Microsoft, Windows 10 for Phone and what is coming next week

With the holidays and CES now officially out of the way, the great beast, that is Microsoft, is slowly beginning to wake up again to kick off 2015. Already the company has launched a new phone (the ultra budget Nokia 215).

All eyes are now on the January 21 event on Microsoft's campus, including what it means for Windows Phone.

Phone Insider and real beta testing

By now, most people have connected the dots with the weekend release of the Phone Insider app. Since October 2013, Windows Phone users had the option for Preview for Developer program, an early peek at the new OS updates before they go to the carrier. When Windows 10 for desktop announced, those users got a similar program dubbed 'Windows Insider'.

Obviously, these two things are nearly the same idea, just a different name. The notion that Microsoft would align these two programs – with Insider taking priority – should not be a surprise. Of course, this is unlikely just a name change too, as Windows Insider users get both fast and slow ring updates, depending on preference.

Microsoft's Gabriel Aul recently "confirmed" that the Phone Insider app is more than something internal to the company. In a briefly worded tweet, Aul, who has become the public face of the Windows 10 team, noted "We'll talk more about the Phone Insider app on 1/21."

I mean, at this point, the writing is on the wall. Microsoft is apparently getting ready to announce and release a preview version of Windows 10 for Mobile/Phone on January 21.

Perhaps the downside of this Insider program is, like Windows 10 for desktop, the version of Windows 10 for phone may be a very early release of the OS. Microsoft Preview for Developer versions were not 'beta' releases, they were finalized builds released before the carrier approval process. Windows Phone Insider though may be a whole different bag with OS builds that are truly 'beta'.

Where is GDR2 (and what was it anyway)?

One thing I have noticed is that some people are really hooked on names. So even though Microsoft publicly never mentioned Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2, many were wondering where it is in 2015. Indeed, we were the first to report that Windows Phone 8.1 was to get two releases way back in April of last year.

As noted at the time, GDR1 and GDR2 was primarily focused on the nascent 3D Touch gesture system. It was an OS update timed for the release of McLaren, the 'flagship' Windows Phone that was to grace many carriers in the fall of 2014.

Of course, McLaren got canceled. No 3D Touch phone, less need to have that aspect of the OS build out there. No one is too sure what was on the whole release plate for GDR2 in addition that main feature. However, since GDR1 came out, there have been no fewer than four more updates to the OS, bringing a couple of new features like Data Toggle, Battery Saver Live Tile, Update scheduler, and other stability fixes.

Personally, I am not sure what the big deal is since we have had four updates (build 14219 was the last) and no one really knows what was supposed to be in GDR2 that we are missing. I guess I am missing the part where any of this is 'news' exactly. If McLaren was dependent on GDR2 and there is no more McLaren…

Interestingly, the latest public build of the OS is build 14226 , which can be found on some Lumia 535s and even my Lumia 930, which I obtained from Microsoft recently. This release suggests that some OS updates – at least on the official branch – are still in the pipeline, likely part of the ongoing Denim push. Whether this is GDR2 or something else, I am not sure.

To my knowledge, GDR2 is not canceled, it is just not as 'big' as GDR1, especially as resources go into Windows 10.

Wait and see

Finally, since the Microsoft event is only nine days away, I think we can all hold out a bit longer to see what Microsoft has in store. I think it is a bit dangerous to keep throwing rumors and unconfirmed hints out there that may eventually contradict what actually happens.

It should be clear that the consumer side of Windows 10, including mobile and phone, is on the agenda at this point, and that should be good enough to hold people over for the next week. In terms of new phones, no one to my knowledge is expecting any new hardware to be revealed. After all, this is about the OS, not new phones. Things like Mobile World Congress is ideal for new budget phones, while Microsoft's Build in April seems appropriate for talking about new high-end devices.

We'll just have to wait and see. Surprises are good, so just roll with it.

