Nokia Lumia 800 advertised in Australian newspaper TeleChoice

"The Nokia Lumia has arrived!" reads the bold headline in this Australian newspaper TeleChoice flyer. Celebrating the launch of the Lumia handsets, as well as the "Lumia Live" events that are being held this month around the country, it's good to see such exposure.

The Lumia 710 was also advertised in the MX newspaper yesterday, but these are all device specific promotions so we're still looking at Microsoft (or other OEMs) to pick up some of the weight that's holding down the platform.

Thanks Michael for sending in the photo!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Cool virgin mobile
  • Also I saw For first time TV AD for the Nokia Lumia 800. Which is great. Start of teenage prime time too 7:30pm.
  • This is really great to see Nokia putting in a great effort advertising and bringing awareness to WP in Aus. For a while, I thought that us Assies were going to be all forgotten. I have now seen TV and various print adds. Keep up the great work Nokia. I hope it pays off.
    I hope MS also come to the party to run some generic campaigns advertising WP as well.
  • "Over 50.000 apps available from the Nokia Marketplace" - hahaha, they still don't get it^^ Hardware Brand doesn't equal Software Brand xD
  • Well this non-software company sells more of it's owned Symbian smartphones in one quarter than Microsoft in a whole year.
    Nokia also owns worlds second most popular OS platform, S40 that has sold a bit under 2 billion copies.
    Nokia's brand in phones is way stronger gobally than MS so probably better advertise it as Nokia Marketplace than Ms.
  • Microsoft likely does not have their marketplace setup in Australia yet. The Nokia Marketplace used to be called Ovi Store or similar who were already setup globally. Its actually a smart move to do it that way.
  • What?! Australia launched with the US, UK etc. We have 98% of apps available to us (there are a few US exclusives)
  • this is a really pointless article, you can do better wpcentral
  • How is it pointless? There has been almost no WP7 advertising in Australia for the past 18 months. Nokia & Aussie vendors are behind Lumia and it's great for us to see it finally being promoted.