Lumia Black hitting Nokia Lumia 920 on Rogers today

Attention Canada: Nokia Lumia 920 owners on Rogers can expect to see the Lumia Black firmware update made available today. The Lumia Black update incorporates Windows Phone 8 Update 3 started rolling out across the globe two months ago, so Canada's largest carrier has been a bit slow on the uptake. But according to an update roadmap post in the Rogers Community Forums, 920 owners on Rogers are scheduled to start seeing Lumia Black today (three days after Samsung Ativ S users on Rogers saw GDR3)

Lumia Black brings several new features to the 920, including support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE and new colors and notifications for the Glance lock screen.

You want to know how to get Lumia Black on your Rogers Lumia 920, don't you? Good. Just open settings, tap on Phone Update, and the select check for update to beginning the process. It might take a little while for things to propogate, but Rogers says they're pulling the trigger on Lumia Black for the Nokia Lumia 920 today — in fact, [users in our forums] report that they're downloading it right now!

Rogers users, let us know, how's Lumia Black treating you on your 920?

Source: Rogers Community Forums, Thanks to deckem in the Windows Phone Central Forums for the tip!

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  • My poor 620 will be the last one. :'(
  • eh, at least you don't have an 810 (wind user, so 920 and 810 for my wife here) least she cares less about what her phone does past being a phone and skype...
  • At least the Developer Preview puts GDR3 and 8.1 on it (I'm wondering if T-Mobile is just waiting for 8.1 to come out? Fingers crossed, because my brother and sister both have the 810 and I feel bad for them).
  • I think we will have to wait for new devices...
  • I doubt T-Mobile even cares about Windows Phone. No leaks for new devices, no GDR3 or Black update, and they lose the 925 exclusive to AT&T. Even the employee at the T-Mobile store didn't even seem to care about them. I went specifically there to get the 925 so there was no problem, but I got the impression that he would never recommend that to anyone. I even heard from my brother who went the following week that the same employee was saying how the 925 didn't have "true" LTE (I'm assuming he means the 20+20 network).
  • Time to write them a breakup letter...
  • i think the reason why it is taking tmobile so long is because of Wifi calling. They have the most customized version of the OS due to Wifi Calling and that is causing the delay. Wifi Calling as is on GDR2 is super buggy and they are probably adressing the issue in GDR3. It will come.
  • Does the "T" in T-Mobile stand for Turtle?
  • I very much doubt that because WiFi calling is an app by it self, I tweeted them every day, maybe we all should so they know we r not happy with their support. @TMobileHelp
  • What support? I can't seem to find it.
  • Wifi calling is not just an app. Tmobiles Wifi calling is built on the UMA standard. there is a underlying code that must run on the phone to get the Wifi Calls to pass through
  • black is available i just applied it using nokia software reovery tool v1.1.1 Go For IT!!!
  • only if they dont push drivers firmware out that has been tested with a rc version 8.1 before 8.1 that well have to wait
  • T-Mobile only announced that they won't release the Update 2 and Update 3 update for the Nokia Lumia 810, they haven't announced that they won't update the device at all. Beside, we've seen something simular with Windows Phone 7, the 7.8 update. I don't remember what device it was, but it was announced that it would not get the Windows Phone 7.8 update and that it would stick on the Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh version, only to get Windows Phone 7.8 a couple of weeks later (not that long).
  • The HTC HD-7 on T-Mobile US never got the 7.8 update. Had to force it.
  • Lumia 710 would not get latest update..dont remember which update though
  • I had to manually update my Lumia 710 to 7.8. Finally got the 925 last month and now this again...
  • I am not waiting that long.  If GDR 3 doesn't come out for the 810 I am buying a 920 or 1020 and heading to aio with as many people as I can take with me. I have to believe the cost of releasing the update would surely be less than the cost of marketing to overcome the negativity of not.
  • Yeah, i'm running the preview on hers and will get 8.1. It's one of those "it sucks, but, at least its her phone and not mine" situations. Until my phone can do something hers cant and she wants the feature...
  • What's up with that, I'm almost bursting with fury right here, that's so fucking annoying, how the hell did the 520 get it before the 620, come on Nokia
  • Finally...!!
  • That's good news
  • Im crying
  • Was just about to tip this - installing as I type! Can't wait for the extra Glance goodies.
  • Where is my mobile update?
  • 925 t-mobile?! :(
  • How can t-mobile be so freaking slow...
  • Exactly
  • ahhhhhhh.......
  • Is there something in Lumia Black that is essential compared to Update 3? I run Update 3 on my Lumia 521 from T-Mobile without issues.
  • For me it is the glance screen notifications. I have glance on all the time and it finally gives me the ability to see if I have any missed messages, emails, or phone calls without having to hit the power button. I equate it to the lovely red LED blinker on BlackBerry devices that I liked so much.
