Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL pre-order prices get cut by Amazon France

Microsoft's Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones haven't been released yet, but Amazon France is already cutting the pre-order prices for the Windows 10 Mobile devices.

The Lumia 950 can now be bought on Amazon France for €562,49, down from its initial €599 price tag. The Lumia 950 XL's cost is down even further, to €649, compared to its first price of €699. This reduction falls on the heels of the price cuts for those same phones on the Microsoft Store UK site in late October. where the 950 was originally to cost £499.99 but is now £449.99, while the 950 XL went down from £549.99 to £529.99.

Microsoft is still expected to beging shipping the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL sometime in late November through early December in various markets. So far, it has yet to start pre-orders for either phone in the US.


John Callaham
  • Only 12 hours behind wmpu...
  • So you suggest we move to wmpu or wc should stop taking breaks on weekends? I would like to know how you would feel to work 24x7x365.
  • It wasn't a criticism, just an observation. Take a chill pill...
  • It was criticism
  • No, it was an observation. Period. Factual at that.
  • LOL if you were a machine with no actual ability to understand words in their context, yes it was just an observation.
  • You mean WC can't be criticized?
  • He just meant that it was criticism (and an useless one if I may add!)
  • It is just like saying " You are late " it is of course a statement, but 99% of the time the reason somebody uses this sentence is because he/she is not really happy about it.  If this was really meant to be an observation, you did not choose your words carefully. Thats all.
  • Hey Andrew. Just so you know, it is okay by me for you to criticize WC. I prefer by far WC to other news sites but I still see where they can improve. I don't see why people are reacting this way. Even WC criticizes Microsoft from time to time.  
  • I'll tell you what an observation is: "Please kindly try to report these news sooner, like others who have made it 12 hours ago." See? It isn't that hard...
  • No, WC needs to let its editors in other time zones have more control. WMPU are ahead because they're awake when Dan and the US gang are giving it zeds.
  • Who the hell cares?
  • Aye, good point.
  • We all should. We want WC to get better. Letting other news outlets (see, I didn't call them blogs) break news before them won't be helping that goal.
  • He was nice enough to even mention them as the source. Considering that the editor in chief hates them, that is good enough. And your comment, sir, needs to be deleted. It does not add anything of value.
  • It was a statement of fact. And no, I respect the principle of free speech, so won't delete it just because you don't like it. To be honest, i don't care if you don't like it and that you've decided to act like a child. Grow up and behave like an adult. My comment was a statement of fact. Get over it....
  • Need to take some of your own advice kid.
  • It was quite clearly meant be a criticism, and kind of a slimy underhanded one that. Sort of like stopping by your friend's house and pooping on his front step. I suspect the thought that went through most people's minds was "that guy's kind of a jerk". But if that's how you like to present yourself, you're welcome to do so... free speech and all.
  • How on earth have you come to that conclusion? I stated a fact and I said it was that, a fact. You came to your own conclusion and disagreed with me. That's not a problem, but how on earth can you claim to know what my intent was, especially as you're wrong. If I had meant it as a criticism I would have no issue stating that was my intent. Sorry to repeat myself AGAIN: My comment was an observation, a fact and NOT a criticism. For anyone who doesn't understand plain English, you need to try harder.... Now can all the trolls go back under their bridges....
  • Andrew Green, you sound like a right weapon.
    Please don't try and suggest that your opening comment was purely a statement of fact. The addition of 'only' clearly changes the nature of the sentence.
    You're not being smart here. Just back away from the keyboard, and leave the rest of us in peace.
  • And you sound like a tool
  • While I don't care about what you said it is funny to see you trying and say it was not criticism, we are not machines stating a fact the way you did is obviously being critic about it (see Kele27 comment). You can be critic, I don't care, but it is kinda funny when you try to state you were not critic.
  • If you've decided to share your observation with us, you must've felt it's worth sharing and discussing. Care to elaborate?
