Marketplace Spotlight: Glympse vs. Wizi

Some time ago we looked at Glympse, a GPS Tracking app.  More recently, we've also taken a look at Wizi, a similar GPS application.  While we've reviewed both, we thought a comparative piece was in order.  Is Wizi strong enough to lure you away from the Marketplace or does Glympse have more to offer along with the convenience of the Marketplace?  ( it's not like downloading the Wizi .cab is all that inconvient but we needed to tie this into the Marketplace.)

Follow the Break to see how these to GPS location apps measure up.

Glympse vs. Wizi

Glympse is offered through the Windows Marketplace for Mobile as well as the Glympse website.  Glympse is a free application and there  is no membership requirements.

Wizi is also a free app but for the time being, only offered through the Wizi website.  You can use the services without a membership registration.  However, membership is free and allows you access to additional features such as a personalized location URL (which is kinda cool), keeping your location invisible and keeping the location live from your Windows Phone. 

When we first reviewed Wizi, it was limited to sending your location URL via SMS Message only.  Wizi has since released a new version that now allows you to choose between SMS Message or Email to send out your location.  You also have the ability to copy the location to your clipboard if you need to paste it into other documents.


Glympse also allows you to send the location out via text message or email.  Glympse also has the advof adding destination points to the URL (where you're at and where you're heading) and tracking movements.  You don't have the personalization that goes along with Wizi's membership but you do have more flexibility in what you send and how you send it out.

Wizi uses wifi, gps and cell tower positioning to identify your location.  Glympse uses only your Windows Phone's GPS signal.  The result, Wizi determines your location noticeably quicker. 

Another nice feature of Wizi, that is missing on Glympse, is that you can enter/search for addressed.  Glympse is dependent on your GPS location.  I could find no means of manually entering a location on the map with Glympse.

Online Component

Both services allow you to determine how long your location will be active and both allow for both mobile and desktop mapping via their websites.

With respect to the desktop component, Wizi will allow you to create a location from the website but Glympse has to be generated from your Windows Phone.

However, Glympse has the ability to track movements as well as plot your current location and your destination. 

Which is better?

It's really a coin toss.  Wizi is faster to identify your location but is restricted to text messaging.  Glympse gives you more options in what you can send out but is slower to identify your location.  Combine Wizi's speed and Glympse's flexibility and you would have a pretty good GPS location app.

The good news is that both are free and giving both of these apps a try won't set you back anything.  Heck, for that matter you can keep both on your Windows Phone and use Wizi when you're in a hurry and Glympse when time isn't such a factor. 

Regardless of your choice, if you need an easy way to send out your location or a meeting place, both Wizi and Glympse are worth a try.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.