Mango has been Released to Manufacturers (RTM)

We recently reported that Windows Phone "Mango" had been released to manufacturers (RTM) and we could be heading for a potential early release of the next major update. Unfortunately, this turned out to be just slightly off. Today, Terry Myerson, over at the Windows Phone Team blog has published an article announcing the signing of the RTM build.

Manufacturers and carriers will now begin tweaking/optimizing, testing and preparing for the roll out, which will hopefully run without problem and/or delay. At least this gives AT&T a few months in advanced to get everything in place on their end before their WP7 customers begin to revolt.

So, I put forward the question again, what do you make of this announcement and do you believe "Mango (opens in new tab)" will be sent out within a reasonable time frame?

Update: Looks like build 7720 is the final, RTM one according to Microsoft's Matthijs Hoekstra. Pretty close to our reported 7710 from one week ago.

Source: Windows Phone Team Blog (opens in new tab) and thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • If it's ready to manufacture then all Microsoft has to do is make the specific version for the device and give it to the carriers, My bet is 2 months. September 24 Mango Time
  • Hoping everyone has learned from the NoDo update, and things roll out pretty quickly. But going by the Mango beta build that devs received, it's no surprise that it went RTM so quickly. It was pretty flawless.
  • Give me some 2012 hardware and I will jump off the Android train and onto the WP7 locomotive.
  • i hope it comes soon because my phone keeps crashing when i try to do something fast or try to run a big app... I like mango so much i refused to go back to nodo even with all the random crashes...
  • WOW! This is fantastic news and the date is way before even my optimistic expectations. Now let’s hope that AT&T keeps the ball rolling. I can’t wait for this fall. It’s like Christmas in July.
  • It is highly unlikely that AT&T will deliver the update to existing WP7 users this year. Expect it in early 2012.
  • Enough trolling already, it is HIGHLY likely that they will delivery it in September or October.
  • Really? You can't be on AT&T. I'll be SHOCKED if this update is released for my Focus this year, given their record with NoDo and every WM device I've used on their network. They can block for an entire update cycle - for ANY reason.Not everyone with a negative comment is trolling.I sure hope you're right, though.
  • I guess your not on Verizon...if you guys on AT&T think you wont see it till 2012...Verizon users wont see it till 2013...Once the T-Mobile move to AT&T is done and new phones that support both networks are out, I will be moving over... If it gets canceled, verizon will still have a larger footprint in the US...
  • LOL, you're the clueless troll. I'm on AT&T, it took several months to get the NODO update after it RTMed. I've YET to see the security update that was also released several months ago. If one simple security update takes months to "test" by AT&T, how long do you think they will need to "test" Mango?
  • This is great news, but I have 2 questions:1.) Does Mango do anything in the form of an all-encompassing backup process (especially for text messages), similar to MyPhone on Windows Mobile?2.) Once Mango begins to be sent out via updates, does Microsoft (or WPCentral for that matter) plan on doing anything like a Guide to Mango so we know and can fully take advantage of everything that’s new? Or have either Microsoft and WPCentral already done that for the final build of Mango?
  • We'll definitely put a guide together for you guys, just in case you've missed anything from all the hectic bits-and-pieces coverage.
  • Great news but I'm sure feeling sure that carriers will find a way to muck it up. Can't say Microsoft has not been bustin their butts getting this ready. I was not expecting RTM till late September.
  • Did all of the pictures just die on your site (they have that broken icon), or am I going crazy?
  • It's not just you.
  • Yep they've gone again, I've got my net and I'm chasing them down as we speak - pesky images.
  • I expect to have Mango installed od my Trophy until the beginning of October. Hope that Vodafone gives us the update as soon as possible. But it's amazing how quickly that was, first the developers got Mango for them, and now it's already RTM. I hope this update will go more fluently than NoDo.
  • Hey Microsoft, you might as well go ahead and release that for unbranded devices, like today.
  • This is a great announcement, but doesn't mean anything if the OEMs and carriers continue to be jerks. I am on Sprint and don't expect to ever get a Windows Phone with global roaming. I will keep waiting until 2012 and I guess see what Nokia brings to the US. But, even with Mango, there aren't going to be any devices that are half way decent this year. It's pretty dperessing that a MS fan as big as me has no choice of a working device on Sprint. Blech. Oh well.
  • How do you know? Most of the Mango device are not announced or even leaked yet!
  • this is good news, now if only i could get a phone 7 device...
  • ATT has the Focus for $50 w/2 yr contract!
  • Heck you can get the Focus or the Quantum on for .01 with a 2 yrs contract or add a line...
