Lumia 920

We've been publishing a number of reports covering multiple retailers and carriers where initial stock of Lumia 920 Windows Phones has sold out. It appears this is a global issue right now, but who would have thought that Nokia would have a problem of getting enough Windows Phones into the market to meet demand?

As many have correctly pointed out, we're not entirely sure just how much stock was initially provided to select partners, but the fact we're seeing said companies reveal how the handset has surpassed expectations, we'd like to believe it can only be a positive result and demand is high. We've also seen this in the US with the amount of people waiting on (and complaining to) AT&T to start shipping Lumia 920s.

Australian carrier Telstra has publicly announced their stock has exhausted. Not only that, but the network also sent a tweet that read, "we did our best but demand was beyond amazing and stock has been limited globally from Nokia." I don't believe even Nokia planned for such a reception.

Telstra Lumia 920

It was only yesterday when we covered Telstra's stock running out after just going online. This was coupled with UK retailer Clove who has also ran out of the Windows Phones. We contacted Clove and were informed the company is really pleased with demand shown for the handset (and Windows Phone in general). 

We're certainly looking forward to Nokia's financial reports to see how the new Lumia Windows Phone family fares in the competitive market.

Source: @Telstra_News (Twitter), via: WMPU