Nokia Martini reportedly is the Lumia 930, an upcoming device with Windows Phone 8.1

Earlier this month we heard about an upcoming handset from Nokia – codename Martini. The device is expected to be an upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 handset from Nokia. We don’t know much about the handset just yet, but we do now have another piece of information. Nokia Martini is the Nokia Lumia 930.

Right now we have three handsets expected from Nokia with Windows Phone 8.1, all rocking codenames that pay homage to the James Bond universe. In addition to Nokia Martini, there’s Nokia Moneypenny (aka the Lumia 630/635) and Nokia Goldfinger. Nokia Goldfinger is expected to be a high-end handset with a new “3D Touch System” that allows users to operate the device without touching the display. Goldfinger will expected to be the next flagship Windows Phone handset and will have “cutting edge technology”.

What about Nokia Martini? Not much is known about the Lumia 930 at this point, though it would be a bad bed to see it as maybe the next true successor to the Lumia 920.

What specs do you think the Lumia 930/Martini could have?

Source: @evleaks

Thanks for the tip Justin L!

Sam Sabri
  • What about 725?
  • I don't think it will be coming this year :/
  • At least provide an option to share videos on social networking site like WhatsApp,,,,windows phone is not accessing memory card properly,,,videos canbe downloaded from WhatsApp but same video cannot be shared from WhatsApp folder to contacts,,,tired of every time connecting to laptop ,,,
  • Do you know you can do it on your phone without connecting to PC? Just download the pocket file manager and know what folders to store the files and you can easily share videos on social network
  • Hey frnd thanx a lot ,i was unaware of that app,,now i can easily share downloaded videos to what's app its a great help from you,,,thanx alot buddy:)
  • whatsapp isnt a social networking site you know
  • Unless Nokia have changed approach again, there will be no direct replacement for the 720. From what i have read, they will have a 4 device ecosystem. 1 device to replace the 520/525/620/720 which i think is the 630. Another to replace the 82x/92x which i think is the 930. A direct 1020 replacement with i suspect might be Goldfinger and a 1520 follow up which again maybe goldfinger but then that device was recently released. Please note that this info was all before the Microsoft take over was announced and before Nokia X.
  • From what i have read
    Would you be so kind as to provide us with link(s) to your sources?
  • Lol
  • Sorry, i cant provide links as this was information on a presentation slide while at Nokia event.
  • Seems legit.
  • Where would the Icon fall into this? EDIT: NVM, I'll assume the 92x
  • I think the 1020, and its successors, will continue to be specialty phones or niche phones. So I would add another category to what you already gave: the 5" to 5.5" category. So something like this: the 520/620/720, the 820/920, the 5.0"-5.5", and the 1520; with the 1020 as special category.
  • I'd like to see a future naming theme like this: Lumia 530 ($100-$150; combination of Lumia 620 and 520 successor) Lumia 530L ($100-$150; 5.5" - 6"; combination of Lumia 625 and Lumia 1320 successor) Lumia 730 ($200-$300; specs similar to motoG; combination of Lumia 720 and 820 successor) Lumia 930 (flagship; $550-$650; 4.5" - 5";1080p; 20MP...similar to Icon with snapdragon 805) Lumia 930 ZOOM or Lumia 930 PRO-Cam (1020 successor; 930 with 1020 pure view camera) Lumia 930L (1520 successor; Lumia 930 with 6"-Screen) 
  • The 630 has similar specs to the moto g except for the screen resolution
  • 620 + 520? what? 520 screen size + 620 spec? maybe 1030 - 1020 with 6" screen 1330 - with 1520 spec 1530 - 41MP
  • That would be the most ridiculous thing Nokia would be doing if at all it's true. Nokia always have tried to aim all possible market price points and I don't think they'll take an approach of just launching 4 devices with WP8.1. We can expect more devices in the future from them for different price points.
  • Nooo, that would be cruel. Since the Lumia 630/635 have no flash(even if it's an led one) and I want a cheap Lumia with a flash but with at least 1GB ram.
  • I don't know, but the 930 had better have Qi charging without some ridiculous snap on flimsy cover. Even a 820 type design would be better.
  • And what if it doesn't?
  • Absolutely. I would be looking at integrated wireless charging. Will not consider the snap on covers.
  • The charging plate for the 1020 is most definitely not flimsy. I actually wish it was.
  • yeah they shouldnt have stopped production of the 820,it was a delicious phone 
  • My advice to you is to get a lumia 920, they are really cheap nowadays Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I mentioned this last time, it is the logical approach for them to take as it gives clearer choices that confuse the consumer less and this allows Nokia to focus more on marketing/updating these fewer range of Lumias, as well as save them costs of development. I feel the reason they released so many variations was to test the waters so they can know which price range and features to concentrate on. While 820 was a great phone, it wasnt nearly as popular as 920, thats probably why we also had the 925 and not an 825. Im all for this, smarter strategy as it will be easier for consumers to differentiate and remember fewer product ranges and features. Nokia can also focus more on the advantages/features/differences of these fewer models in it's marketing campaigns.
  • That sounds like good business sense to me.
  • Agree
  • It seems like none of you is considering "Shelf space" which is a big element in marketing, has for now.
