Lumia Camera app likely to be expanded to all Windows Phones for Windows 10

As the Windows 10 event next week rapidly approaches, more information is slowly trickling out. A new Camera beta app has been found at the Store for internal use by Microsoft. Late last night, Jesse Leskinen managed to strip down the AppX file and side load it onto a Samsung ATIV S.

Images for the app provided to Windows Central by Leskinen reveal the familiar Lumia Camera app design, although it appears that some features unique to Lumia Denim like Rich Capture are not present.

Interestingly, the camera app lists HID (Human Interface Devices) Bluetooth support, although it is not clear in what context that would be useful for this app. Advanced Bluetooth format support is rumored for Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 and likely for Windows 10 as well.

Leskinen shares more about the Camera experience:

"For now this seems to be just the Lumia Camera app with no apparent GUI changes. This could be only for Lumias, but I think this will be for all phones as a version of this is also found on Windows 10 Technical Preview. Does not have any fancy camera options, but that's because my poor Samsung does not support them."

The app appears to not have been updated since October of last year according to its Store listing, meaning there is likely a newer version included in internal builds of Windows 10 for phones.

Currently, Lumia phones have at least two main camera apps, including the Microsoft default and Nokia's Lumia Camera. Combined with the numerous other Lumia camera apps like panorama, cinemagraph, etc. and it makes sense that Microsoft would want to consolidate things for Windows 10, especially since they now own the Lumia Camera app code.

Finally, Leskinen reveals that the Windows Previewer app that was recently found allows phones with 8.1 GDR1 and GDR2 configured for preview updates. That is a good sign for those with current Windows Phone devices, as the barrier to entry to the Windows 10 for Mobile preview appears to be quite low.

Microsoft is expected to announce a Phone Insider program this week for Windows 10 on mobile. Windows Central will be live in Redmond to cover the event, which happens Wednesday at 9 AM PT.

Thanks, Jesse Leskinen, for the information!

Daniel Rubino

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