Pay attention to Windows Central on January 21 as we will be live at the Microsoft event, live blogging what happens, delivering interviews and getting at the nitty gritty.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Cool. Waiting..!!
  • Early build means many many bugs and that will slow down you phone, so that is not cool
  • Don't install it then ? i don't know what you want, a completed version for phones before W10 for PC ?
  • And why does the desktop version need to be first? Can't the mobile version come before it?
  • Because windows on a PC is much populorchoice over WP ?
  • Nobody knows how early it is. Regardless I am very certain MS won't release something that's an Alpha. It's at most going to be a relatively bug free beta and should be less buggy then any Windows 10 Tech Preview as that wasn't meant for consumers anyways. It was advised for system administrators and enterprise customers only and techies were allowed to try it out etc.
  • So developers and Insiders(fanboys with advanced computer knowlege) are average users? No, they aren't.
  • I have been more than satisfied with my Windows 10 Technical Preview. If I am going to get Consumer Preview of Phone build on my phone, I am very sure, it will be more stable than Technical Preview. In all, Win Win (pun intended).
  • It's optional! Honestly, there is no pleasing some people. No one breaking your arm to enroll and install, but you want your updates before market release, so get ready to roll the dice and tough it out if things go sour, you'll have no one to blame but yourself
  • Not necessarily
  • Kinda feel excited too
  • I think I'll get win10 before denim....
  • Unless you have either the 1520, 930 / Icon or 830 you won't be getting much with denim.
  • I have Denim on my 820
  • Nope, 1520 doesn't have denim yet.
  • the 1520.3 does
  • I hear you. My 1520 needs that denim update. Get on it AT&T!
  • This^^
  • Yup waiting on my AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 unlocked, Microsoft hurry up!
  • You must have a Verizon ICON.....
  • I have an Icon, but in all reality, it sounds like we're not that far behind when it comes to the Denim update. Now, as far as the Cyan update, ......grrr.
  • Yeah cool
  • Coming Soon(™) by MS. :|
  • Between kid cudi and Microsoft, my perception of "soon" has changed -__-
    Sucks that I love both things
  • I'm hoping that if I install this preview, like I did for 8.1 and I loved, it still allows me to use my phone as a normal phone - without so many issues that render it unusable. I realise that there will probably be a ton of bugs - which I can deal with, I just dont want it to do, say, stop texts from incoming, or make it drop connection randomly - something that would make my phone unreliable
  • So do you have a 8X too?  
  • No, I've got a 920, I'm just worried about the "beta" status - i want to take part - but i don't want my phone to stop working too...
  • LOL. It'll be okay. It's 2015... Render how far away that seemed? It will be here soon. :P
  • Sorry, but this time this is not "by MS", at least officially.
  • That's actually the main reason why Microsoft bought Mojang: so the former could use latter's Coming Soon™ trademark across all their products and services. Smart move.
  • Hahaha
  • Maybe that's why HP became a hardware partner too after the whole WebOS "in the coming months" lol
  • We're getting there :) I think Microsoft WP Team ♡.♡ is working really hard. IMHO. It really is "Reinvented Around You" Moto. It just takes time to make it work properly I guess
  • Lets hope so (fingers crossed)
  • For gods sake please release a snap chat app along side it too!
  • Erm..typo in first line? "out of the way" I guess?
  • Fixed. At least I got the other thousand words right SMH.
  • Lol
  • Just live blogging or there is also live telecast on internet???
  • Those details have not been announced yet. We'll find out more as we get closer.
  • Is there any word on what time the event will start, or is that yet to be announced also?
  • Can the people interested in the "insider" program do anything now (that we know of), in preparation for the 21st Daniel?
  • Daniel, as you mentioned about the Lumia 930, is it with Denim or with Cyan ?
  • Probably W10..... jk
  • Pat yourself on back for us Dan :)
  • Lol but only errors screw people!
  • Bring it on! My 730 is ready ! ;)
  • Same here.. Ready to unleash the 730. Hopefully the ever inconsistent double tap to wake wil be corrected
  • Try tap 3 times !
  • :D
  • It worked.. And its as inconsistent as the double tap to wake. I guess Microsoft finally got something consistently right
  • My spare 920 is ready lol and some Lumia 52X
  • Ohhh wait my heart
  • I am impressed. I am waiting Microsoft. Congrats to all windows phone users
  • All 198 of us can't wait!
  • Lol
  • Bad joke
  • Hey! You forget me...
  • Haha, call of the day so far @kingjah
  • Lol that was fcked up but funny. My kind of humor. Good poop
  • Lol!
  • Eagerly waiting........
  • When will this come to my Lumia Icon? 2025?
  • It will come when SpongeBob gets his license.
  • Lol!!
  • Hahaha lmao! I so agree with that..
  • Dang... How far off is that from very long time to never?
  • Fuck Verizon!
  • Well that'll be
  • I'm so glad
  • No leaks about windows 10 for phones. Microsoft is really doing well in keeping secrets.
  • Or it's no where near to being finished
  • Keeping secrets is really easy if one doesn't have any. Personally, I'm not holding my breath. It'll be a little bit tweaked UI, a completely new build and packaging system just to annoy the both remaining third party WP developers (and to suck up to the dev tools division, whatever they're called today) and that'll probably be it. Oh, and some new SoC support too, which is super-duper important for current phone owners being kept on a tight promise leash since Mango. But as for bugfixes, closing the gap towards feature parity with smartphone platforms and releasing new features to users not in the US....fool me once, shame on you, fool me (mango, apollo, blue) err...three times...then what?
  • Remember Surface, remember Band. ​ Microsoft did really well in keeping secrets.
  • Or they don't have much in the way to keep secret.
  • ^I m afraid if really they don't have anything to show off. It's just because of Nokia I m with Windows Phone. I am hoping win 10 for phone will bring something new for us.
  • I really hope windows 10 brings features really unexpected so that people can think of switching from android and ios so we get all the attention from developers
  • Sharing files in windows phone is a pain. When my friends ask me xender, flash transfer or others apps, I go blank.
  • Sharing files via Bluetooth on WP works just fine. I don't know what drugs your friends are on by the way.
  • They're app dependent :D
  • Really? Where do the pdf files sent via Bluetooth stored if not opened instantly? Curious.
  • Yes PDF files transfer is a pain.. We don't have a Bluetooth received folder which is a painful issue
  • IDK. Tell me.
  • dont go blank shariit, dukto, wifi sendser , easy transfer 
  • Is Bluetooth or OneDrive link to hard? Fine download Shareit. Find it in store, it is multiplatform.
  • Share it, Wifi Share are awesome apps to transfer any files through Wi-Fi & works on all platforms. Doesn't even need the same app on other device.
  • The Feem app can solve most of your file sharing issues. Its available for desktop, Android, WP and iOS. Enables even chatting amongst the clients and any file-type file transfer. Try it.
