Microsoft announces the super-affordable Lumia 435 and Lumia 532

A few hours after the mysterious Lumia 532 passed through Brazil's equivalent of the FCC, Microsoft has made the device official. The Redmond giant also launched the Lumia 435 in single- and dual-SIM versions, with the device becoming the most affordable Lumia handset yet with a price tag of 69 EUR ($80) before taxes.

Lumia 435

The Lumia 435 features a 4-inch WVGA screen, 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal storage, 2 MP camera at the back, VGA front shooter and 1,560 mAh battery. The device comes with the Lumia Denim update out of the box, and users will be able to access HERE's suite of services for free thanks to Microsoft's licensing deal with Nokia.

The device will be available in bright green, bright orange, white and black and will begin rolling out in select countries in Europe, APAC and IMEA in February

Lumia 532

The Lumia 532 is also aimed at the budget segment, but the device features beefier hardware in the form of a quad-core Snapdragon 200 CPU. Another feature that has seen an upgrade over the Lumia 435 is the camera, with the Lumia 532 featuring a 5 MP shooter at the back. The rest of the hardware is similar, and the Lumia 532 will be available in bright green, bright orange, white and black, with rollout set to commence in Europe, APAC and IMEA in February for a retail price of 79 EUR ($93) before taxes.

Like the Lumia 435, the Lumia 532 will also be offered in single- and dual-SIM variants.

What do you guys think of the latest Lumias?

