The March update for Gears of War 4 will add two new maps, ranked lobbies, and more

As detailed on Xbox Wire, Microsoft is releasing a hefty update for Gearheads this March, which will bring two new maps, new ranked lobbies, and new skins. The two new maps are known as Diner and Old Town and have been fine-tuned to promote tactical play.

Both of the maps will be available today for season pass holders and in the developer playlist, complete with Double XP and 20% Bonus Credits. The maps will go live on rotation for other players on March 14th. Both Diner and Old Town will be available for Horde players, as well as Versus.

See below for a little more detail on what Old Town and Diner entail.

Old Town

Old Town was originally in Gears of War 3, and it has been reimagined for Gears 4. The map is set in a UIR fishing town, complete with snowy weather and a foreboding military structure in the background.

Old Town retains the long-sighted alleyway, but Gears 4 players will enjoy the new additions of the Overkill shotgun, a Dropshot explosive launcher, and Markza rifles.


Diner is set in an apocalyptic parking lot, complete with buzzing neon signs and rusted cars.

Combat in the Diner will revolve around close quarters combat, where players will duke it out over the sniper rifle spawn. Combat on the periphery will be more of a ranged affair, as both teams attempt to outflank the other.

Gnasher updates

Over the years, Gears of War's "Gnasher" shotgun has been a point of controversy for its inconsistency. Sometimes it feels incredibly powerful, others, bullets seem to spread in unexpected ways. The Coalition believe they have gotten to the root of the issue, and have amended it for the March update.

As you can see from the image, the Gnasher previously emitted bullets from the base of the weapon, whereas you might expect the bullets to come from the tip of the barrel. It was designed this way to prevent players sticking the gun through walls, and shooting out of the other side. In the March update, it will now fire from the barrel, without being able to clip through walls. The Coalition hopes that this will result in a more intuitive experience.

Ranked lobbies

One of Gears of War 4's most highly-requested features is the addition of ranked lobbies, giving competitive players a chance to organize prior to a ranked match.

When in a ranked lobby, you will be able to vote for maps, select bounties, and you will have access to customization options as well. If a player quits before the match begins, the countdown will cancel while another balanced player is brought in.

And more!

March update will also see the inclusion of another legacy character, and The Coalition teased even more announcements for the future, citing Gears of War 4's long-term commitment to free updates.

Funko also announced a new wave of cutesy Gears of War-themed figurines, including a huge hulking Brumak.

Gears of War 4 is available now on Xbox One and Windows 10 as a buy-once Xbox Play Anywhere title.

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