Nokia’s successor to the Lumia 520, the Lumia 530, reportedly codenamed ‘Rock’

The Nokia Lumia 520 was the sleeper hit for Windows Phone in 2013. The inexpensive Windows Phone went on to become the most popular Windows Phone ever. Last time we checked into stats from AdDuplex the Lumia 520 commanded 33.0 percent of the marketshare for Windows Phone devices. The Lumia 920 (7.4 percent) and Lumia 620 (7.0 percent) came in second and third. Which is why we’re greatly anticipating the true successor to the Lumia 520 in Nokia’s smartphone lineup. Ready for the Lumia 530?

Nokia currently does have the Lumia 521 and Lumia 525 as inexpensive options in its smartphone lineup. Those are of course iterations of the Lumia 520. Here in the United States the Lumia 521 is a Lumia 520, but just in a different shell. The Lumia 525 is exactly like the Lumia 520, except it has a full gig of RAM.

According to Twitter leaker @evleaks, the Lumia 530 is codenamed Rock.

Like most companies, Nokia is fond of codenames.  We know of a few upcoming phones and their internal codenames. Moneypenny is expected to be the Lumia 630/635 and is notable for being a Windows Phone 8.1 handset with dual-SIM support. We recently also learned of the Lumia 930, codename Martini. We’re also aware of Nokia Goldfinger, though not much else is really known about it besides it being a super high-end phone with a touchless 3D-gesture system.

All those phones are devices that will launch with Windows Phone 8.1. And as far as codenames go, they’re related in that they’re from the James Bond world. Though we’re having a hard time making the James Bond connection with the Lumia 530’s codename – Rock.

Not much else known about the Lumia 530 besides that’s codename is Rock. Try your luck at it making the James Bond connection below in the comments.

Source: @evleaks

P.S. Before you freak out, that's the Lumia 525 in the lead image. We're not from the future yet with an image of the Lumia 530. 