  • I hope Microsoft will shift Lumias to only 3 options: Lower, middle and high end, market only these 3 models devices worldwide. It's better to create a standard and stick with it. All this bending to the carriers must cost a lot of money as all the customizatin will and can create a huge glut of inventory for the hardware maker (in this case, Microsoft) I have learned through sales that the more options you give a consumer the less likely they'll buy from you. Nokia should have Nokia stuck to just 3 models and marketed the hell out of them. Trying to please everybody doesn't make you the most money - When will they all learn the Apple's straategy? ..& Samsung's Galaxy S series too..!!
  • Fully agree and basically what I was saying above. It's a no brainer. Allows them to focus so much more on each product (in all aspects) without making the consumer feel lost or have to hesitate about which model they want. Each model will be recognized for its feature, whether its price, features or specs but when there is too many models out there, it just confuses the general consumer.
  • Way too many lumias
  • It's good.
  • Not realy. I feel they need to slow down a bit. Amount of handsets is confusing + MS has to make updates for all of them.
  • Updates are only to be made to the OS.
  • Each device has device specific firmware...
  • Confusing for who?... The average consumer will never know of all of these different devices.. They might find 2-3 devices at most on store shelves, or on a carriers website.. Not very confusing..
  • Umm, it's in no way confusing. More devices, more choice, more sales.
  • I believe they need fewer models. A 3 model range is all they need. Lower end = $75.00 - $150, Mid range = $200 - $350, High end = $450 - $650 and then the phablet category with a price range of $250 - $850 (possibly have a couple devices - this is necessary to satisfy the US Europe market on the high end & developing nations on the low end)..
  • nah different tastes at the same price point is better like the 720,820,920 currently in my country price difference is very small except they stopped production of 820 and 920 but they are still worth buying imho and are still available locally
  • I know right..jfc
  • Have you seen how many gs4 versions are in the market.
  • Yeah, far too many. There are far too many different Android devices with no significant differences.
  • And yet, they sell them by the boat load. While I agree to some extent, the truth is that strategy works. Also, most consumers only see a few varieties through the carrier. So confusion is limited.
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  • The 930 will probably be the Icon with the polycarbonate design style, as the SoC in the Icon is still pretty new
  • Hope so, the aluminum design is so 1990... :P
  • "Goldfinger will come with cutting edge technology" could that be the 1030???
  • Cutting edge means how????
  • You will cut your finger as soon as you take it in your hand.
  • Cutting edge like the PalmPre ;)
  • That's 'Bleeding Edge': almost the same, but not quite.
  • Afraid of them cuts? :D
  • Means Cutting fingers..
  • It ll be so thin that u can use it to cut, mince, chop stuff, and even shave. It ll be a Swiss Army knife with network and WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Reminds me of a micromax ad.
  • Also as it is Nokia, It's indestructible. :P
  • like it says in the article 
  • They mean it has sharp edges.
  • If it has cutting edge technology and is the flagship phone, wouldn't it be more appropriately called "Q" instead of Goldfinger? :)  
  • I see what you did there.... +925
  • It could be the Pelican 16-lens Array camera.
  • Yeah, maybe with a updated chip.. 801, or 805.. It would be awesome if WP was the first to have the 805.
  • I agree.. And a higher resolution screen as well, seeing as WP 8.1 can support 2k.
  • 1080p is good enough, even 720p is good enough for below 5" screens. Extra pixels just means extra power drain.
  • That's what people always say about higher resolutions... That's what they said about 720p, then 1080p, now QHD.. When will some of you learn that it's not enough power drain to justify not having it.... Yesterday, I used my 1520 all day without charging it... Now, it not only has a 1080p screen, which a few years ago some of you said was ludicrous, but it has a un thought of for the time 6" display...
    And, after all these years we still have people saying the same old speculative crap.....
    "You can't see the difference"
    "It'll drain the battery quickly""
    I say show me proof, because I have seen anyone with a GS4, One, 1520, or Icon complain of anything negative as a result of higher resolution screens.. Never heard anyone complain about those 768p screens on the 920 that were supposed to suck up so much power....
  • I guess choice would be good here. 1520 does have a bigger battery than could be easily fitted to a 4.5" device, especially if you want extra goodies like microSD. (Personally I think it was Samsung trying to sell with phones with higher resolutions that forced the increase in phones' dimensions, to fit a bigger battery, as they couldn't move fast enough in either efficiency or density, of course they quickly realized there was a market there as well). My preference is <=4" WVGA, with <=5" 720p, and so on [320p* 1.5^(screensize-2), where screensize > 2]. P.S. We've gotten more efficient SoCs every year, yet high end phones still struggle to make it through a day. P.P.S. I read and heard quite a bit of complaining about power drain of 920.
  • 2K is completely pointless on a phone and only serves to use more battery and processing power.
  • That's what you said about 1080p...
  • Nope.
  • Ok, i always see people posting how they REALLY want 2k. 2k is just 1080p! 4k is 4^2/2=8megapixel resoulution. 2k is 2^2/2=2megapixel resolution. 1080p is 1920x1080=2megapixel resolution. 1080p=2k
  • The 805 will only be available on the market by the end of the year. So no, Rod. A WP may come with the 805 but that device will have to come in the Autumn/Winter. Also, there's a high chance that the first mobile phone to come with the 805 will be a Sony Xperia Z-phone since Sony is keeping the current 6 months flagship-renewal cycle.
