Optus Lumia 800 Windows Phone stock sold out

Australian carrier Optus appears to have sold out of Lumia 800s, according to a report by WPDownUnder. The black version of the Windows Phone has vanished from the website, after launching just two weeks ago. While the cyan version remains listed, it's interesting how Optus completely removed the product listing in favour of a "SOLD OUT" label - much like what O2 UK did.

After a short discussion with a member of the support team through the live chat, WPDownUnder was able to confirm that the Lumia 800 black has sold out, but no information is available as to whether this is due to high demand or low initial stock numbers. We would like to believe this is the case of the former as Optus still lists the product as available on their Business website.

Either way, this is positive news for the platform with signs of a strong start showing in Australia. Unfortunately, no details were shared with regards to when the carrier expects to introduce more stock.

Source: WPDownUnder

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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