Lumia Help+Tips becomes Lumia Highlights with latest app update

Microsoft has renamed its Lumia Help+Tips app for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile to Lumia Highlights with its latest update.

This is actually the second name change for this app. Back when Nokia was in charge of Lumia phones, it released the app, which offers users an offline guide for its phones, under the Nokia Care label. In 2014, after Microsoft bought Nokia's Devices and Services division, it changed the app's name to Lumia Help+Tips.

Aside from this second name change, the Lumia Highlights app itself still seems to offer the same content.

Discover how to use Lumia's many exciting features and get tips and news from Microsoft. The application includes a full offline user guide and links to other Microsoft support channels.

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Download Lumia Highlights from the Windows Store

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John Callaham