  • I made an observation. Tbh, I don't understand the fuss and don't know what needs to be elaborated. How do you elaborate on a statement of fact that includes everything that was intended. I accept I'm responsible for what I say, but I'm not responsible for how people misinterpreted the fact. Just saying....
  • Do you know the difference between being objective, and being subjective?!
    Your opening sentence was clearly bring was not objective! It therefore wasn't a statement of fact alone.
  • Andrew for president....
  • you mean Daniel hates WMPU? Why? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hate? That's laughable I don't know Dan personally but I doubt he "hates" them.
    I've seen him actually comment on articles there and he was very professional.
    BTW doesn't WMPU also run NPU(Nokia), which at this point it seems to me, is used to test rumor stories to then use as source for WMPU.
    Does WMPU hate WinBeta?
  • ^ this
  • Is anyone from wc office hearing this. Please don't be calm and react as we believe you.
  • no, they don't run NPU. Nice to hear Daniel's comments on WMPU are professional. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I stated the comments I saw were, surprised as I was to see them, if really from him.
  • I agree, there's no way Dan hates them, but the kids on here have nothing to do except make fools of themselves....
  • They don't necessarily hate each other, but there are some degrees of competitions among them as expected.  NPU is boldest when it comes to reporting rumors, so they have slipped occasionally.  Like today, they reported that Snapdragon 820 Lumia flagships are under testing at present and will come at end of 2016.  It is a rumor, but it shouldn't be a surprise for anybody.  WMPU is pretty good and sitting somewhere between WC and NPU.  Just read carefully about the articles posted by Surur, you'll be alright. WC is very conservative when it comes to rumors.  They may publish things a little behind, but you can trust them nonetheless.
  • A few years back, Windows Phone Central, as it was called then, badmouthed WMPU, so I was actually a bit surprised to see WMPU being sourced now.
  • Ohhhh, 12 whole hours! Get the pitchforks! We're burnin' this bitch down!
  • Cheese! These comments in WC nowdays... :D
  • Yeah, "cheese"....exactly...
  • I was just at the flagship Microsoft store in Manhattan, and the sales associate told me that the 950 may not be available in the US (not even on AT&T), and that only the 950 XL may be available.  I was crushed. Even though the 950 XL is a nice-looking and light phone (I was surprised how light it was)... I don't want a phone that big.  Now what do I do?!?
  • I hope that is true!!!! XL on ATT.
    my 2 1520's are ready to be retired
  • Store associates seem to be at the same level of knowing as anyone else. Went by the kiosk store in the mall today and was told I could "preorder" either phone. Said he had the barcodes to scan for both.
  • I was told that the 950 is only available for pre-order in Canada...
  • I read here, it was the other way around...
  • This is why windows phone isn't catching on in the US. Even Microsoft's own people are pushing people away from buying their phones.
  • Considering the official statement is just the opposite, you may want to disregard what the associate says.
  • And on xext Wed we can read the same article on NeoWin...
  • Use Twitter and you can follow all your favorite news sources at once.
  • Does wmpu have an app?
  • Yes, but not as good as WC. Now all the haters are going to think that's a criticism of mwpu. Its NOT, its just my own personal opinion and many may disagree with me - that's ok, that's allowed, that's fair. But I didn't mean it to be a criticism....
  • You... just keep quiet.
  • :)
  • You said a pretty relaxed post in my opinion. Can't believe all these people react the way they do about that, compared to a lot of the offensive nonsense I see on here. Wouldn't worry about it.
  • i believe so but at least used to be not free. :D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I dont care if they reported this news. Great job. Wc.. It doesn't matter if your late because your not late. I just read your article now for the first time. That's all that matters to me.
  • Wow, i think all of you need to get laid, urgently.
  • R u criticizing someone for not getting laid, or was that just an observation? :D
  • Well boohoo!
  • =^.^= Kawaii!!!
  • That was an opinion based on observation of the responses to a statement of fact which may or may not have been intended to be a criticism.
