Nokia Martini reportedly is the Lumia 930, an upcoming device with Windows Phone 8.1

Earlier this month we heard about an upcoming handset from Nokia – codename Martini. The device is expected to be an upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 handset from Nokia. We don’t know much about the handset just yet, but we do now have another piece of information. Nokia Martini is the Nokia Lumia 930.

Right now we have three handsets expected from Nokia with Windows Phone 8.1, all rocking codenames that pay homage to the James Bond universe. In addition to Nokia Martini, there’s Nokia Moneypenny (aka the Lumia 630/635) and Nokia Goldfinger. Nokia Goldfinger is expected to be a high-end handset with a new “3D Touch System” that allows users to operate the device without touching the display. Goldfinger will expected to be the next flagship Windows Phone handset and will have “cutting edge technology”.

What about Nokia Martini? Not much is known about the Lumia 930 at this point, though it would be a bad bed to see it as maybe the next true successor to the Lumia 920.

What specs do you think the Lumia 930/Martini could have?

Source: @evleaks

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Sam Sabri