  • already on att and im not due for an upgrade till feb '12
  • Get a used phone on eBay and save your upgrade for one of the new phones coming down the pipe. Frankly, I'd probably wait until summer of next year to see what Nokia's released and if it tops anything released this fall.
  • trying to get rid of my atrix first. then a focus till feb.
  • Seems odd to me that Microsoft could put the BETA out to any phone anywhere and it worked but the RTM has to go to the carriers and manufacturers to get checked and tweaked and then sent to the individual phones? This process is very confusing.
  • You can even see in these comments that the Mango beta did not work on every phone. The people that it didn't work for were expecting issues as they are more of a tech personality can't have ol' Grandma getting tech issues so they have to do more testing.It sucks...yes...but it needs to be rolled out as such.
  • The beta was never pushed to anyone, it was made available to developers for testing apps for Mango. The download also came with several disclaimers that your phone could be bricked so it was far from a consumer ready update and would never have received OEM or carrier approval.
  • It is my understanding that any build, Beta, RTM, Etc. will work on any phone. (supposed to work. Samsung gets a fail here) Then, as you said, Service Providers (ATT,etc) add their specific bits to it. I'm on ATT running 7661 which I was finally upgraded after MS fixed the 80180048 error. So the potential that we could Mango released in the near future is technically possible. Is it going to happen? Anyones guess is as good as mine. If mango is released into the wild, I will just remove carrier settings and recieve the update just as I did with NODO. Patiently waiting for either a Nokia device or HTC with front facing camera.
  • Awesome, but Mango is soooo yesterday. Anybody know any good rumors about what cool features will be added after Mango? Or, anybody want to start some rumors?
  • Windows Phone Tango will cure cancer, but not allow SMS backup, so users will still throw a fit.
  • I don't think I ever doubted that there'd be some devices, somewhere with the Mango update this year. Call me cynical, but I do expect we'll see new Mango phones before the update hits current ones, particularly in the US. Between carrier and OEM testing, this gives them roughly three months to meet the November 8th US release anniversary. For Verizon and especially AT&T, that's not much time.
  • I'm sure AT&T will drag this out, just like they did with NoDO. But hopefully it will be dragged out less since they've been through the process of a big update already. I don't know how MS can't just get a copy of each phone from every manufacturer, and test it, then release it, and give people the option of adding it if they so choose. Why do the SPs get a say in it at all? The only thing worse than waiting to get through corporate red tape, is waiting to get through red tape from multiple corporations. yay.Oh, and with any luck, there'll be a "Chicks n' Vixens : Mango Smash" or something like that. Love that game! Angry Birds can go flock themselves!
  • The "Grown in Redmond" Sticker is affixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Do we expect to see Mango on existing devices first, or on new devices?
  • Speaking of the US, it'll likely take at least a couple of months to complete testing. That effectively puts us at the beginning of October. I would expect devices to be shipping by the end of October into mid-November to meet the holiday buying season. I still believe we'll see new hardware before the update simply because it does take time to implement and test software/firmware.Joe Belfiore just tweeted "Mango core sw is done! Now we work with handset partners and mobile operators to get new phones and the update ready!". Whether or not they're working more with carriers than with past updates is unknown, but I'd wager as much, and that experience with past updates have helped OEMs and carriers speed testing up a bit.
  • Wouldn't it be great to have Mango updates by September or even earlier? I don't think the carriers would have it for various reasons, but who knows...
  • I've been using Mango beta on my HTC Arrive. Quite solid and have only run into about three minor bugs that are easily worked around. Looking forward to the upcoming release!
  • RTM this "early" is great. I am really counting on AT&T to get their testing and certification done. I am especially counting on Microsoft to use their weight to ensure that carriers don't muck this up a la NoDo. A September release date would be optimistic and UBER GREAT. Still, I'm just glad the platform is growing. I really do enjoy not using my phone as much as I used to. LOL
  • As a Verizon customer, I have been thoroughly conditioned not to expect a new WP7 Mango phone until January/February/March 2012 -- months after new phones arrive on the other carriers and months after the new excitement has died down. Furthermore, I am not expecting the new phone to work on the LTE network. I figure if I set up low expectations for Verizon, I can't be disappointed.
  • It's still yet to be seen if WP7 models will have support for LTE or AT&T/T-mo's 4G network. I am with verizon too, but, we will see in fall, if they cant compete, bye bye...
  • With the Mango release, will SKYPE be released as well? Anyone?