Lumia Black hitting Nokia Lumia 920 on Rogers today

Attention Canada: Nokia Lumia 920 owners on Rogers can expect to see the Lumia Black firmware update made available today. The Lumia Black update incorporates Windows Phone 8 Update 3 started rolling out across the globe two months ago, so Canada's largest carrier has been a bit slow on the uptake. But according to an update roadmap post in the Rogers Community Forums, 920 owners on Rogers are scheduled to start seeing Lumia Black today (three days after Samsung Ativ S users on Rogers saw GDR3)

Lumia Black brings several new features to the 920, including support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE and new colors and notifications for the Glance lock screen.

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You want to know how to get Lumia Black on your Rogers Lumia 920, don't you? Good. Just open settings, tap on Phone Update, and the select check for update to beginning the process. It might take a little while for things to propogate, but Rogers says they're pulling the trigger on Lumia Black for the Nokia Lumia 920 today — in fact, [users in our forums] report that they're downloading it right now!

Rogers users, let us know, how's Lumia Black treating you on your 920?

Source: Rogers Community Forums, Thanks to deckem in the Windows Phone Central Forums for the tip!

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