  • Oh common...use easy transfer. The other user even don't need the same app. And yes it also works with wifi. :)
  • Have you ever thought about using a service like Telegram Messenger? It has a desktop app with context menu sharing in Windows, and in addition, the phone app supports attachment of photos, videos, music, and documents with no file size limit like Whatsapp. I use it all the time to send files and such.
  • User shareit , easy transfer
  • Easy transfer and share it are available on WP, what's more, easy transfer works with any kind of Wi-Fi device, no need to run the app on the parallel device. #uniqueWPfeature
  • That would be awesome, but you're thinking too high
  • I would love hubs. Turn Notification center on and off, stability and speed improvements and call it a day. UI customization would be + ofcause.
  • That would mean Microsoft changing it's stripes. If this happens it would be very temporary.
  • Saving a video from email would be nice too!!!
  • Anxiously waiting for
  • I'm hoping to get a 930 at the weekend so I'll be using my 920 for whatever this is going to be.
  • +1 but rather a 930 ill be using my 1020 with PfD as daily driver and then have insider on my 920. On 12m rolling contract till 1020 successor or new flagship is announced.
  • They had better announce a kick ass successor to the 1020 soon. My contact worth ATT is up and the declining support for the 1020 is making a new subsidized iPhone 6+ mighty tempting.
    Get on it Elop!
  • I'm going to use my old 521 for the update. If Win 10 really can run on all devices supporting WP8, then the 521 will give that claim a run for its money.
  • And still no word on Denim for Icon...
  • No point in whining
  • The word was 'early 2015' but yeah, that is all that we know now.
  • Problem IS early 2015.....early could be Jan to March.... wish we had a closer date, will we see it in Jan, or do we have to wait till March ?
  • Do we know anymore about a fix for 925's randomly locking up mate? + can't seem to find the original article you guys published regarding it either... I think it included the 920's as well by memory?... One of mine has only just started doing it :(
  • They already said its going to be releasing denim for icon in early 2015. I think they said early Jan 2015......if this shit is a lie again in dipping Verizon.
  • Unless you have a signal availability issue, if you like WinPhone you should ditch Verizon at your first opportunity. Only att seriously supports us.
  • That's another reason why I chose att. I'm sure any new WP flagship, they will be all over it.
  • I live in southeast South Dakota, and whenever you dip down into Nebraska, ATT becomes nonexistent. That's why I have a Lumia Icon, otherwise I probably would have gotten a 925.
  • They never said January, just early 2015 and there's no official definition of early.
  • About time but it's going to be long till we get a complete WP 10..!! Though I won't install it via the app till it's updated twice or thrice..!!
    And waitin for a 1030 too..!!
  • Yes! Love you, MSFT
  • I'm waiting
  • Sleepless night
  • Sleep in the morning then :)
  • If it's a true beta build, then I'll be sure to buy a WIN BLU HD for it.
  • ^This
  • I really prefer the 730/5 instead of it
  • He meant it as an option I think. To update the blu phone without bricking his daily phone
  • Daily driver*
  • Yeah i'll be also getting a fuddu phone for it :p
  • What would be really impressive if they announce that availability will be on the 21st. I haven't seen nokia/Microsoft manage that yet.
  • Will my 1020 explode if I try this? :-\
  • only if you try it at home
  • LOL :-)
  • So go to a friend's house!
  • I think Ativ will explode :D
  • I'm worried about people using the insider program on their main phones, then complaining that its not perfect.
  • True, but MS probably needs the same kind of feedbacks they received with the technical preview of W10. Plus, I'll be more than happy to try the W10 beta on my L920 until I wait for September and the new devices :)
  • Not that they have truly acted on any of this feedback they've amassed?
  • Me too. Could easily install the beta on my Lumia 920 as well. It is just sitting there with a recent factory reset. Perfect to experiment with. Will probably try Denim first when it arrives.
  • Anyway about it, people WILL complain, just like anything else, It coudl be perfect in every way and someone will find a reason to bitch about it.... It's the nature of the beast...
  • Daniel,Be ready with your weapons ;)
  • Dishkyion. ..
    My phone is already on fire!
  • Lol!
  • Was I the only one noticing that one of the DP updates also brought a battery saver toggle which wasn't there before? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No you are not. I think someone mentioned it when the update hit devices. Nice touch though.
  • Nope.
  • Nope.
  • I noticed. But two updates ago.
  • Its like 2 ages agoo !! :P
  • I had no idea they added a data toggle until I read this post! Although the bitching about it I had noticed being absent. It all makes sense now.
  • Yup... But my four choices for toggle has been used up... Need a 5th on my 920
  • Hope we'll get windows 10 preview on 21 jan
  • Has a start time for the Jan 21 event been posted? Poked thru MSEvents web site but couldn't find anything.
  • Nothing yet. MS told it'll be announced as we gets closer to the event
  • Cool - thx!
  • Have a backup phone that I will give this a shot on:) Don't do it with your daily driver.
  • Yep. Most WP users should have an extra 520 or 635 available by now, or be ready to pick one up relatively cheap for testing app dev/ Win10.
  • +520
  • 635 that I picked up for 45 bucks during the Holidays from Best Buy.
  • So the wait is gonna end
  • Since I am seeing WP v8.10.15091 already in my Flurry logs, which is quite a big version bump since the latest 8.10.14219, I bet there could be GDR2 after all.
  • I think there has to be a GDR2. I remember reading on other sites that GDR2 brings an updated Bluetooth stack and a probable Settings page organization. Just because MS is announcing Windows 10 doesn't mean they are not completing the intended Windows Phone 8.1 lifecycle. But we really wouldn't be knowing unless they come clean on this.
  • I would be thrilled if everything it brought was settings reorg. and the usual performance + stability fixes. I mean, Windows 10 is where I am assuming all the new features will show up. I am still quite lost in the settings menu, and I am an advanced user who also tried his best in developing WP apps.
  • Yes, the settings menu is an embarrassment. I can't believe they've never fixed it!
  • Can anyone please share the link of the Phone Insider app?
  • Thank you so much. :D
  • My 1320 waiting to update!!!!
  • Nice photo of that iPhone. Looks like Apple can get their ads due even from a Windows site. ;)
  • Yea i was thinking the same thing, really makes you wonder what is going through the heads of those that makes a post. Seems like an ulterior motive, or something more, seeing how the article has nothing to do with apple.
  • You people are utterly ridiculous. Seriously. For one, that photo is of the cancelled McLaren smartphone, so totally relevant. Number two, not our photo, hence why no watermark on it. Not even sure why I am addressing this, as this is the dumbest thing I have read today.
  • I feel more and more sorry for you and the staff day by day. I'm also sorry I used to be one of the big complainers on here. It really is crazy the things people comment here. Big ups to you!