  • Hopefully at least icon specs or better!
  • I heard a rumor I hope to be true that it would be the T-Mobile variant as well. I can only hope!:)
  • Whoa, that'd be sweet!
  • ..and with built-in Qi charging, Glance, multiple colors and 32+GB expandable storage. Sweet Jesus!
  • It could be the international version of ICON with newer Snapdragon processor.
  • They should use codenamed instead of numbers.. Let's find a codename for 925
  • It was codenamed catwalk
  • Lumia 925 = catwalk
  • Does anyone know the 920 codename? Was it "Arrow"?
  • If I'm not wrong, Arrow was for 820
  • Nokia Phi :)
  • Yup... All these awesome code names... And I get phi..... :/
  • Phi = 920
    Sand = 620
    Fame = 520
    Zeal = 720
    Lazer = 928
    Catwalk = 925
    Eos/Elvis = 1020
    Max = 625
    Glee = 525
  • Thanks! I was so curious about it... I prefered Sea Ray of my 800... A well, it would be worse: Glee lol!
  • Thanks for reminding me of catwalk.. "In the catwalk.. In the catwalk, yeah!"
  • Can't wait for the new abd real 8.1 flagship. My 920 will continue to be my photo until the
  • Until the what? Tell us!
  • He's tormenting us! But I think he may have just tried to ko his phone, haha. Is the floor ok?
  • C'mon man! We need to know!
  • How mean! If I die and still doesn't know this, I'll haunt you >:)
  • Dang. no dying or haunting... We will.just have to wait Ok, playing titanfall.
  • Ok... New "and" real 8.1 phone... Shoot I wish I was on the inside news of something this big... It was a typo.. I am still using my 920... Or am I ;)
  • I expect the 930 to be pretty close in specs to the Icon, except it comes preloaded with WP8.1, hopefully add an SD card to it too. I really want to see a 1030 though with the new Snapdragon 805, 32/64GB storage, SD card, 41MP Pureview & Xenon flash and 5" 1080p screen. That will be my next phone.
  • Not an increase in sensor size to increase zoom capabilities? No faster AF technology? How about the filter from the 808? Id expect all of this, and maybe variable aperture as well from the 1030 if it's a true successor!
  • ^both of these +920 :-)
  • Increase in sensor size is not that important, but variable aperture would be great.
  • Increasing the sensor size is is one of the most important advances that a smartphone camera manufacturer should do first. Sincerely, ~ My Nokia 808 PureView ~
  • I'm curious to see what they do about the sensor size. The one they used in the 1020 was pretty big already for a smartphone and any larger could compromise the form factor of the phone even more so I'm a little hesitent to want them to go bigger again. I certainly hope the auto focus and processing is faster, I expect the Snapdragon 805 to assist with that a lot, I'm sure the improved 4 microphone noise cancelling recording will come along or better, plus a few other things, but I wasn't going into as much detail on the imaging side, more just the core specs of the phone. It really does need an SD slot this time though, especially for the RAW shooting function.
  • Really.  I won't buy a phone without an SD slot.  The Samsung Focus was my first and only (so far) Windows Phone.  The SD slot has been invaluable even though it is a permanently configured element of the phone/operating system.  The new Samsung Windows Phones are hideously ugly.  The HTC phone is lackluster.  The Nokia 520 is not enough phone and lacks any sort of flash for the camera.  The Nokia 1520 is too much phone to pack around.  The Nokia 820 had an SD slot and was a fair middle of the road phone, but vanished quickly from the market and is now outdated.  The Nokia 920 and 1020 are excellent phones, but neither has an SD slot.  The fact is I need storage.  All other phone stats will continue to improve because that's what they do.  I've no interest in exhorbitant data plans to access the information I could store on an SD card, and Microsoft isn't in the MP3 player business anymore.  I only see missing SD card slots as a concession to greedy carriers.
  • I'd be more excited to see it come with a plenoptic camera (i.e. a light-field camera, aka "Pelican Imaging PiCam").   Then we'd get reduced noise, increased low-light performance, less crosstalk, the ability to have everything in focus at all time during photography and filming (no more waiting for the autofocus), the ability to shoot 3D video, 3D modeling and depth mapping. And the device would be much thinner over the camera. It'd be truly revolutionary, unlike some sort of a megapixel race would be.
  • Well, unless it can make me a Starbucks cappuccino I'm not interested :/s
  • Yeah I hope this will be my next phone after this L720.
  • He-he. Only the reason you bought Lumia 720 was the combination of great dimensions (acceptable width, best thickness among all Lumias) with great battery life. You even sacrificed LTE, for otherwise you would've bought 820, which is wider, thicker and has only 1650 mAh battery. Now, imagine Lumia 930 with a 4.5 - 4.6 " screen, built-in Qi wireless charging support... perhaps not thicker, but at least wider than 920, and think again. :) Fellow Lumia 720 owner here.
  • Hopefully it will be faster :P
  • +920
  • It seems faster
  • What do you mean by "seems"? It is FASTER.
