MailShadow for Gmail Makes Gmail Look Like Exchange

Answering a question for the WMExperts Podcast last night (going up later today!) got me looking around for the best solution for consumers for push email on Windows Mobile. The first bet is usually going to be Live Mail -- it's free and easy to set up. What if you don't want to change your email address, though? Well, there's forwarding to Live mail (or to a hosted exchange service like Sherweb), but there's hassles there. What I want is my Gmail email, calendars, and contacts pushed out. No, what I want is Exchange. Heck, I want Gmail to look and act like an exchange server to my phone.

Glory be: just such a service is coming soon from Cemaphore: MailShadow for Google Apps. Mailshadow acts as an intermediary between your devices (Windows Mobile, Outlook, etc) and Gmail -- and intermediary that acts just like a standard Exchange server but is actually just a conduit to your Gmail account.

Sign me up. Actually, don't - I just signed up myself. The bummer is that the service is just starting their beta now. Want in? Sign up here and let us know if you get into the beta. Fingers: crossed.

WC Staff