  • tmobile lumia 925 black is available i just applied it using nokia software reovery tool v1.1.1 Go For IT!!!
  • Start downloading at 13:00 and still installing right now. But i've been waiting for so long that 1 hour is nothing ;)
  • Thanks T-Mobile. Your obviously on top of it. My Lumia 925 is very happy to be a part of your shitty network to also be disappointed about not getting updates promptly. Thanks.
  • +925 * 100
  • Ugh...
  • And 620 where
  • The length of your install time is inversely proportional to the amount of free space on your phone, i.e. the less space available on your phone, the longer the installation will take.
  • Thanks for the heads up, going to delete some stuff before updating.
  • Aboot time, eh?
  • OMG took them long enough!  checking for updates now.
  • What about Latin America? Sigh
  • At this rate, when my 520 get this update there will be already WP 9.
  • Wooot!! Finally!!
  • Downloading right meow!
  • Oh, you are a cat.
  • Yaaaaaaaaaa been waiting for black... Thanks Rogers..
  • Still waiting on T-Mobile... Ugh...
  • Me too
  • Awesome I got my update on my phone and I love it.
  • Went and checked as soon as I saw this and its downloading now. Today is actually the first day in 3 weeks that I didn't check it myself when I woke up. Go figure lol
  • What about my 925 T-Mobile ? :[
  • ......
  • And I actually thought that we'll NEVER see it on Rogers (due to not exactly stunning sales of 920). Downloading it now... YES!
  • rogers is wierd like that. thier's(& other canadian carriers)  wp7 devices got updates before US carriers(probably because they dont do extensive testing)
  • I think there's also the issue of timing. It seems it was a busy period for Rogers in terms of updates, i.e. it wasn't only WP but also a whole slew of Android phones receiving KitKat.
  • thats trues aswell plus i can assume their focused on the 1020 more so than ony other wp8 device
  • Also i saw the country varíant in México, released today
  • Currently downloading
  • No T-Mobile yet huh.
  • This looks pretty embarassing for T-Mobile.  I am glad Nokia publishes it.  
  • When is coming for 620
  • Finally... downloading it now :)
  • Hahahah.. Sorry I had too
  • And i thought at&t sucked :-D
  • And there I was thinking, finally an "I hate att" free thread... :)
  • So, I was in the middle of updating L920 on Rogers with 30% battery and phone plugged into the wall, but the battery seems to have died and it won't come back on. When I hit the power button the dead battery icon shows-up on the screen. It has been doing that for about 30 minutes. Suggestions?
  • That sounds very odd.  My update went smoothly.  Did you have sufficient free space on your phone?  Sometimes if the phone is too full, it takes forever and with your phone being at 30% it may have not been able to charge fast enough?  I'm not sure.  I'm just guessing.  Maybe try a soft reset... I forgot the key combination i think Power + volume down?
  • Thanks for reply. Ended up getting it to go through. Unplugged phone and hit power button again. Phone turned on and continued install right away. Had a near full charge. Weird glitch, I guess; but its working fine now.
  • Don't worry, they have a Nokia phone recovery tool now. But you will lose your data. Google for the tool.
  • Oh woops, you're good now. Glad to hear.
  • It seems to me that Roger's has almost abandoned Windows Phone 8, and since it's the biggest carrier in Canada, it means that WP8 is a very rare breed in the Great White North. The only WP8 phone that Roger's ever displays is the 1020. I don't see the 520 anymore, and forget about the 1520. And now we finally get the Black update, way too late. If Nokia/Microsoft wants to improve sales in canada, relying on Roger's is not a good idea. Make a deal with Bell or Telus; they couldn't do any worse than Roger's.
  • While true, not entirely true.   Bell has pretty much stopped selling Windows Phones in general.  Rogers at least pushes Windows phones and tablets, but obviously not as much as it should.  TELUS has been pretty good with Windows Phone from the start, they have this beautiful glass box in front of the my local TELUS that has 3 Lumias on a pedestal lol.   Rogers' problem is keeping up to date with hteir phones.  They approve updates to the newest phones but take FOREVER to approve updates for older phones (and the 920 isn't even that old!).
  • I'm using a Rogers branded L920 w/ T-Mobile USA and I was checking daily for LB. I'm happy it's installed and working smoothly, but I can only imagine when Rogers will push WP8.1 - I may have to pick up a new device if they wait past August/September. =|
  • Not sure if we can expect any more firmware updates for the Lumia 920, by April it'll be past the age of 18 months...from then on, I'll be satisfied with the Developer Preview update.
  • I'd try the Preview for Developers app that Microsoft has out. That should get you any new software releases as Microsoft releases them. Just no firmware updates which is controlled by Nokia and ultimately the carrier. I'm looking forward to 8.1 in April /May.
  • Right, I have looked into that. If I'm not mistaken, there is a cost for creating an account? Any idea off hand how much?
  • Curious, how is the Black update "way too late"?
  • Well, I think the complaint is devices that aren't factory unlocked find themselves waiting a long time after Nokia/MS release an update. These updates go to the carriers and they take forever and drag their feet. Some are better than others but waiting over two months after a release is too long, IMHO.