  • Man.. Obviously these people haven't been a part of windows central... If They new anything about what WCentral is all about, they wouldn't be posting this nonsense.. Sorry you guys have to deal with these type of people, Daniel..
  • Well the companies have a good working relationship
  • Why not think it this way - the Lumia looks more bolder and the camera is more capable than that of the iPhone's. :)
  • If everything is going well we can have a high end device 1020 successor shown in the article...a device is already testing in india which is operating on wp10.... Now at present I am looking for denim more than anything pls resume it soon...
  • Hey frm where did u got this news??
    And really a Lumia 1020 successor I in works?? I don't think so.
  • The showed image is 1030 metal once yet to be coming out...
  • And that "showed image" isn't an upcoming 1030, it's the cancelled McLaren...
  • Few days ago, Daniel confirmed there will be a successor to the 1020 coming soon.
  • Have your been reading those "power user" sites?
  • "...a device... on wp10..." Source?
  • Can't wait for the update anymore..... I hope it comes on 21st Jan and its not bugy (at least we can make phone calls, txt, email, etc unlike android's cyanogen).....
  • If it works like how the current desktop Windows 10 Preview works, then you can definitely expect a few rough edges.
  • However, Windows 10 for Phone should be a consumer preview, which should be considerably smoother and more fleshed out than the current Windows 10 Technical Preview, which is geared toward developers and enthusiasts, not consumers.
  • I'm wondering how they'll be updating ARM tablets to a preview program?  I haven't seen any insider apps that I can install on my tablet yet.
  • WP is also ARM. Maybe it will come later or just an normal update who knows
  • As Scotty would say, "it's exciting, isn't it?" =P
  • Sounds good!
  • I hope that this Microsoft upcoming event not just a "meh". Include more innovation+features in this OS. It's 2015 already. Time to shine Microsoft Windows Phone!
  • Even if they have features to show, they can't reveal too many of them as it will still be at least 6 months before release. The others would copy and improve upon the features in that time.
  • I really hate that copy+improvise thing. Hope they will put patent on some of it.
  • The main thing I want to see is if Universal Apps are being used on Windows 10 smart phones because there is still an Apps gap in Windows smart phones enough for some People using other smart phones eco systems to not consider using Windows smart phones. Universal Apps tech may inspire Apps makers to make more Apps for Windows Smart phones and Tablets 
  • Say Smartphones one more time, I dare you motherfucker, I double dare you. Just kidding, but seriously though, no need to repeat the same thing over and over lol.
  • Honestly, that just made my whole day. Although my colleagues are wondering why I laughed so loud.
  • Also if MS adds the x86/x64 applications to the windows store that should rocket the total number of apps out of the stratosphere and in process shut up the naysayers who are so fixated with the total number of apps available for an ecosystem.
  • Lol yeah the total number would rise but most of those"legacy" apps are not designed or suitable for touch input.
  • Really... You used the words "smart phone" way too many times. To the point the only thing I can remember from your comment without reading it again is "smart phone smart phones smart phone".
  • I prefer to use more distinguished terms like "devices" and "mobile devices" rather than smartphone. Smartphone just sounds so 2009.
  • ​Smartphone is the proper term for all smart phones. The only way to call smart phones. "mobile devices" can be any device. ​ ​
  • Finally news I wanted to hear from Windows Central ! :)
  • Is there a live stream??
  • Yup.
  • Hopefully this should clear the air.
    Personally can't wait, 9 days to go!
    Hope there is a live stream for the event.
  • I wonder if it's a good idea to install these betas on my daily driver. Guess I'll wait for early feedback before making my mind.
  • I'll wait for early feedback too. I don't have a secondary device, so it would have to be on my daily driver.
  • If this time MS try to fucked up then i'll leave WP forever ..... 
    So better MS should show something that WP user wants.... 
    The middle finger to iOS and Android 
  • Exactly how I feel....I hate being in the dark with apps.
  • So, about the "Spartan" browser, will it come out with the W10 official release?
  • Did you read it here or some where else? Nobody really knows..
  • YES. Definitely.
  • On the exact same day that Windows 10 is officially released.
  • I'm a p4d user but am not getting this 'beta' phone insider app now
  • Finally gud news!!!
  • go Microsoft.
  • Thank you so much Daniel for the news..i am really sorry for bad comments previously
  • Fingers crossed for 21st January.
  • I just want Flac and MKV support.
  • Windows 10 - Wait and See
  • Installed Phone Insider nut can't log in. Maybe it's not functional unto there are downloads to get or it's only ne
  • It should be activated when 21 hits or something, don't worry :)
  • Loving Microsoft Team ♡.♡ :)
  • I'm so excited! But I'm not sure about installing a beta build on my phone yet :/ I guess I'll have to wait and see then...
  • Waiting for more in windows 10
  • 1st offically release denim update..
  • Why if can get 10 anyway?
  • I would love to get 10. But still waiting for denim Cv update.
  • Even when we get Windows 10, the firmware is still going to be an integral part of the experience. The firmware updates have nothing to do with the particular OS that is being run.
  • I am not getting a point! However Microsoft is releasing windows 10, why are they letting gdr2 win 8.1??
  • As per the article. Gdr1&2 are related to 3d touch and sensing.
  • I haven't got denim yet for 1020,India :(
  • where the heck is Lumia denim..? Been waiting.. Lumia 1520.1
  • Microsoft wiki wiki
  • Guys check fb. Windows phone lovers have posted new music app overhall! Its damn amazing!
  • No. Look wise current design is better. Though buttons need some find tuning. I just wish light colour option to match light color profile
  • No man. The latest design looks more awesome. But anyway difference of opinion.
  • Link ?
  • Wish you guys would read. Its a concept
  • I now use the Lumia 1020 , but since then I wait Nokia produce smartphone better than Lumia 1020. 
    But after Microsoft takes over Nokia , still nothing can replace the high end Lumia 1020. 
    It would be nice if Microsoft released a lot of budget phone , but the production of 
    high end must also be consistent with the development of technology.  I expect smartphones from Microsoft after this is for high end Lumia . Maybe with a screen 5 or 6 inches , 
    with a micro memory card,battery life is more longer, with more modern UI and OS, new features for live tiles 
    ( possibly with floating live tiles ) , new body design , more useful applications and low prices, 
    camera and video with better pixel higher than 41MP and more powerfull zoom option and lastly of course 
    adapt Windows 10 on a Lumia smartphone .. At the same time I hope accessories for 
    the Lumia will be available for all countries , especially Asian . Always can't 
    find accessory for Asian countries ... too difficult to get supplies. At CES earlier this year , Microsoft once again disappointing all the Lumia fans.
    Because none of the new device for Lumia smartphone introduced .