  • Not sure what's the real reason behind price cuts, newer price correction comi,g or not enough preorders. I guess only when the real date comes we will know.
  • No pre orders until today on
  • Truthfully I was going to buy it at first regardless of price but for $650 for the XL. I think im going wait a bit. Although for $550, Im willing to get it as soon as it is released.
  • I don't think MS knows what to price these phones at...
  • Seeing price cuts only makes me want to wait on buying one. Same thing on Surface 4. I am waiting because they keep offering special discounts like today and trade ins. Does not help sales on a product that should have pent up demand.
  • Waiting on price cut to the Surface 3..
  • The trade in on my sp3 would be max 700 bucks, when I just paid almost $1800 for it (and all my accessories to go along with it) last year. I bought it with the profits from my sale of a macbookpro I hated for 8 months. No thanks. This SP3 still runs perfectly and looks new. (Of course if I could get my husband to take it and I'd get a new loaded SB, that's a trade i'd take...).
  • People in the UK, and Europe in particular complained the prices weren't competitive.... I guess Microsoft listened :)
  • How are there price cuts already?
  • Because no one is pre ordering these phones anywhere.
  • Are they up for pre-order anywhere?
  • Lies.
  • There would be more preorders if there was a definite release date.
  • Or a better looking flagship :S
  • Which is solved by a Mozo back.
  • Probably just adjusting to current local market conditions?
  • Oh cool it's finally November, which is when Microsoft said the 950 will launch. But still no release date for their own country. Great job MS.
  • Probably because it's one of the countries that buys them the least. Windows phone market share in Italy is around 3 times more than here for example, and it's higher than US in most European countries
  • Retailers can always decide their own pricing, and Amazon virtually 100% of products want to show a price that is below the MSRP. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Probably a late adjustment to currency valuation changes.
  • Don't bring logic into this...
  • Do we get a refund if Microsoft cuts their losses and terminates Windows Phone after we are already using it?
  • You trying to be smart everywhere and failing everywhere. By your "logic" why only the black model is discounted ...I don't know french but I can still understand this: Prix conseillé :
    EUR 599,00 Prix :
    EUR 562,49 LIVRAISON GRATUITE Détails Économisez :
    EUR 36,51 (6%)   Tous les prix incluent la TVA.  
  • Price cuts before the official launch are weird but common. It may be a corrected price after tax and shipping costs. Each country has it's own rules and laws that eventually influence the price of the product you are buying.
  • It's 504€ in Lisbon's FNAC. Great price.
  • Lets just hope they get cheaper at fnac
  • seems only the black (950) is reduced on white is still 599€
  • £464 for the xl please Amazon UK!!!!!!?????
  • Wait 2 months and they probaly around the 400/450 euro
  • Like my 928. Bought it from MS for $560, very soon it was 300something
  • That's what I will do. Not that the lumia 950 isn't worth it. But the price of a Lumia 930 (icon) also dropped dramatically in just 3 month's after release in the Netherlands. I saved a big some of money bij just waiting.
  • I don't think so. To high specced. Look what happened with the also high specced Lumia 1520. Price stayed high for a long time.
  • Are we going to see commercials for these phones on TV? If not, is Microsoft going to tell us what they're smoking or not?
  • How are they supposed to advertise it if nobody even has it yet.. It's still on preorder stage
  • Uh so people can buy them?
    You know the purpose of advertisements
    Are you stupid or something. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No you sound stupid. To buy it one has to go to store and get right away not waiting God knows how long. MS doesn't have it, nowhere.
  • You've never heard of a teaser trailer?
  • Wow, never go into advertising.
  • Ads are not for pre-ordering, specially not for a product that doesn't have a release date yet.
  • Unless its Apple and we are talking about the New iPhone. Commercials always Start right after the Keynote with preorder info. By Apple and all big carriers who will offer the device.
