Nokia advertising Lumia 710 in the free Melbourne MX Newspaper

Microsoft has been terribly quiet in Australia and we've had our readers continuously voicing their concerns / complaints in articles regarding the lack of advertising (or promotion) for Windows Phone. Cue Nokia. The manufacturer has been effectively pushing the platform and their Lumia range of handsets in Australia.

We have got the "Little Amazings" video series (much like "The Amazing Everyday") and Lumia Live launch events, carriers offering attractive special offers, giant Windows Phones being erected, and we've now also got newspaper advertisements. The MX newspaper, a popular free Melbourne print, has a full page advert featuring the Lumia 710 on Optus (see above).

Just why are things so slow (excluding the efforts by Nokia)? We're not too sure as demand has shown to be there with Optus recently selling out their entire black Lumia 800 stock. Plan for Microsoft: promote - you've certainly got the money, so please make Windows Phone sunny.  

Source: 1800PocketPC

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • i love mine! 0_o
  • I saw the add was in the Sydney MX yesterday also
  • I can confirm that I have seen the Sydney MX advertisements, TV advertisement (only once though!) and bus shelter advertisements... not the interactive one though. Not a massive amount of advertising, but FAR more than MS or Telstra have so far laid out. GO NOKIA!
    Ill be heading to the Nokia launch tomorrow, just around the corner from my work so convenient!
  • I saw this too!!! Very surprised. Nokia Lumia ads are everywhere!!!