MapKaro is a simple Windows Phone app to capture Longitude and Latitude coordinates

MapKaro is a pretty useful geo-mapping Windows Phone app to capture the latitude and longitude coordinates of a location. Developed by an Indian dev studio, MapKaro loosely means 'Map It'.

You need to specify a name for the location, address and mobile number, to find out the geo-coordinates of your location. You can share the coordinates via email configured on your device.


While quite useful, the user experience of the app is terrible really. The name to be specified is called 'Company Name' which is awkward since I could also want to find the coordinates for my home, or anything. It's also a mandatory field for no valid reason. Next up, the address and mobile number to specify is also mandatory, and only form the text of the mail that goes out if you wish so. I don't get the need to include it as a step in the app.

If you proceed to share the coordinates, you need to choose the email account that you want to use, and the app creates a template draft with the coordinates and other details included.

MapKaro is a free app and there are no ads. It might come handy when you want to know the exact coordinates of a location for mapping or some similar purpose. It could have been far better, but it does what it is supposed to do. Try it, and let us know how you like it.

QR: MapKaro

Abhishek Baxi