  • They have the 625 on display in my town, so they're not just showing the 1020. They're still giving options for Windows Phone.
    There's probably a lot more to it other than them "abandoning Windows Phone". They obviously cycle through these phones, and I guess the 520 and 920 came to an end in their cycle. Maybe it's because of sales. You can't just assume Rogers is giving up on them or something.
    If anyone should be accused of giving up on Windows Phone it was Bell. Rogers still gets the best exclusives whether or not it's Windows Phones so it's pretty obvious why Microsoft relies on Rogers as the premier carrier.
  • Rogers announced the 625... So they have not completely abandoned the platform.. I suspect 8.1 you will see new phones, don't forget the 920 is over a year old, in mobile is on life support.  BTW I own a 920 and love it.
  • well see new phones in about 6 months now that the 700mhz auction is over
  • Let's hope this life support gets us to WP8.1, if not, I'll need to replace and sell my L920.
  • bell is an odd duck they are the only ones left selling the sgh-t899m new & @ full price still, telus was the 1st in Canada to have carrier billing for wp marketplace & rdio, Rogers adopted carrier billing in august but since gdr3 it stopped working(missing from wallet & "your default payment method is not valid for this purchase" is listed on confirm purchase screen
  • looks like rogers has finnaly taken notice. i recived their wireless e-newsletter today & they have decided to review(or rather rehash whats on the product page) the NOK L625
  • Just got to about 25% downloaded and then it said it could not perform update and restarted =( Guess I'll try again
  • FINALLY! Hooray :D
  • Yahhhhhh.
    I was waiting for ever :)
    Download now.....
  • Horray at last! Well, since fido started adding windows phone too (L625), i wish they will start adding higher end lumias.
  • thats good to see though most if not all rogers wp devices work with both networks oob(after you download the manufactures apn app) so ive herd
  • to bad though it has to be that phone of all models. its good for wp7 games
  • I didn't get mu glance colors :-(
  • i got it on my ativ s thursday night so their dates arnt to be considered proper
  • Yay! Thanks for the tip!
  • Downloading on my 920 as we speak. Looking forward to all the goodies that come with the update!
  • Oh yeah! Installing as we speak or as I write... Anyhow, thx WPCentral for the heads-up. Cheers.
  • Update to Black went smoothly on my 920. Took about 40 minutes in total. Everything seems to be working fine. Will now look at the new features.
  • For those worried about Rogers' continued commitment to the platform, I don't see a reason for worry. Rogers has consistently been adding one WP flagship a year since WP7 and they just added the 625, which is actually an improvement in commitment. There just aren't enough Canadian WP users to justify increasing the number of releases. Without an increase in platform interest, they need to bank on current users upgrading their existing handsets. Since that typically only happens every 2 years, it seems to me that they can't justify stocking new models that just aren't likely to move. I have no fear that Rogers will continue to support WP, I just don't see that support increasing unless we see a substantial uptick in consumer interest in WP.
  • At least TELUS got the 1020. I was hoping someone would pickup the 1520 or 1320 and by someone I mean Rogers or TELUS. I gave up on Bell a long time ago.
  • Ya, it would have been nice if one of them picked it up - Bell probably would have been the most realistic option since Rogers and Telus recently picked-up the 1020; but like you say, Bell is pretty useless when it comes to WP support. I also don't think that Telus is likely to increase whatever support they currently offer for WP devices. I went into a Telus store last week to look at the 1020 and asked the sales guy if they were selling. He said that they rarely move and also took the time to tell me that the camera was overrated. That is the third time that I've been in a store and had the salesperson actively try to advise me against owning a WP - that is both Rogers and Telus stores. Seems like WP is getting a raw deal from these companies at the corporate and retail levels.
  • I'd add to that that on two of those occasions the sales people were knocking WP for lacking some functionality that it actually possessed. I was surprised by how little even the sales people knew about WP8.
  • In Canada, Microsoft should just sell country variant Windows Phones unlocked. The WP consumer base in Canada is small, I don't think ROBELUS will mind giving unbranded WPs access to their networks.
  • Store clerks are so damn useless, most of them don't even know enough about the popular phones so when it comes to WP I have to school the clerks. I do alot of myth busting at TELUS stores.
  • Update completely installed without a hitch. Very nice!
  • Awesome! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Nice,
    Finally I can close different windows and FINALLY custom text notification sounds :-)
    Oh, and leys not forget about Photo Beamer.
    All I want now is WP 8.1.
    Bring it on Microsoft.
    Not 100% sure when... Something like two months I think?
    Do anyone know for sure?
  • Hey TE