  • I will only exchange my L920 for the L930 for two aspects : * MUCH better battery life (2 days with normal use would be fine ^^) * SD Card
  • I wonder when the codename PPK will come out...
  • Will never, not everyone like to have their phone's name associated with the thing that kills :/
  • Ah, come on. "Hey, what's that in your pants? Are you so glad to see me? ;)"
    "It's my PPK. Lumia PPK. B]" ;D
  • darn, couldn't have guessed it's that tiny
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  • 4.0ghz processor, 16gb ram, 2gb graphics, 6 inch 4k UltraHD LED display, 256GB storage, 41MP preview main, JBL speakers, 41MP front... with all sensors possible! now seems faster :P
  • Stupid post, but cool username though haha :P
  • Bose speakers would be better, and yes a radiation sensor would be excellent :D
  • My computer isn't that powerful xD
  • No teleportation? Are you kidding me? What's the use if it can't teleport me to vegas? 
  • Nautanki hai saala!
  • You forgot a mini nuclear reactor.
  • Admantium body...
  • ...and it will cost only one of your two kidneys.. :/
  • And preloaded with office 2013... :)
  • you forgot that magical unicorn mode, srsly!
  • What unicorn mode? Is it the destroy mode in Gundam Unicorn? :D
  • What specs do you think the Lumia 930/Martini could have?
    Capacitive buttons. And Volume + Power + Camera buttons too. I own a 620, but I'm just waiting to see which X30 device will have Capacitive/Non-On-Screen buttons to know where to jump next.
  • Give me a 4" windows phone with a quad core processor, 8mp camera with Carl Zeiss optics and optical image stabilization dual ked flash.720p screen. I don't mind if the int. Storage is 8gb. Don't need a front cam. A clear black display. 2000mah battery. Then I will dump my iPhone. Nokia please do this for me.
  • Yeah!
  • Or you could just up your spec wants just a tad and pick up a 1020 sans the quad core processor
  • That would be kinda like the rumored Nokia 1520V but it has a 4.5" screen and 15MP pureview camera.
  • I'm with you on no need for a front camera!
  • It is better to have something good and not need it than to need it later and not have it.
  • This phone brand still is Nokia? Or change to Microsoft Lumia 930??
  • Well Microsoft don't own Nokia.. Yet, so no reason it would be called the Microsoft Lumia xxx
  • Where did you hear that Microsoft is going to own Nokia????
  • They are currently getting all approvals needed to buy their devices business. And have the rights to call their phones Lumias for 10 years.
  • Let me clarify it: - Nokia will NOT be owned by Microsoft. Nokia is just in the process of selling employees to Microsoft. What Microsoft did was simply buy Nokia's employees instead of opening a recruitment process to build a devices division. - Microsoft has bought the Lumia brand. They'll own it in perpetuity. What will last 10 years is a license Nokia is passsing Microsoft for Redmond to use the "Nokia" brand on S30 and S40 branded devices ONLY. This mean, Microsoft can produce a "Nokia 258" and a "Nokia Asha 327" but NOT a "Nokia Lumia 1050" nor a "Nokia X 2". - Microsoft will not be allowed to produce smartphones (Lumia devices) using the Nokia branding, because Nokia will be allowed to return to the mobile phone market in 2016, either by producing phones again or by licencing the Nokia brand for use by competitors (for example, Nokia could licence the "Nokia" brand for another OEM to use. It's not likely to happen though. The most likely is that Nokia buys Jolla back into the company and uses the Nokia brand on Nokia produced devices). - Nokia retains all the patents and research & development division. Which means, Nokia retains PureView and all the tech currently on their Nokia devices. Microsoft will be acquiring licenses from Nokia to use that technology on Microsoft produced Windows Phones. But Nokia will be allowed to license that technology to other OEMs even if those OEMs are Apple or Android-manufacturers. Which means, PureView may no longer be a WP exclusive anymore.
  • Mew. Is that true? I thought the whole device division is sold to Microsoft.
  • Great post, thanks for that
  • Snapdargon 800 (or 801), 2 Gb RAM, 4.5-4.7 AMOLED screen with around 900px resolution, 20 mpix camera. 2300-2500 mAh battery, SD card slot.
  • I honestly would like to see a Snapdragon 805 since it packs a much better graphic's solution, or the tegra k1 would be even better. The display just make sense if is a 1080p even not being a flagship this is the new standard Nokia could win some market doing a Moto g alike positioning.
  • I dont know any phones with 4.5 inch display and 1080 res. We all would like to see 805, but it's not likely.
  • If you want the 805 you'll have to wait until the end of the year because the chips won't be commercialized before that.
  • They're expected to hit devices in May according to Qualcomm.
  • I can't wait to for the unveiling of it! I love my 920 so dearly! :)
  • Amen to that!
  • I hope its Heavy hahahaha
  • I like the weight of my 920. :/
  • Was hoping to see specs like 8.7 megapixel camera, 2.2G RAM, 2GHz processor, 32GB internal storage, with micro SD card support up to 64GB or even higher, 5 inch screen, qi charging, dual led flash, and maybe an aluminum sides just like the 925
  • Nice to see new Lumias on the way but I'm still getting the 1020 next week...
