Mango Internet Sharing/Tethering hack for Focus and Omnia 7 is not for the faint of heart

So the good is this: folks at XDA are working, with some success, on hacking onto our Mango phones internet sharing/tethering (first seen on the Focus). The bad news is, most of you can't do this (developer unlocked) and even if you could (like us) you wouldn't want to because good lord are there a lot of seemingly complicated steps.

We won't post the directions here, because honestly it wouldn't make sense, but you can head over to XDA, take a look and promptly return here.

Now, even though this is seemingly complicated and only for Samsung phones at the moment (sorry, HTC and don't even think about it Dell), it's a good sign that the community is moving forward on this as perhaps and easier method will come forth (see "all-in-one provxml file" as an example). So maybe, just maybe this is the start of something that the rest of us will be able to use in the future.

See our earlier coverage of why this feature is missing from current phones here.

Source: XDA; Thanks, Steve S., for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • It's not that hard :D
  • If you're familiar with those tools, definitely not. But my bet is most readers of this site won't touch this--even I'm like "next!" lol
  • Much simplified method here: Worked for me on 1st try - AT&T US Focus.
  • But you did post the instructions. They're right there^
  • So, if we successfully do this, how soon will AT&T slap me with a charge for tethering?
  • Dam No HTC...never mind CDMA HTC...Well, at least I know that HTC will be in the works once it's understood from the pros on how the Samsung will do it.Come on, I need this for my HTC Trophy ASAP...
  • It is true, its not for the faint of hearts. I have a Samsung Focus and know my way around the phone's registry etc and it took me 4 hours to figure it out and get it working. Take that ATT!
  • That's dedication. Hat tip :-P
  • XDA and my Windows Phone will NEVER meet.
  • Your loss.....
  • need this to happen on a non-developer phone. I don't see the point of paying an extra $15 a month for a service that latches onto my data plan.I mean, I have 5GB of data, why not just let me use my 5gb of data anyway I want.
  • As I think everyone agrees with ya. I have an unlimited plan, so I want it even more...I just want to use it every once and a while but, I want it avaiable when I need it. I have a business trip coming up in a few weeks living in a hotel room for about 3 weeks, it would be nice to have my own internet access with being raped by the hotel.