Mafia II: Definitive Edition stealthily launches on Xbox One

Mafia II
Mafia II (Image credit: 2K Games)

Today, Mafia II: Definitive Edition launched as part of the Mafia: Trilogy. The game costs $30 on Xbox One, but it's also included in the $60 Mafia: Trilogy that features Mafia: Definitive Edition — which should launch on August 28, Mafia II: Definitive Edition, and Mafia III: Definitive Edition.

Mafia II hasn't received the remake treatment like Mafia, but it still looks great on a 4K display with the boost to resolution. It appears to be running at 4K resolution and 30 frames per second (FPS). Given the age of the title, it would've been nice to see a 60 FPS option. Other than that, the textures and lighting leave a lot to be desired. While the textures are only an issue during cutscenes, the lighting needed a serious upgrade.

2K Games stated that this was just a remaster so that makes sense. It's alright to be disappointed because Mafia: Definitive Edition looks utterly spectacular. If you're a fan of the franchise, you should look into the upgraded version.

According to the publisher, Mafia II is a third-person, sandbox shooter that provides a look into the dark and unforgiving world of the mob. Expanding on the original, this incarnation takes players even deeper into the mafia with a mature and exciting experience that allows players to explore the game world as they wish.

The description talks about the protagonist, Vito, and his story in the United States. Born the son of a poor immigrant, Vito is a beaten down Italian-American who is trying to secure his piece of the American Dream. Looking to escape the life of poverty that consumed his childhood, Vito is soon swayed by the lure of power and wealth that a life of organized crime can bring.

I'd recommend picking up Mafia: Trilogy because it's a better deal. Mafia: Definitive Edition is $40, Mafia II: Definitive Edition is $30, and Mafia III: Definitive Edition is another $30. You can get all three for $60.

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