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Have you ever needed to send someone directions only to get them lost? Wizi SMS makes it easy to send friends, family and associates your location, a meeting place through tiny URL links that can be emailed or used via SMS.

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Application Overview

The Wizi SMS mobile application is straightforward and simple. You're given a map view and a movable pushpin. Using your Windows Phone's GPS, Cell ID and Wifi systems, the pushpin automatically positions itself over your current location.

You can manually drag the pushpin around the map or use the magnifying glass symbol at the bottom of the screen to search for addresses.


Once you've positioned the pushpin where you want it, tap pencil shaped icon (far right) at the bottom of the screen to begin your message composition. The pushpin location will be converted into a Tiny URL and you can add the address and GPS coordinates as well.

When you are ready to send your SMS message, tap the SMS command at the bottom and you are sent to your Windows Phone SMS message app. Just enter where you're sending the message, tap the send button and your done. The recipient will receive a text message that includes the Tiny URL. When they tap the URL, they are sent to Wizi's website and a map of the pushpin location is displayed.


Wizi SMS Location also integrates with your Contact directory by adding a "SMS with location" in the options menu. When you choose this option, you are sent into the Wizi application and when you're ready to send the SMS message, the recipients information is already completed.

Web Component

In addition to the Windows Phone application, Wizi has an online component. Here you have the same ability to generate Tiny URL links to your location or the location you want to send your friends.

Here is where you can share your location URL via email, facebook, twitter and other through other communication resources. Joining the Wizi Community allows you to personalize your Wizi location link and determine how long (or if) your location remains invisible.

The personalization is a nice touch that basically turns your Tiny URL from to name/nickname). The benefit of being able to regulate your visibility is that without it, someone can enter your personalize URL and basically track your location.

Overall Impressions

Wizi is a simple, straight forward application that does a good job allowing you to send location links to your friends, family and associates via SMS messaging. It leaves no doubt as to where you are or where you'd like to meet up at.

I found Wizi to be useful but with some limitations.  I would have liked to have seen a way to use the Tiny URL with your mobile email. I wasn't able to copy/paste the URL or from the SMS message screen. An option to send via SMS or email would have done the trick.

It would also be nice to generate directions to the pinpointed location but without knowing where the recipient is coming from, that may be a tough bill to fill.

You will need Microsoft .net Compactframe 3.5 (opens in new tab) and at least Windows Mobile 5.0 Pro (touchscreen) running on your Windows Phone.  The Wizi has been tested on the HTC P3300, P3450, P3600, Touch, Touch 3G, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2, Touch HD; the Samsung Omnia, Omnia Pro, Omnia II; and the Qtek 9000, 9100.  I experienced no issues running Wizi on my AT&T Tilt2.

Wizi is a free application and can be downloaded here.  If you need to satisfy your curiosity without loading the app on your Windows Phone, you can generate the location URLs at the Wizi Website.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • This is really a very nice re view for me.This Wizi is such nice facility Its really a good one for its user.You describe whole re view very nicely.
  • Wizi is simply superb. It is having lot of impressive feature like SMS with location and many more. It is having its own online component. So now its possible to track from where SMS is coming. Location information can be captured using Wizi.
  • Thanks you for the review! Next version of Wizi SMS will definitely include the email option :) By the way: currently, if you receive a SMS/Email with location on any iPhone or Android you can open the location with GMaps. We are working on the webmap in order to provide integration with the device's maps applications. That way, users can get directions to the location using their own navigation app.
  • Thanks you for the review! Next version of Wizi SMS will definitely include the email option :)
  • Hi. Version 0.6 was released. Location messages are faster now and... email option is included (such as copy to clipboard) :)
  • This Wizi is such nice facility it's really a good one for its user. I hope that upcoming version of Wizi include email option. We can say that now Location messages are faster. The best thing about it is having its own online component.
  • Good review, I would like to try it, and introduce it in my blog if it's good tracking service. Cheers
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