    For MWC which is expected in this March may just introduced Middle end Lumia smartphone. So Microsoft had to do something ,
    because Lumia currently very need of High End Smartphone to compete
    with other smart phone manufacturers. The next High End Lumia Smartphone been expected 
    and should be able to replace the Lumia 1020 .I myself , 
    so looking forward for high end Lumia that able to replace my Lumia 1020. P/S Sorry for my bad English ;) peace...
  • I hope Microsoft will bring spoken notifications which i have always wished for though Google is doing similar.
  • Jan 21st, announcement of the flagship Lumia 110, A plastic box with a string attached, much like the cup and string of childhood..
  • i would not keep my hopes up and i would appraoch this with VERY LOW expectations. if history means anything to anyone on here, then y'all should remember how MS usually disapoints in their public launch events.  also people should read rubino's article carefully: insider app is most likely bringing a half-baked mobile OS, which just makes me scream: WHAT THE HELL IS MS WAITING FOR?WHAT THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN DOING FOR THE WHOLE GODAM YEAR? ANOTHER KERNEL THIS TIME?  the only thing that keeps me tortured by my brick size 200 pound lumia icon is the friggin edge program at verizon and that no one wants to buy the thing on ebay. i dont even care about denim anymore. i already went through summer parties and events when a fast camera would have been helpful. 
  • Wow, just wow. Where's Daniel's SMH comment when you need it?  
  • Just switch to Att as they got more options on WP
  • There is no new kernel. Not sure where you are getting that from.
  • You're not making any sense. First of all the insider program being alpha is still just speculation on Dan's part. It has logic to it, but it hasn't been confirmed. So you're throwing a hissy fit over something that hasn't happened. Also 200 pound icon? First off, drama queen, 2nd you knew what you were buying. You may complain about some missing OS features that you didn't think to check when buying, but the weight and size of the phone, that's on you pal!
  • Nothing wrong with the weight and size of the Icon, it packs a lot of tech in there. For example, a high quality camera sensor, a Snapdragon 800 series chipset, a screen that takes up nearly the whole front of the phone, a battery to power it all...need I go on?
  • re-read my comment again and tell me where I'm disagreeing with your statement
  • I just did a factory reset on my old Acer laptop last night. It has Windows 7 in it. Is it OK to install preview or insider version of Windows 10? If it all goes well, I'll install it in my new HP laptop too. My Lumia 822 has Developer Preview, and ready to go to Windows 10 preview.
  • If the computer is not your daily driver, I would say go ahead. But I wouldn't recommend installing the Tech Preview on something that you rely/depend on, as it still is missing features/buggy.
  • Microsoft, surprise us with the finished and finalised Windows 10 for phone on the 21st! That's what I call a surprise.....half baked stuff and grand events just to announce dates is just too mainstream.
  • Lol, those are high expectations.
  • Yeah but I can't help it.
  • I've got a 1020 and a 920, so I'm definitely going to be testing this out when they release it. 
  • I don't have 14226 on my L930 (Denim) :( It's only for Dev Preview?
  • Do I get wp10 on my L920?
  • Well I do, but you: Nah man. How many times has this been asked and awnsered? By the community and editors? Must be over a hundred lol.
  • No. Of the current devices, only the Lumia 520 will get Windows 10 because of the blue waffle inside it. Look it up.
  • Can't wait to try it on. Hope no leaks before the event since it kills all the surprises obviously. Make a huge splash MS
  • Only denim version updated mobiles will get Windows 10 update or Cyan version phones also will get windows 10 update? Please clarify!!!
  • All WP 8 phones can be updated to W10.
  • Without Denim update, Can I update directly windows 10
  • I couldn't sign in "Phone Insider" program, please clarify why?
  • It is not available for consumers,only for Microsoft employees
  • Any update when it is available for consumers?
  • Uuuuuuuuggggghhhh. This obviously can't be this "January 21st" the whole article was about, can it?? Yes you'll get w10. Denim and cyan don't matter at all, they're nokias firmware, irrelevant to the main OS. It has been said many times all WP8 devices will get win10.
  • Yea but, like users with the ICON, you wont get advanced features with WP/WM10, for example, COrtana is expanded but, we cant use "Hey Cortana" yet, low power bluetooth, etc...
  • And the insider program? You're not being singled out man. No one can log in to the app. Read the article before commenting on it
  • Who owns HTC 8X and is going to update to Windows 10, so I don't need to? XD Just wanna know how hard will it affect on phone :)
  • I've been with MS since Windows Mobile. If Windows Phone don't get it together, I'm moving to Android and getting the Galaxy S6. The app gap is getting really annoying and If the apps do come it is always half-a**ed.
  • With unifying the windows store I believe app gap will be less. This is the last who Microsoft has to be relevant in mobile. Hope W10 gets rave reviews by tech bloggers. So far looking good
  • I agree every time I see a commercial or something like that it's always IOS and android or when streaming us shows Amazon. No wp though.
  • which apps other than banking apps?
  • In my country: Games regional or local apps from smaller business. Als the less than 3% won't help either.
  • If you really feel that WP apps are half-baked, I'm not sure why you would switch to Lagdroid. Even if you feel the apps are more complete, you will take a performance hit, and that is not speculation.
  • Daniel, great article but it's not true that the "preview" version of the OS updates have been final builds sent to carriers for approval. Anyone that's been on the 8.1 preview since the beginning knows that version was not the same build sent to carriers, plus it was confirmed to not be the final build by MS employees on forums.
  • False. Every build that comes through the Preview for Developers program eventually gets a hard release.
  • So why would MS employees say otherwise? Also why would a build that ate through battery, we're talking 10% in minutes at times on standby, be sent to carriers? Maybe when I get time I'll go through the build history and compare preview to release, but there were so many issues with the first build of 8.1 released in April, I find it hard to believe nothing was changed when the real official release happened in August (if I remember the respective launch dates correctly). I respect your opinion and sources, but things don't add up here.
  • The firmware is supposed to fix these kind of things.
  • Exciting news.  Hoping that W10 add 'hey cortana' type support for all devices.  That way I can keep my One M8 until my unicorn phone is made.  Would also be nice to have the ability to change what youu say to wake her up. (Enter Breaking Bad quote here).  These are probably some pipe dreams.   But in reality I hope that W10 makes some BIG improvements to Cortana.  I like using Cortana, but after watching siri in use recently, Cortana has a ways to go.
  • Siri hardly answers me. It just go search on the internet the whole frikken time !
  • Impossible. "Hey Cortana" requires "always listening" feature from your processor (Like 930, 1520, Moto X and recent phones).
