Make your house more comfortable to reside in with the official Netatmo apps

Netatmo produces neat home connected products enabling owners to monitor indoor temperature, relative humidity, sound levels and even CO2 readings to live in a healthier home. Weather stations monitor both inside and outside the home, while a smart thermostat ensures the house remains at a comfortable level. We're covering Netatmo because official Windows Phone apps are available for both the weather stations and Netatmo Thermostat, perfect for those who have the units installed at home.

The Windows Phone apps, as one would expect, enables consumers to connect and manage Netatmo Weather Stations and the smart thermostat. All relevant data is displayed in an easy-to-digest view, automatically recording measurements to the connected Netatmo account for further viewing. Graphs can be manipulated to really dive deep into seeing just what the stations have been monitoring, not to mention the alerts that can be configured to alert you when values peak (CO2 concentration, temperatures, etc).


You then have the 7 days weather forecast with the outdoor unit, making this quite the solution indeed. As an added bonus, the app looks gorgeous on Windows Phone. They're easy to use and contain little clutter to get in the way of glance information.

As noted above, Netatmo has also launched a companion app for its smart thermostat solution. With the app installed, consumers are able to:

  • Control heating systems directly from the smartphone to optimize comfort while saving on energy bills
  • Intuitive and easy navigation - set home temperature in one easy gesture
  • Save energy when away
  • Input information into the thermostat for it to adapt and take care of comfort levels, and help save up to 25% on energy bills
  • Modify the planning whenever desired, thanks to intuitive navigation
  • Record home temperature
  • Analyse and understand energy consumption in beautiful and intuitive graphs

For more details on Netatmo and its products (or to make a purchase), we recommend you check out the official website.

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