Manila 2.5 ported to Fuze, VGA phones

Until now, if you wanted to run the latest builds of HTC's Manila (TouchFLO 3D), you needed to be running one of the newer generations of HTC phones, as in the Touch Diamond 2, Touch Pro 2, etc. But now Manila 2.5 has been ported to VGA resolution (480x640), and it's already being cooked into ROMs for the HTC Fuze (original Touch Pro). This is all still in early beta, so bugs are likely. But it's good news for those of you with VGA phones. XDA Developers via Mobility Digest

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  • Wow, slow news day huh. You're reporting old old news.
  • The XDA thread is dated Oct 30th; SUN-MuttiM released a package in July but it hasn't been updated since September. Also, not everyone has time to trudge through XDA looking for every nugget of information, so this isn't "old" for a lot of our audience ;-) Finally, why not drop a note in our tip box if you have information that is more "new" It would be more helpful for the community.
  • Yeah, this is not old news. Good thing you posted anonymously...FAIL! Nice find WME!
  • If you wanna report news, report that (an older version of) TF3D has finally been ported to the Omnia II, Pro and GA2... See ...
  • Anon- that was built into a ROM and the packages were not available outside of that ROM. And those packages have not been updated and if you look at what works you'll see that this release has a lot of improvements over that one.