Mango supports Internet Sharing/Mobile Hot Spot feature

Looks like Mango still has a few hidden surprises. As you can see to the right, that's an official instantiation of Internet Sharing on a Samsung Focus running Mango.

That's the good news, that and it "works like a charm". The bad news is it reportedly eats a lot of battery life. Our bet is this is hidden on some devices and builds and will presumably be a carrier option.

More info as it comes in...

Update: Justin says this is Mango 7720.68 but that his device has been flashed by someone at Microsoft. Insert thriller movie music here.

Update II: Rafael Rivera notes "Confirm ICS is baked into my Mango phone (e.g. Ics*.dll, HKLM\Comm\InternetSharing). My guess is requires carrier "update" to enable."

Thanks, Justin B., for the pic and info!

Daniel Rubino

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  • wow.
  • Good. This is much demanded feature.
  • Finally!! Thanks for listening Windows Phone team :D
  • I NEED that on my phone! :D
  • YYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS, go Microsoft, that's how it's done! :D
  • Yes, that's how it was done by Microsoft 8 years ago. It's good that Windows Phone is finally catching up with Windows Mobile.
  • .. for your information: tethering was supported by WP7 right from the beginning. It just wasn't officially implemented because the carriers don't like it. The activation of tethering was one of the very first hacks from xda-developers....
  • Dude but what about the battery life. If processor would be more than it would be definitely a great one!
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  • duhnuuuuuuuuuh... duuh nuuh nuh! Baduhnuhdunuduh... Baduhnuhdunuduh...
  • Cool, I'm normally on wifi, but I pay for 2G of data. This will be a good way for me to use more data and not feel cheated at the end of each month.
  • We very, very rarely moderate comments--only for fighting/trash talking. I see you're post up there, so no worries--sometimes there's just a small delay.
  • We very, very rarely moderate comments--only for fighting/trash talking. I see you're post up there, so no worries--sometimes there's just a small delay.
  • We very, very rarely moderate comments--only for fighting/trash talking. I see you're post up there, so no worries--sometimes there's just a small delay.
  • I'm assuming you're on AT&T, and that you should expect that A. This will probably be a carrier option enforcing you to pay for the ability to tether separately. B. Even if you unlock/jailbreak your phone, AT&T has been slammin down jailbroken iPhone users. Granted, last I heard, nobody was sure if they were doing anything to Jailbroken Android users.So you may be in the clear, but as a general rule, those two gigs are not immediately available for tethering.
  • I thought ATT was going after iPhone users with grandfathered in unlimited data plans for using bandwidth with reckless abandon.I don't think those of us paying for overages should worry too much, after all, we are paying for the extra bandwidth.
  • anyone know how to turn it on?
  • Maybe I can finally find a use for my Unlimited account on Sprint. I try my damndest but I can never use more than 600MB every pay period.
  • what? seriously? one pay period I used 8GB and when they fix the towers I will be using alot more.
  • If this is carrier-controlled, I imagine it will only be days before homebrew guys have this unlocked for anyone who wants to use it for free.
  • I'm counting on it! XDA devs are the best. Stick with HTC phones for this reason.
  •'s alread been done since last year....
  • Now I REALLY want an LTE WP on Verizon!
  • now the android fans have nothing to say about us :D
  • This is totally needed. I hope it supports all models, and not just a few.
  • Anyone have success with TMO USA HD7?
  • This is clearly some sort of update or something to that effect. I flashed 7720 on my HTC 7 Surround about 3 weeks ago and I do not have this feature on my settings list.Also, the scroll stutter with NoDo was not fixed so maybe/hopefully it will be with the carrier release. Will have to load NoDo back on in the mean time. Hopefully it's not hardware related.
  • No hack for this yet ?
  • We've managed to get the setting to appear, but there seems to be a driver issue in the RTM. The OEM specific driver need to be updated. See my thread on XDA; this post of someone on an Omnia 7 who got the setting to show up, but has an error message; to help from Cotulla & ceesheim for their help working on this & all testers such as contable. Also, Cotulla edited one of the DLL's to remove the carrier block out check, see;
  • Internet Sharing was there on my Omnia W eversince i bought it in Jan 2012....:D