Malaysia: Nokia launching the Lumia 710 and 800 today

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If you're in Malaysia, you best get your spare cash together as today you can finally purchase the Nokia Lumia 710 or 800 (see our earlier coverage). At about 5:30 pm local time, Nokia's big push into that market will finally begin and the first 100 buyers of the Lumia 800 will get a pair of Nokia Purity HD Stereo headset by Monster, Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and an "exclusive Nokia premium worth up to RM 1,000". Not too shabby!


Though they have a few hours before all of this happens, people are already lining up. The last count was about 80 people with 5 or so hours before the purchases can be made--not huge but that's not bad either.

The blog is covering as it happens, adding new photos as the day goes on so make sure to keep up. You can also follow them on Twitter for live updates @smashpop.

To all of Malaysia...congrats! (I've always wanted to say that)

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  • Marketplace still has not launched yet here. Had my Mozard for almost a year now and I still can't buy apps in local currency yet. :/
    Hope it launches today alongside the Lumia twins or its gonna hit the headlines.
  • Interesting. According to Microsoft, it should be launching any day it does look like the timed it with Nokia.  Fingers crossed.
  • Whoops. Mozart* (thanks autocorrect).
    But yeah I do hope that they do launch it today as the units are already selling and Marketplace access is a must. 
    Sad that these are the only 2nd gen WP7 phones here though. Not even the Radar is on  sale with any carrier. No Titan. No Samsung Focus/Focus Flash/Focus S either. 
    These are the kinds of countries which Nokia/Microsoft really needs to push the marketing.
    I remember getting my Mozart and after a few weeks they said it was no longer on sale - thus no WP7 device on that carrier until now.
    Btw, SoyaCincau should cover the release as well.
  • Well the Radar is here, at about 1200RM, but just as you said, not with any carrier. The carriers here are honestly being a bunch of butts. Maxis even took WP7 off their list of Devices subcategories.
  • Marketplace should have launched yesterday. Is your marketplace set to Malaysia? Because if not it won't automatically change... You have to. Hard reset
  • Well, the Windows Phone Marketplace site doesnt show it.

    AFAIK, if Marketplace is launched it should be here. And you can change the region settings in the phone but I doub't that its not launched yet. How is one gonna add their card details if the site isn't launched yet?
  • Read:
    You have to make sure your windows live ID is set to Malaysia (once set when you make account it's permanent) and you have to reset (hard reset through settings) and then set it to Malaysia to be able to access the Malaysian Marketplace.
  • They launched wp7 in the Philippines Dec 2010 and we just got the marketplace enabled recently...
  • Is this place of assassins creed Altair is killing for the lumia
  • I say it often, but the Nokia partnership is the single greatest thing to ever happen to Windows Phone.
  • While I am super excited for all you getting the Nokia line. Its getting really frustrating that everyone us taking there dear sweet time bringing it to the United States.
  • I live in Malaysia and can purchase apps like normal. I have to create a new WLID that is set to Malaysia and can purchase apps using local credit card . Marketplace for Malaysia already launched
  • Good for my malaysian brothers and sisters, hope you all enjoy it...i agree, nokia windowsphone is the greatest thing that ever happen to windowsphone
  • Any update on how things are goind...
    Is it crowded?
  • After more than a year with LG Optimus 7 ... Finally today I got my Lumia 800 at KLCC with goodies worth RM687 ... goodies were all gone at Pavillion by the time I reached there before I rushed to KLCC :)
  • Cough, cough .... it seems that WPCentral is misplaced in Malaysia marketplace ...
  • Hmmmm ... I have 2 WLID, old one under Singapore region & new one under Malaysia region. I'm switching back for a while to old WLID. The new WLID under Malaysia region can access Marketplace but no XBL games, Zune Desktop can't access Marketplace, can't access FB, can' install Nokia Music ... It just a bit too lonely for now & hope Microsoft/Nokia will fix this soon. Until then i'm back on action using old WLID.
  • Nokia Music apparently won't be coming to Malaysia according to a Noikia store rep. They could be wrong, but in this case I wouldn't expect them to be.