  • OK, if you say so.  I know Lumia was saying it depended on the processor, but not sure what the real needed specs are.  I always believed that Lumia was blowing smoke up our arses for some of that.  I mean, the idea that the 1020 or new 830 can't have that feature blows my mind.   Either way, I want it on my One M8.  Would have been happy to go with a Lumia, but they refused to give us a flagship, so I had to jump least for now.
  • Probably has something to do with the SOC each phone has in it!
  • My Icon won't log in to the Phone Insider app dunno why.
  • No consumer owned windows phone can login.
  • Read the article and maybe you'll find out.
  • i'm happy and sad that this is happening, happy to see the preview but sad cause they'll take while to release Windows 10 for Mobile to public which will give Android and iOS time to make adjustments to their OS, it would be good to give public preview through insider app like about month before it's released and patch things up along the way.
  • They can adjust their mobile OS but they can't adjust their ecosystem. They are too late for winning the ecosystem war. Microsoft has reached there first and with MASSIVE userbase, they are winning it from the word go.
  • Yes, you are absolutely right. Apple still doesn't even have a mobile device that can run a full OS, let alone switch all of their devices over to the same OS. Google has what they call a "full" OS, but in reality it's a half-baked phone OS that they have adapted to run on Chromebooks.
  • Unfortunately, I couldn't care less about a new OS.  I want a new flagship using the CURRENT OS.
  • Interesting and excited! :D
  • Denim is hardware update.  I got a surprise when I got it for my Lumia 822 from Verizon, of all places.
  • Hi Daniel, if I enroll the windows 10, are the apps in the store compatible?
    Also, how to recover back my Windows 8.1 ? Through the Nokia updater for retail, or hard reset may come handy?
  • That all depends on the developers. And it differs per app, some work some might crash and burn lol. Lack of optimization. And I think you need to roll back via the tool because hard reset won't do the trick.
  • Wrong. All Windows 8.1 apps are compatible with Windows 10. #SayNoToFUD
  • This isn't true for the tech preview on desktops, lol. Lots of the apps don't work.
  • Would love to know which ones don't work. All my apps are as they were before.
  • Waiting
  • Hey guys when I am signing in it says wrong username or password
  • It's not working yet, have to wait and see more details soon.
  • "Hey Cortana, remind me to open Windows Central on Jan 21st morning" :p
  • Cool!
  • the great beast, that is Microsoft, is slowly beginning to wake up again to kick off 2015. Already the company has launched a new phone (the ultra budget Nokia 215). LOL awakening is  kicking off a new feature phone. Uh..   Ok.  Lame. JS'n serious sweet lemons !
  • Regarding the Nokia 215, does anyone know if it will be possible to buy one in the US at some point? I know they said not right now, but perhaps by a third-party seller or in the future maybe? I would like to pick one up or something like it for a backup to my Lumia.
  • Microsoft's gonna blow CES away!
  • I just want them to fix IE.
  • +1, going to a mobile site when I have Desktop site selected is a real pain....
  • WP 10 preview is coming and yet not all phones didn't get 8.1???
  • I'm guessing that there will be a new flagship phone that no one knows about. If i remember correctly, Surface 3 was done in a lab where only those directly involved have access. I hope this is the same case with Windows Phone.
  • I can easily pile a list of what I would like to see in GDR2! 1. inmproved wifi connection. Wifi is still buggy at times. Sometimes its the repeater, router or modem. But there are still inexplicable moments that I actually need to restart the phone a couple of times to get the phone working while wifi reception on my surface tablet is just working fine and there is no busy trafic on it. 2. screen sensitivity for the lumia 1520 could use some tinkering. This winter the use of the screen with gloves is proving more difficult than the summer. Somethings off here. 3. double tap to wake up the lockscreen si buggy. Sometimes it works flawlessly, but sometimes double tap refuses to work, even if I tap hard. 4. I still we we could have better filters for searching the settings menu. It's now a clutter, but a filter for categorical order in alfabet or recent updates would be very helpful. Doesnt sound like a difficult job to do. 5. would be nice if we could get the bigger live tiles in 8.1.2. Or is this part of the color updates like cyan and black? I keep forgetting. sorry. 6. With the possibility of having live tile clocks I would like to see an option to have the top app bar/icon bar at the top hidden. You know the bar showing battery, time, connection strengs etc. Theres a clock tile, battery tile and connection live tile available, so why does the app bar need to be present at the top, right? 7.I would like microsoft to give the end user the option to make all app tiles transparent for the background paralax images. It look more cleaner and ordered and less pixelated with apps that do and do not support transparent live tiles. It gives a cluttered live tile experience. 8. I wish they would finally support bluetooth HID certificate support for bluetooth keyboards. My microsoft bluetooth keyboard is still collecting dust. Certainly the high end devices such as the icon and 1520 with a bluetooth keyboard would make a nice portable productivity device. Windows mobile had it, why can't windows phone? 9. I was thinking if there was a option for a super frugal black and white mode for those instances where battery is running low, but certain basic tasks and basic webbrowsing could be done, like some samsung devices have. Could easily be a function of the batterysaving function in settings. 10. If there is a rotation lock option in the settings menu, then why isn't it possible to rotate the startscreen to landscape? (just a thought) 11. My speech settings and function button is still collecting dust. Will GDR2 provide a speech package for Dutch (probably not, Sigh, but still giving it a try)? 12. In the settings applications menu for camera and picutres I would like a 4th option to choose which photos are shown on the live tile. I've been noticing lately that deleted photos were still showing on the live tile. After some digging I found that pictures from some deep folder and sometimes a backiup in onedrive (I suspect) was the culprit. 13. I would like the dropdownmenu for camera-app choice to be greater. There are so many good camera apps. I would like to choose from more lens options as a standard app for my lumia camera. 14. I get the impression that the maps on bing maps and here maps are in need of a map update. Hope this will be the case in GDR2. 15. I'm missing an option to selectively block certain contact numbers within the adress book of the people hub. A simple checkbox would do. So I enough wishes for GDR2;)
  • OK.
  • My Lumia 920 will probably be stuck on WP 8.8...
  • There's 1 thing, and only 1 thing that I hope to get from MS with WP10: A "pending notifications" indicator for Glance-less devices (glowing navigation buttons, or flashing screen or whatever).
  • phone insider is not available for download anymore....i just heard aboit it today :/
  • Sorry, I can't wait anymore. I'm so inpatient...
  • Cant wait to see what they show off. Im ready to get a new phone and cant decide what platform I want to go to. Been holding off until this event to see what windows 10 on mobile will be likee than I'll make my choice.