  • They need to know the release date before they start rolling the ads
  • Hhhhhh, good one
  • You'll have to contact Microsofts marketing department for that question.
  • What time in India?
  • Haha. This^. Would definitely love the pre-launch price cuts though. :P
  • 6:34 in the morning, second Thursday next week.
  • Yes, cause people won't be running off returning them only for not having snapchat...
    WM will be known for not having snapchat long before it does have....
  • I preordered in the US at the Microsoft store about a week ago. That doesn't count?
  • Yeah but you don't know when you'll receive it
  • Yeah, the article is incorrect about no preorders in the US, the physical MS stores are taking no money down preorders.
  • Went to buy a band for $99 with a free screen protector today and they told me phones have been pushed back again with no real release date here in the US other than this holiday season which idk wtf that even means. Posted via BlackBerry or Mumia phone. sometimes temporary awful android.
  • Lumia not Mumia :P
  • Lmfao Mumia
  • Mum ya'
  • Cumbia Fon
  • "which idk wtf that even means".... Best comment today! Love it.
  • "holiday season" would have to be in the next six weeks. But think about this. These are the first windows 10 phones, and windows 10 mobile hasn't even gone RTM yet, and no expected date when it will. Once the software goes RTM, we'll have a better idea when these phones will see the light of day.
  • Yeah, they need a RTM version that receives good feedback from the insiders. If it goes well, could be 2 builds from now and if they have the phones assembled, they just need to flash the builds and pack them
  • I'll get it when it drops to $99 until then, I'll watch this failure from afar.
  • So, hoping MS drops price to match. £70 is a huge amount
  • Unlikely. All prices are jacked up in the UK. Microsoft will sprout some shit about local taxes, despite VATs in most EU countries being broadly the same...
  • Yup. I've preordered from MS whilst I wait to see what happens. Its on @ £529 on Amazon UK currently.
  • Aye, " sprout some shit"...I'm thinking you mean spout?
  • Just buy it from!!
  • How do the prices compare to the competition? Here the 950 is about 150€ cheaper (vs 6s and edge) and comes with the Continuum-dongle.
  • Off topic, but where the hell is #AskDanWindows ?
  • Probably best to ask Dan :)
  • Is it not a scheduled thing? Every saturday??
  • I reckon he's doing the surface book review.
  • Video is now on YouTube, article will be here soon
  • Thanks dude
  • It is cheaper for me to get it from Amazon France (I'm in the UK). At least for the 950XL.
  • I just got one 950xl for €12,-. Expected delivery on 3-12. What a deal!!!!
  • 12 euros?
    That is a missprice - and you will NEVER get it for that amount.
    But enjoy the excitement before the inevitable disappointment ☺
  • Sarcasm
  • It's November now... so why can we still not preorder these phones in the US on Microsoft's website ?? I mean really, it's comical at this point.
  • Because Windows Mobile 10 is still a long way being ready or useful.
  • The latest build on my phone disagrees.
  • LOL ingnorance...
  • Lol, you can't spell even with spell check mother fucker ..."ingnorance"....Hi pot! I'm kettle, holy shit, that's funny...
  • A typo in my comment doesn't make him less ignorant about the current state of w10m build. And you should try not to insult kid ;)
  • Actually the latest build is very good. It is very fast and stable. No where near the issues of loading and resuming it has had in the recent past. Battery life still leaves something to be desired, but I suspect my battery may have become conditioned. I suspect RTM will be announced soon.
  • No pre orders in Aus yet either... Not complaining but it would be nice to have a rough date.
  • Im pretty certain theyve removed the prices aswell. No matter how many times i check, the prices dont show anymore.
  • As a consumer, I'm only happy to see prices fall. As a Windows fan--well....
  • Have just checked the Aussie Microsoft store and they no longer have prices listed. Maybe they are going to adjust their prices too. Think the 950 was $1100 from memory
  • Orange South Africa is probably importing it from Europe, coz the price is just crazy high.