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  • again low ends! :X
  • But a good phone for testing windows 10 for phones beta!
  • For that reason i recently bought a 535 for 79€
  • Do you mind telling me where you bought the phone? I'm seeing the phone for 129€ everywhere. Thanks in advance
  • More than likely a phone upgrade at that price
  • May be 2nd hand Posted via the Windows Central
  • Saturn, Germany.
  • Great point Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • When do we get new high end phones? Surely Microsoft have one or two in the pipeline.
  • After every WP fan has moved on, I guess
  • Looks like Microsoft is leaving high end smartphones to it so called partners to do such as: HTC, Samsung and LG.   I don't see Microsoft having a new high end Lumia high end smartphone release till the holiday season because no leak photos and it is already mid January!  And in the U.S.; this new Lumia will be restricted in terms of buying opportunity again .... 70% chance it will go to Verizon and 50% it gets it with an exclusivity tie up again for a 12 month time frame.  LOL! Totally useless for WP faithfuls!  It just restricts them to the carrier and is like a slave type sales tactic!  
  • Fixed focus .... Really???
  • Dat price point though.
  • At least it has a 1GB RAM.
  • Step in the right direction finally, but their phones should have the camera button. Penny wise, pound foolish.
  • Indeed. 1GB should be the bare minimum these days.
  • Yes, 1GB RAM is a great improvement in this price segment.  I am also very pleased to see a FFC for the selfie crowd.  I think most people looking for this price tier would be very happy with the package here. MSRP is just $80 for the 435, which means we will probably see some lower prices once it hits the streets and various promotions, etc. take effect.  That's pretty crazy. Yeah, I'm itching something fierce for a Lumia 1030 myself... or a Lumia 935 with Glance Screen and MicroSD slot... So while some of us are focused on the high-end offerings, these low-end units are important too.  If we get a couple more Lumie 520 successes, (but now with 1GB ram), it can only be good for the platform.
  • I wonder if we'll even see this in Canada? Canadian carriers only release LTE handsets these days, even on the low end. Almost every carrier in Canada has the Lumia 635, as they search for inexpensive LTE devices to offer. The article doesn't list North America as a target market, so Microsoft probably realises that. A shame because it could do well on Cricket and other prepaid options in North/Central/South America, if it had frequency support for here. Does anyone know the frequency support for either of these?
  • 2G bands
    GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G bands HSDPA 900 / 2100 None of the dual sim Lumias or their single sim varients support the North American 3g frequencies, with the exception of the 730/735 models.
  • I was just reading that there's a rare quad-band 3G variant of the Lumia 535 that does, actually. I think its the RM-1092, but am still trying to confirm that.
  • I stand corrected. That unit is available here:
  • Thanks for the link Paul. Canadians looking to get that handset can also think about getting it here to avoid customs/duty:
  • No idea. It is odd that lte is so overblown... There is no lte in my hometown of athabasca yet. Most of Canada is rural and may never see lte for years. This phone would be great for rural no lte people!
  • Hey Swizzlerz! :-) MBS spectrum (AKA 700MHz) propagates extremely well over rural areas. As they're rolling out MBS rapidly, we should be in good shape soon even in rural areas. What was the point of Rogers sending over $3 billion on prime spectrum if they're not going to use it? I expect to see it, and lots of it. I'd be less particular if the major carriers offered DC-HSPA+. But since they only offer HSPA+, there's a bigger gap between 3G and LTE in Canada than there ought to be. 3G is decent even so, but since data service in Canada includes LTE at no extra charge (there're surcharges in some countries), spending a bit more on a device that can utilize it makes sense to me.
  •  What was the point of Rogers sending over $3 billion on prime spectrum if they're not going to use it?    -To prevent others who would use it. All mobile providers in Canada have put a hold on any new network builds until the CRTC ruling comes down on incumbents being required to share infrastructure.  
  • The 532 has glance screen according to the Lumia website.
  • Microsoft announces Lumia One the New flagship; One inch low res screen, 1ghz single core processor, 1mb of ram, 1 mega pixel purecheap camera. Coming soon to no carrier near you for $1
  • Can't stop laughing.
  • Lol
  • Hahahahha
  • 1Ghz and 1 mega pixel sounds quite high, compared to the rest of those specs :D
  • Seriously dude!!!
  • Sounds perfect for our employees in the field.
  • You are so Wrong!!
    It features poorview camera.
  • Think about this, Sony is planning on sell or partner it's mobile division due to losses mainly because they bet highly on the top end of the market. Would u like if the same happens to Microsoft?
  • No it's great MS is coming out with some new low end phones. This is exactly what they need to build up the market share and build up the app store. BUT they can't forget about the dedicated Windows phone/Mobile fan's that are on the edge of switching due to no true flagships. They have to work both sides of the business.
  • In other words, they need to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time...
  • Busted Knuckle gets it.
  • who says they don't have flagships. the phones have a release schedule, they can't put out all the phones on a single time and then take a break for a year. so far they released the flagship,mid-range and low end for the x30 series. all that remains is the phablet,budget phablet and the 1030, which you can look forward to in order at mwc and build