  • Same here. I'm upgrading from my 920 which I've had for 1 year. Can't wait for that 41 megapixel camera
  • Have it, love it :D
    Worlds most beautiful yellow Nokia Lumia 1020, and it's all mine❕ My precious©™
  • I kinda prefer the 920 over the 1020, I had the 920 for a year then I cracked the screen and att upgraded me to the 1020. Yes it has more RAM and a better camera, but I like the built in wireless charging, LCD screen,and the 'smile' design of the 920. The only thing I really like better about the 1020 is the weight
  • Icon specs, absolute minimum.
  • Seems faster perhaps?
  • Have an ISP display, I'm don't like amoled display personally for me.
  • IPS ISP = Internet Service Provider Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • It too early in the morning for me im still waking up! :P
    Thanks for correcting!
  • Excited to see what is to come! Wonder what T-Mobile will get????
  • I think AT&T exclusive, again.
  • Since. This phone is coming AFTER WP8.1 reveal. Wouldn't this mean that Nokia acquisition would be finished by then?
  • I think so, but Nokia Thailand's executive talk with me (again at Nokia X event in Thailand) that the "Nokia" branding to continue after acquisition, but not sure for future.
  • I'm in the same boat. Still rockin my 925.
  • More than just the specs, I am waiting to witness some real good Nokia innovation - like the one they had with the 920. I hope that the new phone will be worthy of being heralded as a 920 successor. The only complaint I have with the 920 is its battery life - not very good. I hope they improve on that.
  • What do you have in mind?
  • Excited!!!!
  • Make a flagship!!!!!
  • Shaken NOT stirred! =)
  • Somehow i hope for a new 1020...
  • You shouldn't get your hopes high. ;)
  • If its a true successor for the 920, I hope it will have a tad bit bigger screen. Not that it matters for me, I will probably be able to get the 1520 on contract before it reaches Sweden, heck even the global version of the Icon (forgot the numbers). And its a year until my contract ends. Sweden always have to wait too long for the new phones :(
  • 929 = icon, I think.
  • @SamSabri, check the news tip mails and see who tipped this!!
  • It's YOU! It was YOU all the time! I knew IT!
  • I know these men, Monsieur le President, and they know me. I am the man you want. I am Jean Valjean.
  • I think that Goldfinger will be Lumia 1530.
  • Goldfinger is cancelled btw..
  • Source? I can recall Dani mentioned in one of his comments that Goldfinger is not doing great, but I haven't seen anything else on this matter.
  • good sources :)   Have never revealed how I know some things, and am not fussed if no one believes me.. but Goldfinger aint happening, at least anytime soon. The tech just isnt ready for prime-time
  • Makes sense actualy. Even a big Kinect is not where it should be.
  • I cant quite believe your "good sources" why would a company develop a " ready for market" device when its underlying tech is not even ready? srsly this makes no sense.
  • Seriously??? It's called prototyping! Look it up
  • Snapdragon 801
    20 MPx camera with slow motion capability
    1080p 5" screen
    32gb of storage and 2 or 3 gb of RAM
    3000 mha battery
    Design similar to 925
  • Sounds like slightly updated Icon
  • As far as I'm concerned, that's exactly what 8.1 could use as it's launch flagship.
  • 3000 milihour amp battery would be so awesome! It would run for weeks if not months!
  • The rumor I read also has it having a MicroSD slot. If so, it's a ICON with MicroSD....I'm sure it wont come from Verizon because 32gb and MicroSD would be the perfect config for me..
  • I like the codenames. Fucking badass.
  • Snapdragon 801/805, 2 Gb Ram, 5" IPS LCD 1080p, (3D Touch)?, 20 Mpx, SD Card, Nano SIM, 2700-2800 mAh, Built-in Wireless Charging, Onscreen Buttons, 16/32/64 GB storage options, aluminium design, optical zoom? :)
  • When do you people sleep?
  • Nice
  • Waiting for updated 1020 :-)))
  • You'll be waiting for a while...
  • This might as well be the first alcoholic drink I'm ever going to have in my hands.
  • Need gold finger
  • - wireless charging - awesome camera - full hd display - the rest of 920's specs  then I am all in!
  • Agreed. I definitely want a 1080p screen at 5inches!
  • Hey Dan, Sam and WPC team: Can you guys please filter out the posts which say seems faster? It's got VERY irritating. To those who keep saying this: Grow up!
  • And grow up faster... :P
  • Haha, yeah!
  • "though it would be a bad bed to see it as maybe the next true successor of the Lumia 920"
    I don't get this sentence , what do they mean ??
  • Spelling mistake, likely meant a "bad bet".
  • "...wouldn't be a bad bet" I think is what they're going for. The writing by these cats sometimes can be horrendous. What's worse is they rarely ever take the two seconds required to go back and correct them. The quality of the writing is not important to them, unfortunately.
  • Goldfinger sounds interesting by what all leaks you guys have come out with
  • 1020 variant with SD card support,SD card support,SD card support and SD card support
  • So Moneypenny is Lumia 630 and Lumia 635.
    Martini is Lumia 930. Then what is Goldfinger?
  • An experimental device. Basically the 930 but with new fancy stuff they're trying to develop. Until a while back it was just the 930. They probably changed the codename for the 930 as this Goldfinger isn't developing as fast as they were hoping. So the 930 will be back to flagship basics and this will come later with another serial number.
