Marketplace will have 600 apps at launch

Inevitably, all app stores will be compared to Apple's App Store. Never mind that Windows Mobile has had apps for sale back when Steve Jobs was saying he'd never build a phone. But consolidating all the apps under the Microsoft umbrella presents some interesting quandaries. Submitting your app to Windows Marketplace for Mobile means following Microsoft's guidelines, and that can mean changes to an app that's used on Windows Mobile for some time, lest you end up on the banned list.

We've already spoken to a few developers, who appeared more than eager to hop on board. And they're not alone. Audrey Zolghadr, Windows Mobile product manager at Microsoft France, says in an interview with MobiFrance [via] that there will be 600 apps in the Marketplace when it launches later this year. (Here are just a few names that were previously announced.) That's a paltry sum compared to the 20,000 apps actually floating around for Windows phones, but it's definitely a good start.

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  • Is the WM Marketplace and the Zune Marketplace the same thing?
  • Negative. They're separate.
  • Where did they get that number? Are they locking out the rest of us registered developers until after the launch
    or hopefully it is a made up number based on what they are seeing, as Im still anxiously waiting for the product
    submission door to be defined and opened...
  • microsoft has an opportunity to do something great with their store. - they get the benefit of learning from the apple and iphone store
    - they get a chance to codify the thousands of apps that have existed, and reinvigorate the winmo app development community
    - they get to provide end-users with a user experience worthy of a market-leading platform. the future of mobile apps is linking apps with real-time location based over the air services. i really hope they get this one right. they need to hit it out of the park to stay in the game. this is the 7th inning and the other team is ahead by three.
  • The app store has 50,000 - 600 is nothing
  • 600 is a start; Palm is doing just fine with even fewer. The problem is Microsoft isn't a mobile "Market Leader" in terms of growth, and needs to start acting like it has something to prove. A good start would be to take a financial bath initially on Marketplace, making it free to all comers with incentives for existing apps and developers alike. 600 is a small number in one respect: when the number of existing WM third-party apps is considered. Why isn't everyone joining the party? Could it be ... - it's only for WM 6.5 and after,
    - all apps including freeware, open source, shareware, etc, have to pay to be included. Fees should based on sales, not presence,
    - Onerous rules and banning. Let customers feedback be the guide along with a generous refund policy. Works for! Com'on Microsoft - get hungry!
  • You have to pay even to upload a free app - that doesnt seem fair - if anything microsoft should pay them
  • The app store has 50,000 - 600 is nothing Come on dude, grow up and quit defending a platform just because you have an investment in an iPhone. Be objective. Please tell me how many apps out of the 50K are usable. If screen savers and sounds of flatulance are worthy of mention then more power to you.
  • i hope that they release the app store and make it an update fo all winmo 6.5 phones. i have the htc fuze from att and flashed 6.5 on it and it works great. i love the feel of it more than an iphone, and if they do this right with the app store, its gonna be a roundhouse kick to the face of the apple market. i hope they make some apps free though.