  • Exactly.i have an iPhone 6 now because these guys keep making these toy phones
  • I'm sorry but you are just collateral damage. For each WP user lost to the iSheepers, MS gathers up to 5 (or more) new low-end users.
  • Think about one another company that also bet only on the top end of the market. But they are doing ok, I woud say ;-) three hints for you to guess. 1) whatever they sell, many people buy even if they are very costly; 2) they have a fruit's name as their company name; 3) their logo resembles the same fruit but bitten at one end.
  • But.... But but butt! That fruit keeps the doctor away!
  • Even if Microsoft released a high end device which is much much better than iPhone, do you really think people would opt for a windows? It's more about the ecosystem than the hardware. high end phones sell good only on platforms that are popular and for a platform to gain momentum it needs numbers which make the developer give a damn about it. Microsoft cannot demand big bucks until windows gains on popularity.
    I have been with windows since the 520 came out and upgraded to a 730 recently. As much as I love windows it's hard to ignore the fact that it barely exists (compared to ios or Android).
  • ACtually Sony's losses on mobile are entirely from their low end. They are restructuring to concentrate on high end only.
  • sony doesn't have a strong presence in the low end just one phone if i'm not mistaken. they also have a louse mid-range portofolio and the weird 6 month cycle for the strategy. and all the phones lack marketing and a coherent strategy for market availability.they are doing bad on all levels of the smartphone business
  • That's the thing they didn't value low end, concentrated only on high end which didn't pan out well
  • No it's because they have to much stock of their lower and midrange phones in warehouses that didn't sell. They had to readjust the value of their unsold phones through a 1.7B impairment cost. Nothing to do with their high end phones
  • I guess its because of the overwhelming share of Lumia 520,the legendary low end wp device
  • They're only making more crap they'll have to sustain... we don't need ten low ends... the 630, 635, 530, etc are so frighteningly redundant that it appears they want WP to fail. Now we have two more that will essentially be copies of the 535. It is necessary to imp the successes made by the Lumia 520... but it only takes one phone to do that. One low end Lumia to continue the successful legacy of the Lumia 520, and one high end Lumia for the powermongers. HTC, Samsung, YEZZ and all the other OEMs are more than capable of convoluting the market... so it makes no sense for the first party to do so.
  • Agreed.... If Nokia was releasing these low end phones , then we should conclude that Nokia is not Microsoft Now things got changed ...... Microsoft is Nokia now ......
    Logic is Microsoft should make Windowsphone Nexus devices for all price points starting from 4XX lineup to 15XX lineup . And all remaining OEMs will follow that trend of phones
  • microsoft can't depend on 3rd party oems. i think they learned their lesson by now after 4 years that they  aren't interested in doing windows phones unless they are paid or have profitable licensing agreements for their android phones signed. this isn't the pc business either, they don't have a strong or willing competition as lumias acount for almost 95 percent of the market. they bought a phone division for billions, they should exploit it at maximum and put all that talent and knowledge to god use. and just because you can't see the benefit in so many phones doesn't mean other people don't. in almost 3 quarters of the qorld a 20-30 dollar difference in price point is's also crucial for microsoft to get these people aboard as they are starting to use internet services if they hope to have a fighting chance against googles ecosystem and also if they want to maintain the pc monopoly as the windows oses combine
  • I cant believe people voted this down. People already are hesitant to try Windows Phone and if they actually decide to go look at it, they are overwhelmed with numbers with hardly any meaning behind them. Imagine the awesome flagship they could have produced if they would have just concentrated on one entry level, one midrange, and one flagship phone for the rebranding?
  • I think these low end phones will encourage people to try windows phones. I bought a 630 to try windows phone because I was able to get one on payg upgrade for £79. If only expensive windows phones were available I probably wouldn't have given it a try. I liked the phone that much that I have just upgraded again to a 735 whilst there is an offer on for a the free fitbit. First impressions are very good and I think this will be the best phone I have ever owned. If more people are encouraged to try windows phone with these cheap devices they will probably upgrade to higher spec models. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumia X20/5 series had minimum of 720p video recorders starting from Lumia 520
    Lumia X30/5 series have minimum of 480p video recorders stating from Lumia 530
    Do they end up with Low end phones which are capable of 144p video or lesser than that
  • They are aiming the bottom most dear friend. Something like just a phone without any camera. So something like 0p. I guess they will achieve this dream with x50 series :-/
  • 1p. "Record in beautiful 1x1 pixels! Create color montages, color montages, and color montages!!!"
  • Lol!
  • Looks like Microsoft doesn't care for the people who like high end phones