  • From your other comments here in this article, I see that you have some good knowledge about Nokia and the Microsoft deal.
    But I noticed some of the information you mentioned are wrong, including the info about the Nokia Lumia brand on future smartphones from Microsoft. PS: I don't know who you are, but I think you surely know me. :)
  • I hope the flagship is build with SnapDragon 805, 5 inch full HD1080p display or higher, Pureview 20MP, 802.11AC and 3300mah battery!! OH YEAH!! lol! 
  • It won't. The 805 will only reach the market at the years end.
  • He tweeted lumia 930 not nokia lumia 930.
  • Finally, someone realized that!
  • he did tweet nokia martini tho..
  • Wake me up when you are done with Martinis and have got shooters on the table.
  • When can we buy them do u think guys? I need a new phone for my L920.. Its camera has messed up
  • If this is thinner than the lumia 920 with a better battery and sd card slot then I might consider giving up my 920 for this.
  • One of the new phones WILL come to Verizon. Just in time for us to read the headlines on it that tell us who won the presidential election.
  • I'm actually hoping besides the 930 having the latest updated specs like a 20 mp camera and maybe 3000 mah battery,2 GB of ram and 32 GB of memory with SD expansion and 1080p hd screen, that's all great but I'm hoping maybe it comes out on more than one more least 2 carriers like T-mobile and AT& that would be awesome...even better if you can add Sprint to that...since they still don't have any Nokia wp handsets. But yea I'm going to try and predict at least 2 carriers...anybody else see this as a possibility?
  • Perhaps goldfinger is the 1020 refresh...?
  • I think its the next flagship and 930 will come under the mid to high tier range.
  • " though it would be a bad bed to see it as maybe the next true successor to the Lumia 920." Um...... what? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Has to rock snapdragon 805 or its not an upgrade
  • Snap 600 & 800 are both several times faster and more battery efficient. This has to now be a mid to high tier phone not a flagship I believe.
  • Then you'll have it only in 2015 as the SD805 only comes to the market by the end of the year.
  • Lol @ the 'must be thinner than 920' comments. Hahah! Trolling hard
  • Typo...last paragraph, "bad bed" huh?
  • Looking forward to replacing my 920 in october. I will have had it for 2 years. We need a new flagship
  • I'm new to this WP thing. Got my first Lumia 925 six months ago after owning an 3 models of iPhones for six years. Very happy with the 925. I don't really want a bigger body. The Icon seems to pa,k a way better screen into an only slightly smaller case. If these newer phones are bigger, I will not want them.
  • 4.7inch
    2.5 ghz proc
    3000mah battery
    16/20mp cam..zeiss lense
    proper dolby speakers...
    design lang similar to 920 or 925..but slimer
    light weight ..
  • That would be awesome, we need more volume!!
  • Can't wait!
  • Snap 600, 4.5 HD screen, gorilla glass 3, 2gb ram, 2400mah battery, 13mp pure view OIS camera. Price:32-35k in India. ($570)
  • Snap 600 will be the processor used in budget wp8/8.1 phones from now So L920 should have a Snap800/801 no bigger dreams than that because 2.2-2.5Ghz Quad is powerful enough,2-3Gb Ram,Expandable storage,16 or 20mp OIS cam Pureview technology,Screen size 4.5-4.8 or 5",Battery should be atleast 2600mAH till 3000mAH .That's how it should be *Personal Thought
  • Qi
  • Nokia ICON should be the flagship name for WP.
  • "though it would be bad bed". Come again? What is that supposed to mean?
  • "though it wouldn't be a bad bet" is what he meant to say there.
  • I would like to but a 8.1 Lumia 1025/3 whatever it is named
  • Seems faster
  • Better sensor on the camera with a good optical zoom ( more lossless video recording). Bigger battery, memory card slot, qi charging built in. Xenon flash, 5 inch screen. Monster speakers built in ( not beats branded ).
  • You're on to something...
  • Nokia Lumia ZOOM Eh...? 41Mp with 10x optical zoom.It would be a new innovation after Lumia 1020
  • Waiting for a Lumia 007
  • Now the 930 Lumia exist. -_-
  • Come on Nokia, bring us the Lumia 930, so I can I buy it in X-Mas, I'm happy with my Lumia 920 but I'll be happier if I have the Lumia 930. At least I'm in WPcentral and I can say the truth for some things, not like phone arena that they reported me cuz I said android=malware....i said the truth.
  • Take the same design from the 925, throw in the 1520/929 internals, keep the same 16gb of storage but with the addition of a microSD slot(since we'll be able to save apps directly on expandable storage with WP 8.1), bump up the camera and screen resolution and ladies and gentleman what we have is my next phone. And the most important part-make it for T-Mobile! Everybody will be happy.
  • Eh I used the 1520 and my work email wouldn't work on it due to issues applying my company's exchange policy not getting applied properly with it having an SD card slot, so I reverted back to my 920 where it works perfectly, so an SD card slot is not appealing to me at the moment. Otherwise I love the idea of one.
  • Well, since an SD slot is no good for you the L930 should definitely get rid of that option. No doubt.