  • Sucks being so far from Europe. Only Australia has it worse I think.
    I'm going to wait for July 2016 before thinking about getting a 950xl. So far I'm not encouraged by Microsofts dithering.
  • Still way over priced for the mass market. When these phones are priced at £350 then they will begin to sell in reasonably big numbers.
  • That's just stupid.
  • Maybe you should just buy a midrange phone then.
  • When you can get a Moto X for £300, it shows that Lumia 950 is way over priced. everyone else can see that.
    BTW I got Lumia 640 for £120, last week which is pretty reasonable.
  • Maybe you should go get one of those for yourselves then.
  • Jules that sounds trolllish at its best.
    Do you know the prices for the new Droid turbo 2 off contract? I'll go 950 series over Turbo2 andMaxx all day
  • And ninze zillion others will take a Moto X or Droid Turbo on Next or Edge and not worry about the 600+ price tag. Its just how it works now...
  • Yes but the phone must be "nice" to see too...Put a 950 side by side with an Edge or an iphone6/S, what phone will you buy if you were an average user who does not distinguish an amoled from a super tft ...?? :(
  • They weren't meant for the mass market.
  • Heaven forbid MS make a mobile name for itself by selling a shit ton of phones
  • Can't windowscentral just put timed opinion articles etc on weekends just so they can be on vacation but we still have something to read? It may sound selfish but i do get bored and frustrated clicking the refresh button to see if new articles have popped up already. Im an ocd wc reader. ^_^
  • I was deployed to different part of the world earlier this year and the articles came at really odd times for my local time zone, that was just as you describe, clicking on the refresh button constantly with no result.
  • I feel you.
  • Or maybe you can pick up a book or something during those times instead of pressing the refresh button, and do something productive with your life
  • This website's purpose isn't to enlighten us or make us more compatible with the world, it's to deliver Windows orientated news to people who crave it, whenever they feel they want it, wherever they are, if all need sites took the weekend off it wouldn't be forgiven, not should this I'm afraid (the world we live in sadly)
  • Hell will they ever release. Been waiting almost a year for a new line of phones. Getting shitty in is now November give a real release date.
  • But.... Will they get the display dock free too? No mention..... UK MS site says only when purchased from a UK supplier....
  • I preordered mine in the US from a physical store. Weird that they haven't started on their site yet.
  • This info has to be taken with caution. Amazon France is adjusting his price with another shop,, which is cuting down prices on many products for a limited time. It's possible that the price will go up again once the offer is over.
  • What explains MS's decision not to have started pre-orders in the US? It seems bizarre to me.
  • Please let these phones sell well. I'm still upset about the end of the Zune. Hell, I'm still upset about the end of the Dreamcast
  • LOL me too. I still have my Zune.
  • Aaah Dreamcast and it's gd-roms, boot cd, jet set radio, crazy taxi, shenmue... Good good times
  • To me, it looks like their statement about not catering to markets and carriers that don't support Windows phone is playing out. Here the US, we've already seen that with Verizon and I'm afraid me be seeing it with the US market as a whole.
  • They will probably sell better in Europe. That's my guess.
  • Yep, we don't have your crazy carrier situation. I think we are also more receptive to an underdog story - which is probably why the UK and other European markets are still providing strong support for Windows Phone.
    I hope W10M is a success. It's so smooth and elegant compared to Android! & iPhone's are prohibitively expensive and so very bland
  • Maybe cause you on US never appreciated Lumia lines (2.7%), EU is different. In Italy for example Lumias are the II most diffused os (after android). Maybe Microsoft loves Europe more now :)
  • No matter what the price is...I'm waiting here in India for preorder...
  • Rumours has it that the launch date has been postponed after Diwali.
  • Argh! The wait is killing me!
  • Early November... mid November... late November... into December. OK Windows Central, let's just admit that we don't know when they're to be released.
  • Coming soon
  • Classic MS. Have an unveiling, get people pumped and release the phone 3 months later when the Galaxy S series is coming out.