  • This is very unlikely. At least the "preview" is. If there was any such build ready for WP, it would have leaked. It's only 9 days before the event and no leaks? Did you see how Spartan has been leaking? - that's because it exists. Nothing exists for WP that they will want to show in real in 9 days. #Nothing. #MarkMyWords.
  • I hope what you are thinking is not true,but the chances are really high
  • I hope so too but we know Microsoft. It can't prevent leaks. Even something as mighty as Cortana leaked weeks before debut. If Microsoft is working on something the world knows about it. If Microsoft is going to launch something, the world definitely has seen it in making. As far as Windows 10 for Phones go - there has been ZERO leak. Not even a new accent colour or splash screen for Windows 10 on phones. So the announcements are going to be ONLY Windows 10 for consumers on PC and may be a roll out. Then followed by an announcement of the Insider app for Phones and the fact that it will be used for preview of mobile build in fall 2015. The end.
  • The Microsoft band had 0 leaks before the release.
  • Exciting!
  • Good news! I'll use my 1320 to install it and keep my 1520 with denim for daily driver. Can't wait for it!
  • Waiting....but where the heck is my Lumia Denim update first? Its almost half Jan now.......m disappointed this time with update not released on time as promised...
  • You know it's about to get awesome at Windows Central when they use that header image.
  • Part pleased, part frustrated at no expected phone reveals. Almost considering trying a 730/735 (I forget which one) or possibly a second hand 1020. Enjoying being out of contract though, makes my bills nice and low.
  • About time Microsoft. Please fix the devices. And please ban devices running less than snapdragon 400, they are simply bad experience. If Motorola and Asus can give same processor in such low price why not the others.
  • Does anyone think we'll get popular apps after this? Or will it be the same old slow process, windows users getting it months and months later, maybe even never getting it. Official Instagram? Snapchat back? Anyone think so? @ me!
  • It's the vicious cycle of "lacks apps" and "lacks users". Great, exclusive, first party apps, games and services might tip the scale, but MS seems to be avoiding that, and instead wastes money on advertising.
  • I'm eagerly awaiting! I think that the "big deal" with GDR2 is that people (including me) just look forward to updates and new features. However you couldn't have put it better in your article. No McLaren means less reason to put it out,especially since you will probably get most of the features and benefits in Windows 10.
  • Waiting for 21 eagerly come soon
  • Waiting
  • Do some ppl have a private vendetta against Daniel Rubino?
  • Examples please.
  • Good
  • I wonder if we can get it for SurfaceRT too then.
  • You know what, all I want is Cortana on my Lumia 1020 O2 UK version (64GB, I know, right!!) Then I'd be happy. Unfortunately, I have to wait until the Denim update until this happens... I could join the dev preview, but I don't want to void my warranty. Other than that, Hardware wise, I'll update to whichever is the highest end window phone available in 11 months. As things stand that's looking like the 930, but alot can change in 11 months.
  • You wont void your warranty because you can always revert back to the latest release build using Nokia software tool for PC.
  • I am hopeful that this allows the bypassing of the carriers for firmware upgrades.  If this is the case, I dont care what they are releasing Alpha/Beta/Sigma/Phi/Kappa....(wait, what?), im installing it.
  • So I tried using phone insider and I don't understand quiet a bit but does it needs Windows 10 in my PC as well or i can be fine with phone?
  • 4 updates my ass!!!damn bloody orange uk and all that carrier update crap!!
  • Cant wait for the event!
  • I am waiting
  • Awww. I was expecting the article to end with "head over to download the WP10 preview for phones". Sad.
  • Even after it saying to wait til the 21st? So did you even read the article? Maybe look at the pictures at the "we'll talk more about it on the 21st" tweet? Or even the headline, before running to the comments?
  • Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.....come on 21st...
  • I'm not sure it would be possible to build a beta that runs slower, choppier and laggier and crashes and freezes more often than the current version of 8.1 running on my 1020.  It is astoundingly bad at the moment.  
  • We are expecting some amazing information....
  • Oh I need a nine day sleeping pill... Wake me up on 21st...zzzz!!!!
  • On contact profiles when is MS going to allow us to edit things like call mobile , call mobile 1, call work e.t.c. and put our our desired names that will allow us to readily remember esp those with multiple numbers
  • i keep hearing about this new(er) awesome 930/icon.. so us AT&T users have sit here with 2+ years old phones since microsoft is trying to satsfy the uber-low-end market.  well: i'm still happy with my nokia 920.  but once it goes out, dies or gets crushed by the limousine driven by one of those MS-execs, i have to find an alternative.  i'm not going low budget so i guess i have to go back to my dreaded apple phone.  i'm holding on since it still works fine for me: even WITH the lack of cool apps/games like siriusxm, fieldrunners 1/2 or PvZ 2 or any inclusion in marketplace when "this place has the app for you!  download from itunes or googleplay!"  time is running out...
  • I hope Microsoft will bring the taskbar and notification center at the bottom.
  • What? No!
  • I know this much, I have no intention of ever saying in person "this is Windows 10 for phone" or whatever. I'm calling it Windows Phone whether Microsoft likes it or not :)
  • The problem is that it's been forever since anything ground breaking has happened. That's why we're wanting updates. We want features. Big fixes are great and expected. But features are what keep us interested
  • Surprises are good, and I pray that the surprise here is a flagship. That 215 announcement, put together with the 1330 and 435 stuff, it was really deflating. They skipped AT&T with the Icon/930, which was now clearly a mistake (as Verizon almsot seems to have bought the exclusive just to run the platform down or something), and then McLaren got canceled, leaving those who bought into the WP8 platform early with no real options on AT&T since 2012 (unless you're fine with the 1520's size; I'm not crazy about it myself).   I agree that surprises can be great. However, when they're 18 months past-due, they're not as fun. If they had just announced the McLaren cancellation and the plan for no flagship in 2014 back in the spring, I would have probably gotten the 1520 on AT&T Next, then been ready for the 2015 flagship when it came out. Instead, I just got super bitter while they released/announced 6 budget devices (215, 435, 535, 635, 730, 1330) and a non-flagship joke (830). I could have upgraded probably 7 months ago, and I waited for the hope of a 920 successor on AT&T that never came. I want a new phone already, and Microsoft's doing a terrible job of building goodwill among customers.   Here's hoping 1/21 gives us something good. Ideally, we'd get a flagship announcement, so we at least got an idea of what's ahead. However, I expect we have to wait until April for that, and I'll settle for this alleged Windows 10 preview. I'll be all over trying ot join that to improve the platform for launch, so long as they're willing to give me a flagship with the OS.