  • Exactly why I said the AI should be named Pussy Galore ;-)
  • my guess was right,a 920 succesor
  • "would be a bad bed..." Did you mean "wouldn't be a bad bet..." ?
    My brain can't take it.
  • A dry martini for me please
  • The only way I'll upgrade from my 920 is if it has a snapdragon 805, 1080p screen, SD card slot, nano SIM, qi charging, MUCH improved battery, and its heavier. I want the ground to be afraid when I drop my phone.
  • Doesn't added weight just mean there's more force when it hits the ground and smashes the screen? If the weight is a result of better build quality then great. But weight for the sake of weight seems silly.
  • Too many flagship devices! Where is the Lumia 830? There's nothing mid range at the moment; it's either cheap low-end or expensive high-end!
  • We don't have a flagship 8.1 device...
  • All Windows Phone 8 devices are upgradable to 8.1. So really we have the 925, 1020, 1520, Icon and potentially two devices mentioned in this article classed as flagship Lumias released since the most recent mid-range Lumia (the 820).
  • ICON only for werizon. 1520 is 6'' big phone.1020 is camera phone.  We don't have flagship.  
  • 1520 is the flagship :)
  • Super excited for this and the "Goldfinger", I'm definitely ready for an upgrade, L920 still works but minor problems are starting to emerge
  • 3000 mAh battery, better pureview camera, a bit lighter and 5 inch screen..
    That will be the true worthy 920 successor... Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Sweet. Occasionally I am able to get this to happen to my 920 by hovering my finger near the screen. I do think that I would use this if I could do it consistently.
  • Out of contract on my 920 and want;
    805 snapdragon
    Qi charging on board
    2K 5" or above screen
    SD card
    41mp camera
    Buy in a heartbeat
  • Enjoy your wait until 2015 at least... ;)
  • Are you some sort of snapdragon 805 filter???
  • Keep up the ignorance. Even Qualcomms homepage says it'll be in devices in the first half of 2014.
  • 5", 1080p, 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 805, 20mp Camera up to 4k Video @25fps, OS Buttons, 3000mAh Battery, 16/32GB storage, microSDXC slot maybe Qi, if it's don't go to heavy
  • Damn it I just got a 920
  • All I ask to Nokia is : a Good Price and a Good Front Facing Camera (without Dust BTW )
    Fed up with this purewiew branding whereas the Front camera resolution is VGA
  • What i would buy right now: A new 1020 with 1080 screen Verizon Icon on ATT. Both MUST have built in wireless charging.
  • It better be slim like the 925
  • Was hoping it to be a 5-incher though.
  • Bad bed?
  • Make it available in all carrier's
  • I am not sure....but if it is not impressive like maybe even better then the icon......i might jump ship....maybe iPhone 6......who knows....but they need to step up and if it is another at&t thing then for sure I will jump ship
  • As long as t mobile picks up one of the 8.1 flagships I'll be happy
  • All these new 8.1 phones are probably only destined for AT&T as Verizon takes forever to get new phones out.
  • i want nokia goldfinger :O
  • Thank god some news at last. I was getting worried. Who cares what it is, I want it! :P
  • My prayers may be answered.  Let this be the successor to the 920.
  • I hope that its the same size/build as a Lumia 925 but with a faster processor, more ram, 32GB of storage, and a 20MP camera. If they could squeeze an extra .2" in screen size that would be cool too, but Id be happy with just 4.5". 
  • Im actually pretty surprised. At least now ill probably be able to upgrade from my 920 without using a huge device like the 1530 or upgrading to something like the 1020. Super excited.
  • I wish Nokia and everyone else would get over the screen resolution fetish! Having a screen over 300 dpi is a waste of GPU and battery ... and 1920x1080 on a 5.0" screen is 441 dpi. It's pointless. A 5" screen should be 1600x900 (367 dpi) or less (1366x768 is 313 dpi). Nokia should standardize on 300-350 dpi screens and focus on screen quality, not pixel quantity.  
  • Your still watching tv on a black and white tv aren't you ? Probably the best black and white tv ever made? You can keep it ....ive got good!
  • Your [sic] still watching tv on a black and white tv aren't you ? Probably the best black and white tv ever made?
    No, I have a 60" HDTV with 1080p, which looks fine given the screen size and viewing distance.  
    You can keep it ....ive [sic] got [sic] good!
    What is the view angle from where you watch your 4K HDTV?  
  • Where is the quad core 1080 p lumia 1020 update with 4k video recording?
  • Expecting any notification bar or something which defines the entire notifications that are pending to see
  • Brazilian here, first comment, reading what you post since 2012 when I got my L900. Since then, rocking wp a lot. I feel like I kinda owe ms something for what they've done to me with things like msoffice and stuff that helped me a lot thru college and work times. But thats something we can talk about later, lol.
    Thing is, a little off topic, I need help with one simple issue I got since bought my new L925 - Love it very very much! When I use its Bluetooth with my Honda Civic, songs infos won't show anymore on imidi display, which did my Lumia 900. Any suggestions, please?
    Waiting for 8.1 here too! All email selection with one touch would be my strongest demand now! Thanks in advance, best regards, from fan like u!
  • Make sure it has a Bluetooth phone profile and a separate one for music. Just a first thing to check.