    By then no one but windows enthusiasts will even remember what windows mobile is.
  • Price cuts for the win! They should just release the phone with preview software to those who want it. And go live for(normal) people when the os is ready.
  • Yeah available to those who have been in the insider program ASAP.
  • That is what they will do. W10M is not ready for general release until year end.
  • That sounds like a great idea. Release their new flagship with preview software and guarantee a subpar experience. That couldn't go wrong. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just wait 3-6 months if you're on the fence. Price cuts happen they will..mhhhmmm.
  • The comments section of this site is the biggest golden shower I have ever read....
  • Into wet work eh Jack? To each their own
  • When in United States?!
  • Dutch MS store says: Order now, delivery BEFORE 30 november.
  • I thought MS was trying to get these phones out in time for the holidays. That window of opportunity will close in about 3 weeks. If they don't have these phone available and heavily marketed by thanksgiving, then they are going to severely limit themselves in sales.
  • This!!!
  • Awsomsauce u would not be saying that If u got paid
  • So UK folks...order from France!! 950XL is £462 on todays conversion rate!!!
  • £466.48 delivered to uk....hmm
  • Man these phones are awesome! If it was early 2015...I moved on from the dead WM10 ecosystem...Nexus 6 is best phone I have ever had, and cost $349! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I use an Android phone as well, but that comment is simply just trying to make people mad.  If you don't care about the ecosystem, no need to comment.
  • This is a public forum and he's entitled to his opinion. He can comment all he wants.
  • On the contrary, I think he has a point. Comparing the windows ecosystem from early 2015 and now, things have changed. And nexus 6 is a good phone indeed.
    And he does acknowledge that these new phones are great. :P
  • True ;)
  • Nexus 6 uses Snapdragon 805. That is so 2014.
  • I have signed up at ee and Carphone Warehouse, still surprised not to have had an email from them yet. I do expect one in the next week though, allowing up to a 30 day window before availability.
  • I'm signed up to both also. In surprised ee haven't sent out anything, the xl sounds like a beast, and a great fit with lte.
  • EE don't seem bothered, Imo. Not much on their site (which is awful anyway). Carphone Warehouse in store rep told me they would release week 1 December. In other news, when will notification emails from wc open the app again?
  • When in India?
  • This article needs to be corrected: • The black Lumia 950​ is indeed at 562.49€ But the white model stays at 599. T​hat being said, you may find the Lumia 950 even cheaper at 549€, at for the next few hours too.
  • Price cut in US possible? I am still holding off my preorder of most likely the last generation of windows phones
  • I don't think these will be the last generation of windows phone, but I do think they will be the last Lumias
  • I think they already see the lack of demand or interest n hence are cutting prices pre release accordingly. Good news for those who want to buy it :)
  • I forget, when do they go on sale? Posted via Spaceship One
  • Pre orders are available in the US at Microsoft stores. I have mine for the XL.
  • I'm still wondering why no online store preorders. Maybe if they actually opened up orders they could at least get a figure of how popular the phone/s may be
  • anyone want to complain about the bezel???
  • Dat bezel though!!! I can't wait to get it in my hand and complain about it every day!! ;-)
  • has anyone ever seen a fully priced product of any kind on Amazon? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, Amazon isn't as cheap as it used to be. Many things sell at or very close to retail. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That may be but my point was different: nothing on Amazon sells at MSRP (note: actual retail is not the same as MSRP), and as such the 950/XL being priced by Amazon below MSRP is a non-story.
  • Now that's not very affordable. In my country you can buy a bride AND a flock of ten goats at that price :P
  • Which country is that? I need a bride and have ten goats to spare :-)
  • Please tell me you are not from Africa. I don't need the embarrassment.
  • I'm from Africa. They want cows in my country. I'm just trying to get a better deal from OP
    :-D Posted from my Note 5
  • Actually I'm from Serbia and my post was a badly disguised Borat reference :) Btw we don't usually have arranged marriages, unless the goats can code in C#.
