Mass Effect: Andromeda ratchets up the hype with new gameplay trailer

Not content to stick with just a release date announcement, Bioware had a brand-new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda to show off during NVIDIA's press conference at CES 2017. In the trailer embedded below, we get a quick look at some explosive gameplay footage that should definitely stoke excitement for the game. Check it out:

The gameplay footage not only looks visually stunning, but provides a quick peek into just some of what you can expect from Mass Effect: Andromeda. If you're excited, however, you'll want to temper your hype just a tad, as there's still plenty of time before its release. Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to hit stores on March 21 in North America and March 23 in Europe, but you can pre-order it for Xbox One, PS4 and PC now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Oooh yeahhh!
  • It's already cheaper to get the disc copy from Amazon if you have Prime. $47.99 WTF!? Can't they make at least some incentive to go digital? Ugh...
  • a. shouldn't preorder game without knowing what you actually buy (and with how many bugs)
    ​b. seems pretty boring (1/4 of the video was an uninteresting cutscene, gameplay was unbalanced but still boring & unexciting)
    ​c. I have a new 4k TV, will it have 4k textures?    
  • "gameplay was unbalanced"   how would that be known just by looking at a trailer?
  • Your only good point is a). Pre-ordering is like shooting yourself in the foot. It has created bad habits with publishers releasing incomplete and bugged titles. The only title I have ever pre-ordered was the Witcher 3 becuase the publisher/developer has gained my trust. Can't say the same about EA in particular.
  • Representative of game experience! Thats what we like to see on game trailers! Woo!
  • So, no more cover based combat. Something that, lest we forget, was one of the hallmarks of the Mass Effect series.
    Oh well.
    Also, if it's a different galaxy, are there Reapers in it? If there aren't Reapers, that means no mass effect relays exist so how do you get around? And without Reapers and mass effect relays, why is it called "Mass Effect"?
  • I saw the HUD say take cover, so it probably will have those elements. Hopefully it is more like the first one that wasn't exactly a pure cover shooter, it was more mixed combat.
  • ""So, no more cover based combat. Something that, lest we forget, was one of the hallmarks of the Mass Effect series." ​Seriously?   What kind of conclusion is that, it's absurd to draw a conclusion like "no more cover based combat" by watching a trailer with maybe twenty seconds of gameplay?  I expect you will see examples of cover based combat in earlier teasers.  To base a conclusion like that on so little data and ignoring that the person's gameplay style may simply been not towards taking cover in the example shown, is just inane!! ​I watched the trailer again.  Towards the end of the combat shown, the game splashed up a message "find cover." ​Critical thinking!!   Draw those conclusions that you have sufficient data to draw.  Don't draw inane conclusions....
  • I feel like I should want to play this game, but considering I've only played the first one and half of the second one, I just don't. I'll really need to read some convincing reviews (not biased series-fan hype) and see some good videos in order to change my mind. It's on my radar, but since my game time is very limited, it just hasn't made it to my wish list yet.
  • @Carlos I'm sure I read the other day about an invasion by the Reapers or something, a bit of digging will confirm that for you.
  • Pumped!
  • I'll take it!
  • Hopefully this will be more in line with drew karpyshyn's vision/story rather than the butchering EA subjected 2 & 3 to.
  • really? 2 and 3 were amazing. Some didn't like the ending in 3 but by the time I played it they had changed it a bit. It was still not the best ending but all the fun up to the ending was amazing. One of my favorite game trilogy's.
  • I couldn't agree more. I hated number two with a passion at first. Three was just alright, but definitely better than 2. I loved the original, it was like the game I had been waiting for and didn't even know it when I played it. I was glad they made you do multiple playthroughs for all the achievements. It made me appreciate it even more when it was over.
  • Character movement seems sluggish.
  • Another commenter asked if Mass Effect Andromeda had 4k textures, it think that's actually a very good question. ​I'm very curious about that.  I played the original on the Xbox 360, in fact I bought my first console just to play it (and I'm fifty five).  So I'm really strongly tempted to play it on the Xbox One.   But this is my understanding so far, and please correct me if I am wrong. ​Bioware has been pushing 4k for this game on the PS 4 Pro, but I understand that it was not developed with Scorpio in mind.   It's also my understanding that the PS 4 Pro really doesn't do native 4k, but rather pulls some sort of stunt in order to diplay a 4k like image.  Of course the Xbox One S does not do 4k gaming.  I am unsure what the resolution Andromeda has for pc. comments?