Sam Sabri
  • Yea! Bring it on!
  • Yeah! BING it on!
  • What a toy'ish name for a smartphone... what's with these codenames? 530 as is sounds pretty awesome..
  • I was getting my sue pen ready but glad they only used my first name.
  • +RoundedCorners
  • +curved.swords.
  • Lol
  • How about a 720, with 1.5gb, 1.2 dual/quad core, 4.5/5 inch screen, 8mp pureview, capacitative buttons, camera button, wp8.1, 2200-2300 mah battery: a brand new 730 !!! My dream phone, and shouldn't be too expensive even !
  • Waiting for just that...maybe they'll call it 725..
  • From here on out phones should be 530, 630, 730, 830, 930, 1030, 1130, 1230,......
  • Dude! I'm waiting for the same damn thing. I currently own NL720 and the successor with those specs, I'd grab with no hesitation
  • Same here :) just enough specs for every damn thing you may need, and some more specs to boast, i really want a 730 with those specs by July when i have to buy a new phone ! :-P
  • Dual Sim 525 variant ??
  • No 8.1 Variant. Dual Sim at 630 known as 635. ;-)
  • Front camera,1gb ram,4.5" screen. All i need
  • Don't know about the screen but i definitely want a flash...
  • Nokia is ONLY missing the 1GB variant of the L720, with that, their phone collection would be pretty much complete... Nokia, if you're listening, bring in a L725 or a L730.
  • Exactly, I would have chosen it a long time ago had I have 1GB RAM
  • Exactly what i think!
  • Call it Lumia 820... The most underrated WP phone
  • Hmmm, except the L820 doesn't even have an HD screen...
  • Sorry, I just realised that the L720 doesn't have an HD screen either, so my argument is invalid.
  • Maybe they can redesign the L920 with 8GB of online storage and MicroSD support and make it the L730.
  • I love my Lumia 820. Its getting to one year use. :)
  • get a 625 then ;)
  • NO, L62x has 512MB RAM.
  • I stand corrected ^_^
  • 720 has Carl Zeiss lens in primary camera, 1.3 MP secondary camera, NFC, Compass; hence 625 can't be compared with 720
  • That's basically a lumia 920 you're describing...
  • Yeah, but for a less price.
  • I'm okay with the screen size. . But I would really appreciate having a CBD + Glance 2.0 display, 1 gig of ram and front camera. Flash optional.
  • +720p screen or qHD (540p)
  • As solid as a rock !!!
  • Thanks ;)
  • As bright as Starzzz...
  • Sean Connery starred in "The Rock" he was also James bond. I dunno
  • There was a James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever. Diamond = Rock. Maybe that's the connection?
  • good guess!
  • Yeah, and Goldfinger was a Connery film. Maybe he's the actual link?
  • Then Moneypenny doesn't work.
  • Fans of that movie actually say that Sean Connery's character was an aging James Bond. He was a British agent with Bond-like characteristics. However, "The Rock" refers to Alcatraz, not that character.
  • The Rock" refers or to Obama's (evil?) brother on SNL!
  • New devices are always good news. I just hope the release of all the devices we've seen is by May. Can't wait much longer for WP 8.1!!
    WP FTW!
  • Yeah, they gotta get these bad boys out the door as soon as possible. Time is not on their side.
  • I can't wait to see what the 530 brings us, since the 520 is an amazing device for it's price. I love mine.
  • +520
  • +R51
    I used to have a ThinkPad R51! LOL
  • Haha, it's been my handle since 2010. I don't have one anymore but the name stuck.
  • It would be excellent if they can add a flashlight to the camera plus a front cam. Of corse 1gb of ram. That would be a sweet deal!!!
  • The least inexpensive one? ;-)
  • I noticed that too O_o
  • Bit of an English fail :P
  • If you want to read WP Central you have to turn a blind eye to the crap writing.
  • I assume you are a copy editor for WPC, then of course please voice your dissatisfaction with the writing. Otherwise if you don't like the writing and it offends you so much, the solution is simple, deactivate your account and stop visiting the site
  • Don't get pissed at me because their writing sucks. I've let it go and am simply encouraging this cat to do the same.
  • (don't tase me bro!)
  • Shhhh.. It's 1 am where I am :p
  • Happens to the best of us Sam ;)
  • And here I was thinking I needed the latest iPhone to have the least inexpensive phone around. All this time I could have just gotten a 520, who knew!
  • Yeah. It's either got to be "most inexpensive" or "least expensive".
    C'mon Sam!
  • It's currently 2PM in Bangalore. It's 1AM where I am! :)
  • :D
  • Welcome to India sam
  • No need to be quiet so as to not to disturb others anywhere in India because no one else does...especially Bangalore! 
  • glad I checked for previous grammar nazis before posting mine :P
  • Post it anyway, they love that. Sam told me so.
  • There was a character in Quake III called Xaero and I would not trust his judgment calls. =D
  • You win the internet for knowing that. It is indeed where I came up with my username from. =)
  • I mean, who wouldn't?! ^_^
  • Hahaha. There should be NO reward for knowing that, only ridicule...
  • From the leaks, Lumia 630 looks very simple, can't imagine how the 530 will be more simple than it.
  • It seems like they are the same, just that the 630 will be dual sim
  • Since the 630 appears to be the new 520, maybe the 530 will compete directly with 80-100 euro/dollar Android prepaids.
  • That's the thing. Nokia is great at making beautiful devices with simplicity. 
  • Microkia\Nokisoft keeps pumping them out. Yeah baby .... yeeeeah!!
  • Just Nokia for now
  • *the least expensive.
  • There's a villain called Kronsteen. "steen" is Dutch for rock. And this theory is really farfetched.