  • With the 930 that Daniel got from Microsoft?? Hmmm...wondering if he already has some Win10 love on his phone that he's not allowed to talk about. :)
  • I'm Waiting for Windows 10 in all edition XBOX - PC - Tablet - and for sure Phones ;)  
  • [quote]It should be clear that the consumer side of Windows 10, including mobile and phone, is on the agenda at this point, and that should be good enough to hold people over for the next week. In terms of new phones, no one to my knowledge is expecting any new hardware to be revealed. After all, this is about the OS, not new phones. Things like Mobile World Congress is ideal for new budget phones, while Microsoft's Build in April seems appropriate for talking about new high-end devices.[/quote] Do you honestly thing that will stop the school kids from filling up the forums with "I want W10 to do this, that and the next thing and if it doesn't then I will leave!"
  • For gods sake please release a snap chat app on the 21st also
  • not goint to happen , Snapchat doesn't want a wp app ... i think it was clear by now     also snapchat is off topic
  • I got denim but no camera update on my 1520 uk ? My apps list says its not available for my phone ????
  • Snap chat would be nice...
  • What are the features that we supposed to get ??
  • Of course Dan knows something. He hung out with Ben all weekend. He just ain't saying.
  • I'd keep expectations *REALLY LOW* for 1/21, when it comes to Windows 10 for phones.  I wouldn't expect to see anything more from Microsoft than a glorified concept mock up or two. Certainly nothing working on available hardware.
  • Explain this app then mr negative
  • Someone tell me where he got that wallpaper
  • Might have to buy a cheap phone just to try out WP10 if a beta comes out. :) wonder if it'll work without a phone subscription...
  • Hey Microsoft! When I'm going to get the denim update?I'm waiting too long.Kingston Jamaica.
  • Giant event to announce 8.1 for icon?
  • I cant log in to phone insider anyone know why?
  • When can I download Windows 10 with phone insider?
  • I cant find denim update for my Lumia 630.....
    Anyone know why?
  • Why I can't log in..
  •     This would be awesome. No more waiting for carriers to approve OS updates that have nothing wrong with them. This is one idea that I hope Microsoft borrows from Apple.
  • Looking forward to that. Windows Phone needs a new boost to become relevant, Microsoft is the underdog in the mobile world, and I am sure this has pushed them to up their game. More new ideas, more choice for the users = good thing. I bought a Microsoft phone (never thought I would do that) and I'm waiting!
  • I'll be at school :( Pleas record it on YouTube!
  • About that phone insider... I'm trying to log in with my Microsoft id but it keeps saying that I've entered wrong id or password... It is asking to log in with domain name, is it different from the reguler one?
  • The phone insider is much like the preview builds app in the windows 10 technical preview. They are using the same app internally and externally. IF you are a microsoft employee you would enter your domain credentials to authenticate and get the current inhouse build. If you are NOT a microsoft employee than the third ring releases will be pushed once they become available. Not sure if second ring updates will be available for the phone like it is for the desktop at this time.
  • I am waiting....!
  • Just when I think that there is no hope,you do something like this and totally redeem yourself!
  • Wish this high-end devices come without fixed navi.  
  • No hardware expected soon is only part which tired of my 1020 and I still have hopes for 1030 or that McLaren project.
  • Daniel, I am running the stock 8.1 with black. Should I enroll preview for developers to get Windows 10? Or Enrolling directly to Insider is fine?
  • Wait and see the feedbacks from those who run the Windows 10 preview, must be a lot of bugs.
  • Let's see what windows 10 offers to us, hopefully it is more than nice and better. Too much expectations from MS fans but the updates are pushing out too slow.
  • yea.. still waiting on those holographic displays...
  • How i know my login name and password? How did you get yours?
    Please i really wanna have answer :(
  • I'm just frustrated and want to switch to a WP and I don't want to get stuck with 8.1.  I REALLY REALLY hope That they'll announce a 1530 at the W10 or some other flagship W10 phone so I can buy it!!!
  • I moved to iphone cause there was no replacement for my 920. Sure there is the 930 but it is not sold in my country and doing research it will not work in 4g there's no 1520 neither. It is sad because like today sometimes I still turn on my old Lumia and yet nothing new, still no Cortana no denim instagram still in beta wtf. I loved windows phone because it was fresh cool you took out your phone from the pocket and people would go like oooh what phone is that one but now the look old and too seen. Really hope Microsoft do something spectacular.
  • Worth the wait this time..... Please Microsoft
  • I'm surprised nothing leaked.
  • Please no Android support..... it will be fucked up the Windows/Windows Phone's reliability and it's market base.
  • Ok, this might seem out of place here but... my 1020 was stolen recently - within the last 9 days. April is too long to go without out a phone and I can not manage with this 521 as a daily driver. Planning to wait at least till the 21st to see what MS has to say, but do you think the 1520 is a worth while purchase at this point? I buy the phone I like regardless of the carrier release and use it. Have done so since the first Windows 7 devicces and my carrier has no problem with that.
  • i would like to see MS up thier game on the following: 1) Security:  These are smart phones so what can be done with computer can be done on/with phone.  lets login first with our email address (username & password) if you dont then let phone take you straight to that window or opt to do this later before being prompted to enter sim pin. This should look same like login to your computer. If you dont set up your email, then you phone wont be able to back up to onedrive and if your phone is lost/stolen then its your problem. Login like i have mentioned above will deter thieves from stealing our hard earned devices coz without my email password, there is no way you will have access or even use that device/phone. The same procedure will apply when you wish to format/reset your phone, without the right credentials, there is nothing you can change. Why this because our providers have done completely nothing to protect their suscribers when there phone are lost/stolen. 2) Charging mechanism: We should have phone charging via solar i.e if you are outdoor in the sun, as you continue using your phone it should be recharging its battery. You dont neccessarily have to leave it the sun or place it on the roof of your house but just as you walk etc Phones should also charge by shaking them. They can employ the energy one uses to walk or run to charge the phone. The apps that count steps, carolies etc should give off enough enery to recharge the phone. Crazy some may call me.... its ok just speaking my creative mind. 
  • whatever happened to this ?  any chance some of this will be in windows 10 ?
  • I've updated my phone with windows 10 techinical preview for developers.  The features are fine but i'm having issues with the battery.
    100% battery lasts for only 4 hours at the maximum. how can i solve this issue ? please help !