  • 950XL I'll get! Not waiting to exhale!
  • I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, now that's its here I'm not even excited. Finally the hardware is tempting but then I think of the app situation and I've had it. Been on windows phone since since the 920 débuted. Going back to iPhone for now. I hope the app situation is remedied by the time the surface phone is out. Truly love the OS, but feel like my feet are tied together without the right apps I need in my life.
  • I understand whole heartedly. But I have really been giving the browser based alternatives to some of my missing apps a try and I'm really not missing anything. 2 things keep me at bay. (print from email) yes I'm a broken record but it irritates me. And my bank app. I have a small town Bank and they just updated android app with picture pay and debit card on/off switch. :-\ web site can't do the things. (still getting the 950xl. Can't help myself)
  • Get a nexus. Use it for 6 months. If you still hanker for a windows phone sell it and buy a reduced price Lumia. Simples.
  • You can preorder in the US in a physical Microsoft store. I preordered my 950XL when I picked up my Band 2 last Friday. Apparently they were taking preorders the day after announce. Got a receipt for $0 - come in on launch day and they'll have one waiting for you (along with any other goodies like they did for Band 2 who preordered in store.). Of course, only us within range of a physical Microsoft store have the luxury. I bet it'll go up for preorder in the US online in the next week or two.
  • I went into the Oak Brook Microsoft Store today. Disappointed to not get to try out a 950/950XL. How can you sell a phone that doesn't exist in the physical form for a customer to try? Also, 1 Surface Book for the whole store. There were people waiting to try it. Totally inexcusable. These guys just continue to "F" up their marketing/sales platforms. I want to scream at their board to wake the "F" up. There should be 6 Lumia 950XL's next to 6 Surface Book's right when you walk in. If you don't have the product to show......don't announce it yet. I'll get a Lumia 950XL when I know for sure it will work on T Mobile and I can actually try it out. No preorder here.
  • Cash in hand waiting for a 950XL >.<b
  • They are already cutting prices and the phone hasn't even had a launch date set!? It is already not looking good for these devices. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But it's looking good for the customers. MS simply doesn't have the fan base like Apple "I'll buy anything that's shiny and made by Apple", so they must compete on functionality and price. And I think they'd do better if they simply lower the prices instead of burning money on advertising. Oh and they should definitely bribe sales assistants in stores, because as it is now they are not likely to recommend Windows Phones. At least that's the situation where I shop.
  • It isn't beneficial to customers when Microsoft kills support when they fail miserably. It wouldn't be the first time for Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The price cuts were a bad move this close to availability.
  • I'm hoping for a 950 XL for under $500 by Christmas.
  • "Microsoft is still expected to beging shipping the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL sometime in late November through early December in various markets." Oh really?  Since when was this said and who said it?  I have seen is rumors that the phone will ship from "early November", some say "mid November" and some say at the "end of November".  I have not seen anything about waiting until "early December" before shipping.
  • Donno but Denmark is usually a pro MS country and we all get them from December 3rd.
  • All Danish carriers combo the 950xl with a free display dock. Though it is actually MS that provides the free dock through a coupon with the phone. Way to go MS. Can't wait to December to get my new phone. Edit: Some carriers you get as much as 192$ off with a 6 month contract... Nice though our phone cost 840$ to begin with lolz
  • Let the price cuts go even deeper . Release date being pushed back probably due to rare earth metal being scarce and production being slow or negotiations, with those countries with those metals, deteriorating. Hoping it is just MS building hype...prob forced by above issues.
  • I prefer wait the ACER primo ...
  • So, when in Saudi Arabia? My 1520 dropped again last night. And all I can do with it is via Cortana! I badly need an upgrade!
  • When these phones will be available in india
  • Bah I wonder how much ee will burn me for an early upgrade?
  • You people are idiots fighting over MEANINGLESS politicians who don't address the real issues.