buy your phn outright, which you pay much lower monthly bill(thats what we did with T-Mobile, which only cost us $100 a month for "4 lines". Buying your phn is the only way to go to get a great deal on phn & service/plan, without ANY stupid contracts and those sky high plans, which has your phn cost built in it).  However, MS needs to come out with some flagship Windows phns too SOON, made by MS Lumia, ""AND"" by OPPO, Sony, LG, Samsung, Motorola/Lenovo, ASUS, HTC(upcoming new model),...........(whoever they can get on board to produce flagship Windows Phn too, NOT just android). If they want to compete with Android and, the Overrated CrApple garbage phns, and if MS waits too long to comeout with some flagship phns soon, some ppl might switch and leave windows phns. I personally LOVE my Lumia 1520 and I'm extremely happy with it(which was way ahead of itself when it came out), and would NEVER leave Windows. But its time this year to get a newer version of my phn(maybe 1530 along with McLaren 1030), with some killer hardware, that no one has/offers. So PLEASE MS, get the ball rolling, and have some killer flagship phns made by you and others. I personally would LOVE to see """"Oppo R5""" and """"N3"""(Oppo makes the tinnest and unbelivable phns), and """LG Flex 2""", in Windows, and would have a hard time deciding which one to go with. I'm patiently waiting. LOVE Windows and MS.   
  • Meh more budget phones for under developed countries. Wonder if they'll announce the actual flagship phone that everyone wants on the 21st but knowing microsoft they probably won't for some unexplained reason. Which perplex's me greatly; Smart Phones are a huge market and Microsoft is at an advantagous position. Let's face it IOS and Android don't really inovate too much and when they do they are more annoyances then they are life changing. Microsoft on the other hand doens't really have anything to lose. If they play their cards right and come out with devices that shake the smart phone market more and more people will pick them up. But with phones like these where the major competition is producing high end phones it begs me to question the competence of microsofts decision making.
  • The WP Team's new motto must be, "How low can you go?" I understand that developing markets are important but can Microsoft throw us a bone with at least one high end device?
    The low end devices will always out-sell the high end ones but the high end ones get people talking and get them coming into the store.
  • Only six more days to excitement! just make the OS better and take my money and blessings.  i chose windows 98 then, now i chose Lumia, MS, make me proud, make my choice to be right.
  • Love the shiny cheap plastic case, now if they would only release the 032!
  • This is actually really great that they are this affordable. If anything ever happens to my current device I'll pick up an off contract Lumia until I can upgrade again.
  • i hope aftr this low end showcase comes a high end lumia to surprise us all... i can only hope :/
  • Kill the X2 and replace it with the 532.  That's essentially what they've done. The 532 even has the same X2 back cover design-style.  This is Microsoft's "get real" strategy which is compete on low-end devices in emerging markets and hope they can compete on higher end in the same markets. They lost USA and most of western Europe to Apple and higher end Android devices. Asha will be the next casualty in Redmond's race-to-the-bottom. If someone in India, Russia or Vietnam is going to pay north of $400 for a phone; they'll hold out and spend another $200 for an iPhone rather than settle for a Lumia 9xx device or "flagship" device. 
  • Just don't Microsoft, Just don't.
    Soon, we would see the status of a Lumia fall down to the levels of crapdroid.
  • Actually 532 , 435 & 530 were made for testing Windows 10 for phones . so that people who buy flagship Windows phones would get opportunity to test the O.S with low end phones
  • Now we are talking! 435 is the 'true' budget phone. 532 is a worth replacement for 530 for people who are tight on budget but still want all apps to run on their phone as well as have a front camera. 535 is a real budget-yet-functional device that deos everythign well. It takes good pictures, runs all apps and runs them smooth and fast, is future ready for upcoming upgrades, takes one of the best possible selfies and has a big and bright screen. Even this is not at a great cost. Next step for MS:  Do the same for mid-range phones with similar specs but better rear camera and slightly better processors (S-400 and S-600) Finally: Come put with true flagship phone that is significantly better than the 1520, but is still priced at around the current market price for 1520.  If MS is able to do all this in 2015, it will see its market share grow significantly to be come one of the leading smartphone companies of the world.
  • The product lines are getting harder to understand... Either start naming the devices or get rid of old numbers & start afresh....
  • First image is Microsoft false. Bad Photoshop guys!
  • I find it very interesting that Microsoft can predict the release of these two smart phones (February), yet when we ask them when will the Lumia Icon get Lumia Denim, they say they don't have that information!  WTF?!
  • Start those in India too!!!!!!
  • Too many handsets its starting to confuse the average consumer. I work in mobile phones and there's to much selection, and to be honest, even the model numbers is losing people, no one knows what's better than what... 520, 530, 535, 630, 635, 735, 830, 925, 1020, 1320, 1520. And now these. Too many. Admittedly some of these are EOL but still. Make it easier for people!
  • The question the consumer needs to ask his/herself is whether or not any of these 3rd-generation budget phones are improvements on the 520/521/525. The 520 can be had for under $40, and it's vastly superior to all of these new models in terms of its power. Honestly, Nokia never improved on perfection.