  • Very farfetched, but impressive nonetheless.
  • Lol "Jams Bond"!!!
  • I want it on the level with moto g, maybe even better keeping the similar price range. Moto g has really nice specs wish my 520 had those.
  • Lol
  • Agree.  A 5xx for the $100 range.  6xx for the $200 range.  A 9xx for the contract / premium range. The 520 is a solid $100 range.  I would like a 720p with L820 camera for $200.  The Icon (929) is a good 9xx range.  Up to 1520 sales figures to see if a phablet is needed.  All should have micro SD which after WP8.1 should make the built in memory a non factor.
  • Sam, quit playing titanfall and proof-read ur article
  • ouch! You tell him LOL
  • "your"
  • "Proofread" isn't a hyphenated word either. U put ur controller down❕❗❕
  • I was also going to say that the first t in Titanfall needs to be capitalised (with an s ;-)), but couldn't be bothered.
  • Can't wait to see what it will bring, 525 came with a GB of ram, can we expect a front camera or flash or maybe both this time?
  • "The 530 is gonna kick your candy ass"...... 
  • Can you smell what Nokia's cooking?
  • Sheer awesomeness is what it is gonna be.
  • I see what you did there ;)
  • L530 will likely be a L630 with a smaller screen... I think WP/Nokia need a strong mid-end contender, e.g. a $300 Lumia 730 with HD screen, S400 quad-core, 1GB RAM, micro-SD card support and PureView camera. For $350 a L735 which is just a L730 with LTE.
  • the better the specs the higher the price
  • Don't count on premium tech like PureView on low and mid-range phones.
    The luckier those can get is with a 720p screen once the flagships move to 1080p.
  • I need rock!!!! |m|
  • Nokia is the only phone king!
  • Looks dope! Just hope it comes with a front camera and a flash (optional) at least
  • Misunderstanding, rock is not a codename, the successor to the 520 is actually just a rock with WP8.1 painted on it.        Still runs better than low end Android phones.
  • The limited selection of earth tone colors will piss everyone off though. Can we find Cyan rocks?
  • WP sucksss ,no update for WhatsApp and no l520 subway,temple run2,and more games.
  • None of what you mention is a WP fault. It's developers fault...and yours for buying a cheap phone and expect to have access to everything that the more advanced/expensive phones have.
    I suggest you either buy a better phone or lower your expectations to a level in accordance with the phone you bought.
    Next thing you're blaming the OS or even Nokia for not having a 41mp camera on the 520...
  • Seems faster.
  • It is!
  • Codename rock because it's the low end, high sales performer...i.e "solid as a rock" it is the back bone of market share adoption.
  • It maybe a music phone(rock) without the capacitive buttons.
  • Nokia rocks!
  • I wouldn't expect too much from this one, after what they've done to the "630"
  • Let it rock!
  • Quick search for "James Bond rock" sent me looking at pictures of Ko Tapu, the big rock featured on The Man with the Golden Gun. So since there actually is a "James Bond Rock", as it is colloquially referred to, I'm going with that.
  • And after being sucked in to the Wikipedia rabbit hole, I'm now off to Amazon Prime to see if I can rent The Man with the Golden Gun.
  • Good but 630 is always better
  • Except from what we know about the 630, this time it probably isn't because the 630 is what you'd expect the 530 to be.
  • Arguably one of the most important models in all of WP history. Hopefully they will get it right - noticably better than the 520, but hopefully the same price.
  • 4", 8gb+1gb ram, 128gb sd, flash, 1.4ghz dual core, new form factor. That's good enough. 5xx must stay at legend 4" forever.
  • I want the 730 to be codenamed as "Skyfall"
  • Gorignak! Gorignak!
  • Ok, the connection is pretty easy. Sean Connery was James Bond. Sean Connery was also in the movie "The Rock". There, did it in two moves.
  • I was all in for lumia630, but let down badly by the lack of flash for camera, if this "Rock" has 1gb ram, expandable memory, dual sim and a flash for camera... Bring it Onnnnn
  • If the 630 loses the flash, the 530 sure as hell won't have it either.
  • Let me guess, this is another "everywhere but the UK" device again!!!
  • Could be called "rock" because of what James Bond does to the bed... ;)
  • I think the thing I expect of the new lumia 530 is a better RAM,battery, and processor. The screen size should be the 4 inches, and the 4,5 inches on the 630.
  • The 521 differs from the 520 in more than just its shell, it also differs in supported frequencies, right?
  • I think ROCK means a waterproof and shockproof phone.........:) :)....we wud be happy to have this feature in lumia 530 :p  
  • It's all in how you say it, "It's THE ROCK!"
  • Microsoft: We told you our name is..... Lumia 530: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS. See, you keep talking about your Nokia D&S acquisition plan, well the Lumia Rock has a plan of his own and it's called the Nokia X plan in which... Lumia 920: Hehehe, well you don't use that to access the Google Play store do you, Lumia 900? Lumia 900: Absolutely not, Lumia 920. Lumia 530: The Lumia Rock is gonna lump his size 5" "boot", turn that son of a b**ch sideways and stick it straight up your candy asses! IF YOU SMELLLLL.... WHAT. THE LUMIA ROCK IS COOKIN'.
  • Nokia has officially announced Lumia 530 in July, 2014. The phone is powered by Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. It comes with Quad-core processor, 5 megapixel camera and 1430 mAh battery. It also comes with 15 GB free OneDrive storage.