Microsoft's new Nokia feature phone brings a whole new meaning to the word affordable

Looking for a budget phone, how does $29 (before taxes) sound? That's exactly what Microsoft's new Nokia 215 costs. While it's not a Windows Phone - which isn't far off when we look to compare the price against a Lumia 520 - the company is making the most of its Nokia branding deal with this latest feature phone.

Touted as being the company's "most affordable Internet-ready entry-level phone yet", the Nokia 215 is designed to make the owner more social. With Facebook and Messenger with instant notifications already installed and ready to go, it won't take long to publish the initial status message using the available physical keypad.

Microsoft Nokia 215

There's also Opera Mini Browser, as per the agreement with Microsoft to have the browser installed on low-end hardware. The highlight of Microsoft's new device isn't the operating system or apps pre-installed, but the battery life. According to Microsoft, the Nokia 215 is able to last up to 29 days in stand-by mode on a single charge.

The Nokia 215 will be available in Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe in the first quarter of 2015. Colors available include white, green and black.

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Rich Edmonds
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