Mango evidently remembers your camera's flash settings

While it may be too early to tell if this will be a permanent feature, evidently in the Mango SDK emulator, the camera app now remembers what flash settings you've chosen. According to reader Amit:

"Playing around with the emulator. Discovered that if you change the flash setting of the camera it will actually persist now!"

Sure, it's not (yet) remembering all of your settings, but between being able to control your flash's behavior and disabling the shutter sound, well heck, we're willing to meet Microsoft half way. (We never use the flash except on the HTC Mozart with a xenon flash or on the Arrive, which is just well balanced).

Plus you Focus owners now have image stabilization by default with NoDo, so double bonus for you.

Thanks, Amit, for finding this!

Daniel Rubino

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  • about time! my son hates photos, so i try to take them while he's playing my xbox and sometimes i forget about the flash and he quickly hides his face.
  • The mozart's got a double xenon flash? But either way this is awesome stuff..
  • I just took the emulator for a spin myself and I can also confirm that the flash settings are remembered after you change them, back out of the app, and open it again.Also, the reason that I and the tipster can only confirm that flash settings are remembered is because the other settings are blocked off by the emulator. The only one we have access to is flash, probably because it's always-present on Windows Phones or because it wasn't a menu option and acts as an appbar, which could have made it harder to remove.
  • Camera options are provided by phone manufacturers, there are no built-in options except for flash. That's why only flash appears in emulator - and indeed it saves the setting.
  • Erm, what's Intelligence/Beauty Shot? Never seen those before but supposedly on the Optimus 7?
  • Different phones support different camera settings.
  • It should evidently remember other camera settings as well...
  • My Omnia produce blury shots unless I set it to macro. Anytime I open the camera I have to set it back to macro...
  • can you shut off the Shutter Sound now, finally, too?
  • Sure can. Confirmed by the devs themselves. Scroll down past the podcast for screenshots:
  • Thank goodness. I always try to take a non-flash shot first before resorting to flash if it is just too dark. Either way I love using the excellent Thumba app to make adjustments.
  • Does it also save the 720p setting for shooting video?