  • Yes, sure, voice and music enabled. Both written in blue, separated with comas on the bt screen. Everything works: music, voice etc. I think, didn't test yet, that what could be is the way I saved music on phone, using the wp app connecting to pc. Maybe saving just pasting as the phone was a pen drive, bypassing the app?
  • Only... On AT&T
  • You realize all of the exclusive Lumias AT&T got, have global versions too? I mean I understand, but it is worse for people who wanted the Icon, as that is ONLY Verizon, not even a global variant.
  • Oh wow, cool! Sounds like another great device that will never come to T-Mobile! Can't wait!!
  • It would be wonderful, but appears unlikely, that this would be a 5" model that runs on AT&T networks (That'll give me 4g)
    For me, a 5" screen seems like it might be perfect (maybe 5.25", but not 6" for me)
  • Goldfinger? That's totally my bag, baby
  • Sam you've got to proof read your articles.
  • I think it will just be a global variant for the Icon, just with microSD. Anyways, I'm excited for //build, as this and the Goldfinger look amazing!
  • LOOKING FORWARD FOR the GOLDFINGER I hope it will be running on 805 battery 3400 or 3600, i don't mind the weight. camera of 1020 + 4.5" or 5" Cortana having its own hardware/chip form factor of 920 + its features or 1020  
  • I would really want to try something outside of Qualcomm. That new NVIDIA K1 SOC with 192 GPU cores is the holy grail for mobile gaming
  • As a long time T-mobile customer, I've trained myself not to get too excited about these announcements.
  • It suckes, doesn't it... :-/
  • Isn't this supposed to be the global variant of the Nokia Lumia Icon!? 5" sounds great. I wish we had the Icon here in Europe! Very happy with my 1520 though so don't get me wrong!
  • As long as 930 is better than 929 or Icon and available on T-Mo with micro SD card support, I'm going to be all over this device:-)
  • Better? More like along the exact same lines... What do you expect them to improve over just a month?
  • Probably hoping for pure octa core, 4 gigs ram, a qhd screen and the ability to read minds lol :p.
  • I'll take my Lumia 930 shaken not stirred,               Also in Cyan.
  • Oh yeah! I'll be giving the Goldfinger to Apple and Android.
  • What was Lumia 720's codename?
  • If they want to get better maketing - keep the name Martini, sponsor Williams F1 (official name Williams Martini Racing for those who don't know), and get them to market a phone called Martini, especially since they seem to be a real force in F1 this year.
  • oh snap! this is my next device for sure if its real. +930 
  • Is there any chance Ms will have its own dual os phone? 3 cheap phones(5xx, dual sim+ flash, dual os) and 3 high end (9xx, 10xx, 15xx) is ggood enough.
  • I was waiting for Lumia 725, will this not be released ? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Can we assume that James will be using a Lumia in the next movie then?
  • Looks like my new upgrade after my 920...
  • I've just about had it with my 920.  I love it, but the thing overheats way to often.  I lose 25% battery on 15min of Solitare. 
  • I like the James Bond codenames. Very formal. Very...classy. Let's just hope they live up to it
  • I just hope it does not have the on screen navigation buttons.
  • Icon specs on t-mobile with SD card is all I'm hoping for.
  • I hope its like the icon but polycarbonate, 4.5 inch screen, an comes in awesome colors
  • So 930 is 920 replacement - OK. Does anyone in WP Central or forum know if the 1020 will get a refresh anytime soon? I am up for phone upgrade at the beginning of April and want a 1020 but if it will be replaced soon I might wait. DJCBS says not for a while though.....
  • Wait until after build by then there should be some more info about Goldfinger. I doubt they will make a 1020 successor soon as well, if it had quad core it would have been a beast of a phone.
  • How about quad core processor, 1080p display, killer camera as always and a 3000mah battery. Not to forget the tank like build of the 920. Would make it really really sweet...
  • Indeed it will, the 920 is perfect for me in weight (its incredibly light) and i don't see what people really complain about lol. Then again i guess they are used to low grade light weight plastic phones :p.
  • Hey Why do u all need Snapdragon 805 It is intended for Android as it A Memory,processing hog. Wp8/8.1 are excellent on Snapdragon 800/801 no need for it right now
  • To win certain customers (therefore increasing market share), having the latest and greatest tech in a phone is key. As generally these customers are usually the techies in a social circle thus their recommendation would carry more weight.
  • Maybe for faster imaging processing, something 20/41mp really need. Also, for large screen like 1520, the faster cpu/gpu the less time to render the output on the screen.
  • Hmm, if it has the same specs as the lumia icon in a 4.5 to 4.7 screen ful hd screen, similar design to the 920, integrated qi wireless charging and a msd slot. Then I'm sold, ill give my 920 to my kid sister. The 1520 is far to big for me i don't want to carry around two tablets lol (really dislike calling a phone a phablet, it sounds like a obese tablet lol...)
  • I can't wait that wp8.1 have been released!
  • 820 its not great no gorilla glass i don't like screen protector because the best display auto disappear if you use screen protector.
  • Better not be an AT&T exclusives. No more AT&T exclusives.
  • i hope it is a second gen ois (1020 ball bearings) . with 1.9 aperture  8.7megapixels