Lumia 820 shell designs revealed along with ruggedised versions too

We saw the 820 revealed not so long ago, I even have it pegged as My Next Windows Phone. The folks over at Nokia Conversations have gone into a little more detail about the options we'll be seeing for the replaceable cases.

As the Lumia 820 has a replaceable shell design, the options for changing the dynamic of the phone are plentiful, with Nokia will offering glossy, matte and even 'ruggedised' designs. With such a flexible array of case designs, we’re sure that the 820 will prove a popular option for those who like a bit of mix and matching. We’re left wondering if the Lumia 820 might end up being the smartphone choice for builders or other professions based in high impact environments. 

Nokia will have quite a range of colours and textures, here’s what they will offer:

High Gloss Colours: Red, Yellow, Cyan, Purple and White

Matte Finish: Grey and Black

Wireless Charging Shell : Matte finish only, White, Yellow, Black, Red and Cyan.

Ruggedised Shells: Matte finish, yellow, orange and green, all with a black trim.

Here’s what they had to say about the cases:

“Rather than using a solid, rigid, plastic case like you find on some other phones, this protective shell is built to protect all parts of the phone without making it too bulky. It’s the same width and same length as the other shells, but only a fraction thicker.This softer shell is also made from PC/ABS but has another rubber-like material around the front and the edges. It covers the back, as you’d expect but also stretches around the front slightly to protect the edges of the screen and the corners – the most at risk area if you drop your phone. These will be available in matte yellow, green and orange with a black TPU trim.”

We’re sure that the hardened cases will appeal to many who are looking for something a bit more durable and long lasting than the matte and high gloss finishes. We’re keen to know how much extra protection these cases will give to the phone. Of course don't forget that Lumia 820 owners that want to take advantage of wirelss charging accessories will be limited to one of Nokia's specific wireless charging shells.

What do you guys think of these options from Nokia? What sort of case designs would you like to see for the 820?  Let us know..

Source : Nokia Conversations

Robert Brand