  • I think it is awesome they have pushed the prices so low. I'm thinking they must have some kind of requirement to build a certain volume to keep getting lower prices, who knows?! They will probably announce a high-end device after we see what Windows 10 for phone looks like. Maybe not the 21st but I am guessing they will announce partners that will be building those high end devices on that day.
  • Hope for a high end though :/
  • High End usually are announced on a big events.
  • Agreed.
  • Yeah , I know . But I am dying for a successor of my 1020 !
  • Yeah, most Lumia 1020 users are! But just like he said... Gotta wait a little more
  • We are the victims :P
  • Try being a 920 owner.
  • I was, now I'm a happy 930 user since August 2014. And probably I will be a happy new high end phone user around August 2015. Seems to be a good plan to me :)
  • Try being a 925 owner also
  • ... on AT&T. /sigh
  • Hey, Is the 435 the first Lumia with a back camera less than 5MP.
  • Yes, it is.
  • Hell, it's the first Windows Phone device, version whatever, with less than 5 MP camera.
  • Hopefully we get a hint of something at the Win10 event next week...
  • This is what I'm guessing will happen. A hint.
  • High end = fewer sales = less market share = less revenue = less dev interest = less growth. I'm entirely with you but it's just basic business. WP needs to expand and consolidate that third position and the only way at the moment is affordability for the masses.
  • Bull. Microsoft needs to suck it up and release a couple high ends. Even if they turn out to not be profitable, they are absolutely needed for the Windows Phone ecosystem. Microsoft can find somewhere in the budget for something this important to the overall picture.
  • You don't have to like it but try and understand it.
  • I like others have a Surface RT, a Surface Pro, Office365 subscription and Xbox Music Pass. The economics of not producing a high end phone could lose customers like me. It's about the ecosystem, not one device!
  • @Poddie ^^^^ This ^^^^
    Everyone understands the economics of low end phones. Not everyone buys them.
  • They will, but they are building volume. I think they explained this. You will be happier when the Lumia they release has better featured than it would have if it were released a few months ago :) I'm glad I passed on the Icon because I'd be itching to ditch it as soon as whatever else comes out, comes out.
  • Probably 1020 successor.
  • Ya i saw their tweets just now. Good for ppl who wanto test the awesomeness of Lumia.
  • Good for people here in India. I am looking forward to it.
  • They are gonna cry for the camera..
  • Hope they don't have the touchscreen issues like my friend's 535. It did left bad first impression with lumia.
  • I am having 535... Touch screen is too bad.. I feel to throw the fone sometimes. It's practically disgusting to use in front of friends.. Cannot play any fos games nor even endless stupid runner games .. Multi touch total failure..
  • I guess there was an update supposed to fix it, right?
  • Yes update came.. No change after update . Touch screen issues still exist. It's got all the things except the main thing ie touch screen. It's annoying very annoying when ur touch screen gets messed up
  • But MS dispatched an update to fix the touchscreen issue. Didn't your friend downloaded that update??
  • I did update my fone with the update.. Nothing changed.. I will go to Nokia care tomorrow for replacement when new lot comes or from Nokia priority dealer
  • Nokia care is currently replacing the touchscreen for lumia 535
  • seriously??? Tomorrow only I m going to replace the touch screen?? Thnx buddy for the info
  • Two of my friends have 535. The touch initially was bad. But after the update touch sensitivity of both improved significantly. That being said their touch is not as good as higher end lumias but I can confirm that the patch definitely worked. Those having problem may try disabling screen magnifer.
  • Yup I switched off magnier still the touch I awful. Do one thing tell ur friends to install an app name " multitouch test" and see. Try to test with two finger and swipe it like u r playing a fps fame. 3 and 4 finger will also start appearing even if u have 2 fingers touched. Btw I m going to Nokia priority to tomorrow.
  • "Continuing the Lumia design legacy"  :D:D:D:D
  • Yes!.... Doesn't that look like a dual shot casing?
  • Pricing is key, and I think Microsoft has priced these devices well. I hope these devices help compete with the low end Android devices. The Lumia 435's 2megapixel camera is strange though. Not good enough for 2015.
  • Well - if you want a better camera get a different phone.. easy is that. do you want all phones to feature everything that is your definition of "standard in 2015"?
  • Very easy for you to bash someone who has an opinion. I'm saying that a 2 megapixel shooter isn't what people expect by today's modern standards. Everyone knows that low end android devices are absolute crap. But they end up buying it because the specifications are a lot better. The average Joe doesn't really know about the performance difference between an android phone and a windows phone. It's people like us, who own windows phone devices and read articles on a site like windows central that do. Again, 2 megapixel just isn't enough. You'll see it in phone reviews soon which end up bashing windows phone just because they have to.
  • Hey Malbend, I don't think *anyone* expect more than 2Mpx in a 69 Euro phone. Don't you think so?
  • If by anyone you mean those that hare mentally challenged then yes, but the average person expects more than a 2MP at ANY price point,
  • A lot of people do bro, trust me. :)
  • Heck, my co-work always wants to buy the most cheapest stuff and expects to get the world of specs out of them...
  • </